3 Dominas Piss And Spit A Slave Extremely In The Mouth, With Hard Water Hose Torture!

Here I have, together with my girlfriends, Contessa Calucci and KV-TEEN, a slave extreme, in his slave mouth, pissed and spit! We three pissed the slave, one after another, so much piss in his mouth that he had problems with the swallowing and he came to his limits, and he choked on it. Of course we made fun of it and amused about it Then we three, the slave, also several times, extremely, spit into his mouth and he had to swallow our snot, too. Since piss landed on the floor and towel, the slave had to slurp the floor clean and suck the piss out of the towel! Then we took a water hose and the slave with a hard and cold water jet, processed, and sprayed the Looser, and the hard water jet, directed at his eggs! See a teen dominatrix and two milf dominas in action!

3 Dominas Piss And Spit A Slave Extremely In The Mouth, With Hard Water Hose Torture!

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2 Video. Mrs. Mia

1.Beautiful Extreme Shit Enema Princess MiaIf you are into scat eating and puking you’re gonna love this video. CUSTOM-Milk-enema- Scat,Shit,Enema,Piss,Toilet slavery If you are into scat eating and puking you’re gonna love this video.Mia’s ass misses the boyfriend, and Mia decided to invite him home to humiliate again. She caught him on the street and lured home. He was also bound, the mouth was closed so that he would not call for help. The girl cooked a chocolate dish for the guy, placed directly on the plate and began to dunk his face, humiliated him. But this is not enough, she made an enema with milk and began to water his head with shit and milk, so that the slave could not breathe at all and coughed. Mia loves when her boys are covered in shit. She pushes his head into shit with milk and laughs at the weak guy.2.Scat Domination Smearing.Toilet Slavery

2 Video. Mrs. Mia

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Bdsm Session And Shit In The Mouth

Beautiful young mistress Millie hold BDSM session for the slave. She has too beautiful and sexual young body and extremely delicious taste of a shit. She command the slave to lick her legs and kiss the feet. Then she spits in a slave mouth and he must swallow it all. mmm. She has a very tasty spits. Millie was shitting in a slave mouth and asks whether it is tasty? She told him to chew and swallow all the shit. Likely it is really tasty when the beautiful blonde asks you to eat her shit. And she spits in his mouth again and wipes about him the legs. The slave kisses them and licks her heels. Also slave kisses her young and berry breasts and wet pussy with his tongue. Toilet slave tries to please her mistress to have an opportunity again serve as a toilet for her.

Bdsm Session And Shit In The Mouth

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Lady Yuna – Scat Masterpiece

A monster load of my delicious shit directly into the open mouth followed by a facesitting. Dreams of a real toilet slave come true. Recorded with 2 cameras you will miss no detail of this extreme humiliation. The slave has no choice but to eat a large part of the shit so as not to suffocate. But because he does his job quite well, he may jerk off his cock as a reward.

Lady Yuna - Scat Masterpiece

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Slave In Luck! Four Ladies Piss A Slave Full And Fill Him With Her Champagne!

Here I, together with my girlfriends, Contessa Calucci, Hot Svenja and Kinky-Tina, a slave, extremely pissed, and piss him, with our divine piss, extremely in his mouth. That was so much piss that the slave came to his limits. That’s why we have partly, synonymous, the slave pissed full. One then pissed in his mouth and the other on his cock. Watch the video and decide if the slave was lucky!

Slave In Luck! Four Ladies Piss A Slave Full And Fill Him With Her Champagne!

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Old Granny Toyscumpiss

Golden Shower Compilation

Compilation of some of the best scenes of my golden shower videos! Pissing on his cock, chest, face…recieving his hot pee on my cunt, tits, belly, feet! Hard fuck and tons of pee! All the videos will be posted here SOON!

Milf Ellie – Rubbing Dildo Until Poo

She’s rubbing a large dildo until she push out a hot big steamy POO!

Public Sperm And Piss Swallowing Scandal At The Wachendorf-lake!

