Mistress Roberta – Loud Farting In Leather And Breakfast-Pov

This morning i get to the shower and took my leather pants on and some loud farts are comming out so i order you to smell them while i show you my new leather pants and tell you to worship them so i start to fart in your face coming closer and closer so you can smell them good after i pee and poop standing and this is the breakfast you get today but my high heels will be licked clean of the pee drops before letting you eat so enjoy !

Mistress Roberta - Loud Farting In Leather And Breakfast-Pov

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Best Explosive Diarrhea With Shit And Fart From Alina

Best explosive diarrhea with shit and fart from Alina. Toilet slave prepared to swallow the crap .. But he did not expect that from the young and small hole, the ass of Alina, a river of stinking, poorly digested food, along with hard shit and female secretions, would flow into his mouth. There was a pungent smell of Alina’s stomach juice and shit of a two-day old standing in the toilet. Alina won again, and the toilet slave was defeated – he could not swallow her shit!

Best Explosive Diarrhea With Shit And Fart From Alina

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Slaves In Doggy Style In His Mouth, Farting, Shitting And Pissing!

Here I had the next toilet slave to visit. I had not shit for more than 3 days, so that he also got a proper portion, of my divine shit, to eat. I perched myself in doggy style with my asshole over his mouth and first farted him in his mouth and face. Hear my horny stinking farts, which I furted into his face. Then I shit him a killer-shit sausage into his mouth. Then I turned and pissed him a huge load of piss in his, with shit, stuffed mouth. My shit was so big that the slave had problems to eat them completely and a part, landed on the ground. And because it lasted for so long, the slave had to turn around and I pressed his head, with my foot, on which I was wearing HighHeels, with his face in the shit and piss on the floor. So that he had to eat further in order not to stifle. The horny scenes you see from 3 camera perspectives! Slaves wanted!

Slaves In Doggy Style In His Mouth, Farting, Shitting And Pissing!

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Mistress Roberta – Another Tricky Day For My Chastity Slave Full

Today my chastity slave is comming back after i already tricked him once that i will release him from his chastity to remove his chastity belt and regain his freedom but i have other plans for him, first of all to tease him with my bare ass and pussy in my pantyhose and i take a condom spit in it and fart in his nose while he kisses my ass.Next i pee in the condom trough the pantyhose and gave him the pee cock to suck after i tell him to lick clean my feet of the pee that was on it and i tell him to bring the potty chair so i can poop in the pantyhose but meanwhile i will fart some more in his face.With the shit in the pantyhose strugling to get it out i order to my slave to come behind me so he can lick the pantyhose where the shit is and after i do some facesitting with the shit inside the pantyhose and after i remove the pantyhose and order him to bring the tray to put the pantyhose and the shit on the tray i take again the pee condom and let him to suck it a while and open it and make him drink all the spit, flegms, pee and i push him to eat all the shit is in the tray he must leave the pantyhose clean but first he must lick clean my ass of the remaining smeared shit .

Mistress Roberta - Another Tricky Day For My Chastity Slave Full

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Mistress Roberta – Huge Meal For My Pot Part1

Today my pot is going to be well fed but before i play a bit with his nipple and hurt a bit his chastity cock after i fart and shit in his mouth pee on his face and after i finish shitting i take a latex glove and i spread the shit is on the floor on his chest smearing him half in poop, and i order him to eat the shit in his mouth while i watch him .

Mistress Roberta - Huge Meal For My Pot Part1

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We Want To Shit. Prepare Your Mouth!

We want to shit. Prepare your mouth! Very warm and cozy video, shot in a Japanese sauna. Girls not only use the mouth of a slave for their smelly crap, but also sit on it while feeding. First, the girls relax a little, drink and bask in the sauna. Girls in turn, without removing panties, sit on the face of a slave and try to fart, the slave should feel a slight smell of food and begin to experience hunger. Girls should not experience discomfort – a slave must be hungry and must swallow anything that comes out of girls’ asses and do it quickly! A slave should not start eating and must wait for the girl to allow him to eat, before that he can only feel the taste and smell of shit, but he is not allowed to swallow.

We Want To Shit. Prepare Your Mouth!

