Lady Yuna – Scat Masterpiece

A monster load of my delicious shit directly into the open mouth followed by a facesitting. Dreams of a real toilet slave come true. Recorded with 2 cameras you will miss no detail of this extreme humiliation. The slave has no choice but to eat a large part of the shit so as not to suffocate. But because he does his job quite well, he may jerk off his cock as a reward.

Lady Yuna - Scat Masterpiece

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Disgust Training For Lady Vampiras Toiletslave

For once Dominatrix Lady Vampira does not use the slave mouth as human toilet, but the ceramic bowl in the SM Studio Femdom Empire. For hours, the slave was already in the hands of his merciless mistress and had to endure the air balloon fetish and serve as Human Ashtray. As promised, at the end of the three-part session Klosau gets the toilet brush screwed to the ballgag and scrub clean, instead of licking it clean! Here his latex goddess with the high heels and dirty talk. The verbal humiliation culminates in disgust training, as he drops the ball into the toilet and the servant gets the instructions to get him out of the toilet and put himself back in the mouth!

Disgust Training For Lady Vampiras Toiletslave

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Your Karate Teacher – Toilet Slavery Roleplay

You are at school for your karate lesson some people around you… You are not a very good student… You know very well you are very shy and for that you started attending a martial arts gym. Then your teacher is very pretty … you like to watch her ass while she teaches you kicking and punching … you like to look at her feet and sometimes you feel very excited … but today … She know you looking at her and look at this big ass and she sends the lesson and put all the people at another advanced level classroom. You stay alone with her. She wants to punish you savagely … between punches and kicks you can not resist… She will make you lick her sweaty feet … she will humiliate you … and then … she will order you to eat her big and big shit crap on the floor on the bathroom.. You are closed with her in the bathroom and you only can open your mouth and swallow all her big shit. A great humiliation session…

Your Karate Teacher - Toilet Slavery Roleplay

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Pakistani Girls Pissing

Take My Shit Inside

Another probation day for toilet slave. Again humiliation from Hot Mistress and shit in his mouth. Be obedient. Prepare for a hot portion of your sweet breakfast. Fresh smelly diarrhea. Do you like it, my toilet? Can you swallow it?

Queen Chair Shitting

Erica is testing out her Queening Chair and she saved up a huge shit!She sits, shits, farts, moans, groans, and her facial expressions depict her relief.

Humiliated And Fucked In The Wheelbarrow

I collect apricots rotted in the garden… Lengthened in the wheelbarrow, my master empties the bucket of fruit rotted on my body and he pisses and shits in my mouth… Completely soiled from head to foot my master fucks my ass & cum in my whore asshole…I finish the session in the wheelbarrow by smoking a cigar and by pissing…

Her Man Girl Shit Couch

Toilet Bowl For Princess.part 1

Toilet bowl for Princess.Part 1MorningEvening :)Princess Anabelle and Toilet Slavery

Extreme Toilet Slave Humiliation And Training, For A Young 19-year-old Rookie!

Here you see the humiliation and training of a 19-year-old Beginner to my all-absorbing living toilet. That was his first time, that someone shit, piss, puke and spit in his mouth The youngster wanted it so from me. He also received from me an enema, farted right out of my asshole in his mouth! And he had to swallow his own sperm. With my shit, that had not landed in his mouth, I still have fed him and smeared him with it. That seems to have made him so horny, to receive my delicacies and to swallow them, that he had a stiff. Have him then a vomit Deep Throat BlowJob, given, until he splashed into my mouth. His sperm, mixed with my puke, I then, spits him right out of my mouth in his mouth! He got the full program, to be a good living toilet!

Pretty Amateur Chick Shits On The Toilet Paper

Pretty amateur chick shits on the toilet paper

Guy Pisses In Girls Pussy

Dont Move Open Wide And Swallow Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Teacher Dearest Scats For Cash!

Teacher needs to make some extra cash and the principal offers her a way to make it. Scat in exchange for cash, that’s the deal. Enticed by the deal, she sits on the couch and slowly takes off her clothes, showing off her smooth tits and ass. She steps on the desks and squats above the tissue-covered floor. There she ejects out little chunks of scat, dropping right to the floor. She picks the chunks using chopsticks and presents it to him for inspection. Satisfied, he hands over the cash and tells her to come back next week.

In Vinyl Corsage, Public, Outdoor And Ventured Pissed!

Here you can see how I Outdoor, wearing only a white Lackcorsage, suspender stockings and high heels, on a highway bridge, ventured Public, peeing!