The 5th part of my public bathing lake action from the 23.07.16 on the Wachendorersee. Any man who wanted, could use me, with this extreme public action, dirty, and deep my mouth stuff and fill me with sperm and piss. Look at it and you know what I mean. A total of 30 guys used me on this day dirty and without mercy. And all this in front countless bathers!

Porn Bick Dick Pissing

Pissing On Her Pussy

Pissing on her pussy (JJ000611)

Facesitting & Extreme Pissing By Four Mistress

Four Mistress extreme facesitting femdom and smothering then finished off with absolute non stop pissing by them.

Our Shit For Your Pleasure

Four girls depositing their shit in this toilet just for you. See their ass hole stretch as they push out their poop.

Poo Poo Plater

Another Nasty Toilet Sesson Part 2

Girls Uses Man

New!princess Mia

I am Princess Mia) I’m fond of humiliating YOU, insignificant slaves, jerks, losers. You deserve only my shit. I love to shit into the mouth of slaves and make them eat, I like to slip slaves with my tasty shit and I laugh when my slaves cough, gasp and beg not to beat them, but I’m very strict and punish everyone in different ways and very tough! This time my naughty slave did not wake up on time and did not wake me up. I was late for my studies and I had to punish this worthless worm. In the morning I like to have shower. So, I went to the shower, washed my ass and at the same time made the slave lick my sweet and narrow hole. Then, I make him lie down on the floor, sat down on the edge of the tub and began to let his tasty shit into the mouth of the subordinate. I like to shit into the slaves’ mouths, that I’m very excited about it. Further, I sat down face and smeared all shit on his face with his feet. I’m Mistress here! And you are a worthless slave who deserves only what comes out of me!

Extreme Piss Beam And A Fart

Will you lick my worn panties?i make horny Dirty Talk! so a thick and long piss bright I had never!! it was hardly listening to….I then fart far,come and breathe!!

Lick- And Swallow-slave In The Flat-share (part 1)

Chantal uses her slave as boot licker. Her very muddy boots have to be licked for 20 minutes. Chantal tortures him with after-shave lotion on his fresh wounds. Also a burning cigarette is stubbed out in his mouth. Afterwards she fills a big glass with piss and orders the slave to drink all. You can see her filling the glass to the edge.

Granny Pissing Diaper

Roommates Eating Pussy And Urinating In Each Other’s Mouth! – Part 5

When the ladies could no longer release anymore, they proceed to finger fuck each other’s vagina! It didn’t take long before they get satisfied and perform their finale which is intimately kissing and nipple sucking for the last time!

Admire To My Thick Smelly Shit. It’s Your Last Opportunity!

I know you want me, bitch. But you will never get a chance of such a case, because you are a loser and your destiny to be my toilet. You really like it and it’s your fate. See how I fill your plate with my shit. Look, it’s really big! This is your meal. And it smells delicious! Taste is good, believe me. Open mouth and chew, chew, chew…

Best Gift! Giant Shit In The Mouth!

Like any creature, the toilet slave needs constant care and encouragement. Although I am extremely lenient. Today he had to swallow giant shit that I fed him right in the mouth from my big ass. I smeared shit on my ass and command him to lick my asshole. Clean it with his tongue. I also put pieces of shit on top of his face from above and laughed looking at his mug. Look what kind of toilet I have. Is not it very nice. Ha-ha

Extreme Shitting Outdoor

New Arab Messalina 2

Full toilet slavery, scat domination.

Scat Weekend Memories

This time video shows my scat weekend memories. I used my toilet chair with slave lying under. He was all the time with his mouth open to the toilet service. I love shitting in his stupid mouth! During this, he has the task to chew everything and swallow until the last piece of cake. It must be a great feeling for slave to be my toilet. The best thing he smells and inhales is the fragrance of my shit!

Outdoor Big Shit And Piss

I must shitting and i make this outdoor,the shit is big and i make to much…..then i Piss and see come a man,i must go….hihi,hope see my not!!