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Farting Ass Games

Eat My Shit From The Floor

My slave was waiting for me in the toilet all day and he was very hungry. I took him out of his usual place and made him to kiss my dirty feet. He was very excited and pleased when I came home. He had to lick my shoes to shine before I feed him with my surprise that I prepared for him. I let him look at my ass, when I’m shitting on the floor. I know that he is very hungry and wants to eat my delicious shit. But first he must clean my shitty asshole. I use his tongue instead of toilet paper. When he finished his work, I allowed him to eating my feces. He took my smelly shit from the floor in his hand and begin to lick and swallow! He was very grateful to me and wants to serve me again!

Pee In Front Of School

The two students must pee very urgent. So they go outside the school, take their clothes of and piss on the meadow.

Schoolgirl Showers Urine & Shit All Over His Face! – Full Movie

As punishment for skipping gym class, he orders her to come to him after class, alone. She shows up, expecting the worst. He orders her to take off her shorts and sit on his face. The shocked girl could only obey and sits her bare bottom on teacher. She rubs her ass on him and showers him with warm pee, which he drinks greedily and her shits follows.

Melissa’s Pov Farts And Turds!!

Melissa returns in three gassy poop clips. Enjoy as Melissa takes it back to POV style clips. She brings the camera nice and up close on that juicy booty of hers as she squeezes out farts and more! Another nice mix of home and away games as she takes you up close like rarely ever seen before!! We are all spoiled to see sexy, phat bootiie ladies like Melissa willing to show out for the camera! And boy what she shows in these clips!! Some Mega Shartz from point blank range!!

Piss Small Tot Blonde

Mistress Gaia – Good Luck

My human toilet is very lucky, his Mistress is having lunch while he’s licking my boots, I’m so good that when I finished eating, even for him it’s time to eat, I will serve him a really fresh and fragrant lunch.

Billie’s 2nd Time’s A Charm! Sweet Relief!!

Billie had one helluva bootyfull struggle in this clip!! This is one from Halloween I forgot to share. Better late than never!!! Billie had a constipated morning. She tries to go when she first wakes up, enjoy as she farts and pisses a lot, but no relief. She Must have been eating rocks!! She comes back later in the day and finnally gets that sweet relief!! Watch up close as you can see her winking eye open and close as she pushes out the rocks. After the Rocks, man did she really let out some MONSTERS!!! Easily one of the Biggest Loads so far this year!!! Enjoy her sexy grunting and straining while also giving “plop by plop” commentary!! lol She even has to tell a girlfriend to go ahead without her as she drops this load!! She even talks about how her boyfriend and her girlfriend (yeah she has both!) are encouraging of her making clips for us all since she gets paid for it!! After watching this, you too will think it’s awesome!!! This is by far one of my favorite Billie Austin Clips!! Grunting, straining, tons of pissing, little plops, MONSTER plops, great commentary – you name it!!!

Training New Boyfriend To Eat Her Piss And Scat! – Full Movie

She has tons of other suitors, but she decided to choose this one guy. Why? Because he’s the only one willing to put up with her nasty shit, like eating her bodily fluids and waste. Now she trains him to do so, sitting on his face and feasting on what comes out from her. She pees into a bottle and makes him drink it. She shits on his face and scatters it all over his face. She makes him lick the remaining scat off her asshole.


Baby is loading pink tights with messy shit!

African Village Women Pee

Messalina 4 Position 2

Messalina uses the slave as a full toilet. Messalina makes a slave to lick an ass pissing into her mouth fart and the slave continues to lick her ass to shit in her mouth and the slave cleans her tongue with her ass to mistress

Melissa’s Public Toilet Voyeur Action!!

Melissa is back with a great set of voyeur style clips!! She gives that essence of being spied on in these clips. Four great clips of voyeurism!! Enjoy in the first two as she goes unaware that a camera was placed in the bathroom as she pees and poops while at 5 Guys then at the gym. Enjoy her facial expressions as those nice loud logs go PLOOP PLOOP PLOOP!!! Then enjoy one more public toilet pee clip before she takes it to her office for another dump!! It must?ve been rush hour at the office bathroom, as each stall is full with women peeing and conversating. Melissa proped the camera so we can see the legs and feet of the other women in the adjacent stalls. She must?ve held it in untill the first two ladies came and went, because as soon as they left, she let rip some nice loud farts and plops!! She wasn?t in the clear however as another woman comes in and handles business as well! She was pooping with company!!

P – Mw – I Like To Piss In Your Mouth From A Height – Full – 01 – A – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 6:59. Weronika has new idea to pee from a height. Her liquids to start flying in different directions. Her toilet slave is not able to swallow all. He is all in her pee. She stands over him in high heels and laughing at him.