Scat 48

Power-Humiliation!Bizarrlady Jessica demands everything from her slave of Jona. He must put himself in the bathtub with his nappy first and a whole bubble cargo load into his nappy it pees for him. He must piss, must make to himself up themselves on its order into the nappy into the nappy after that once again. Then it the Dirty-Queen misses itself another finish and shits its full intestines contents also into its nappy. As a crowning end she then opens the nappy, takes the bullshit parts out and distributes them one by one on its face. A big shitting sausage plugs in it greases it for it with its shit into the mouth, the face completely and as a highlight it then still pushes it the whole nappy with its the piss, its piss itself and its shit, into the face and it presses correctly tightly on this.

Her Man Milf Shiting

Caught In The Act!!! – Full Movie

Wife enters the house to find her husband with this mistress. She confronts the terrified girl, who keeps mumbling apologies. Wifey wants payback and she’ll make the bitch remember it. She lifts the girl’s skirt and sees that the girl already soiled her panties because of fear. She makes the girl eject all her scat out into the floor. She makes her husband eat the disgusting pile and swallow it. Then she makes the girl suck his cock while he is still covered in shit.

Melissa’s Funky Week!!

Enjoy another great collection of big logs and big a big ass to match!! Melissa gives you four great clips from the past week.

P – Extremal Humiliation – 21 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 4:26. Mistress Weronika is pissing into slave mouth. That is special drink for him.

Asian Shit Slut

Poo In Bed

poo in bed

The Best Video With Miranda! Collection Of Old And New Clips 2016-2017 Year

The best video with Miranda!Collection of old and new clips 2016-2017 year 1. Scat Toilet Slave Feet Smearing Spitting 2. Ass,Facesitting,Humiliation,Scat,Shit,Smearing 3. Mrs. Grace Scat smearing facesitting 4.Sitting scat piss facesitting 5.Exclusive Shit! Mia and Grace have fun with the dirty slave Сompulsion Shitting Scat Piss Chain Mia and Grace have fun with the dirty slave. Chained and helpless the slave lies, his head is balanced and chained, like arms. The slave looks up at his Mistresses. He sees their holes from below and opens his mouth. All sweets fall directly into his mouth. He suffocates with urine and tasty shit while two sexy girls are laughing at him. They consider him just a toilet, he is not a man for them, just an every day toilet. 6. Princess Grace.Scat Farting Ass Licking Scat. Farting. Ass Licking Grace feeds the slave with her chocolate. 7. Princess Grace Toilet-Slave Scat Smearing Lick Ass Face sitting This slave has proven to be a very good toilet. Hard facesitting and breakfast in the end. Grace strangles the slave with ass and Mia takes everything on camera. Grace and Mia have fun with the slave. They have immobilized him, laid on the bed. Now the hour of torture for the slave has come, Grace sits down on his face, strangles the slave with ass, making him inhale the fragrance of her crotch. Well now it’s lunch time. The slave submissively opens his mouth, and Grace fills it with warm shit. The cameras are set very close, so you can see how Grace’s shit comes out of the ass and right into the mouth of the slave. Grace poured a lot of chocolate into his mouth, the slave chokes, Grace pushes the remaining shit into the slave’s mouth and immediately sits on his mouth so that he cannot spit out. And a lot of shit gets to his stomach, Grace continues to sit on the slave’s face. Mia shoots, the girls are having fun and the slave is licking the remaining from the big ass of his Mistress.The best!Mia Grace and Toilet SlaveryPlayful Mia misses her slave so much!!! She is very cheerful today and wants to play with her slave. Mia specially ate a lot to fill the mouth of the poor slave with the best, delicious ‘chocolate’! To start, Mia teases the guy. She strangles his booty, order him to sniff her juicy holes, and laughs. And he loves it! She loves when someone swallows her shit! Mistress Mia finally takes off her pink panties and reveals her young ass. She is only 19 years old and she already plays such games with the slave. Mia has completely filled the mouth of the slave, and the guy starts choking and coughing! He begins to twitch, but Mia has not finished yet. She also sits down on his face so that the slave can fully enjoy the smell and taste of her chocolate! ______ Next, Mia also pulls out a tampon from the pussy and shows it on the camera. And then puts it on the slave’s mouth, laughing at him.

7 Times Toilet – Closeup

I shit 7 times, the camera is close to my beautiful ass and sweet asshole.There has no face. It is only my ass, asshole and my shit.

Pervert Chick Shits On The Floor

Pervert chick shits on the floor

Shity Web Cam

Straight To Your Mouth

I found a slave lying on the floor and demanded his submission. He liked and kiss my feet, while I’m smoking and drank a wine. But after this he was expected by the most disgusting and shameful humiliation. This my smelly nasty shit. Right in the mouth. And your task now is to swallow all my shit. Do not resist your lust. Just eat and enjoy!

Emily, Shitting Emo Girl

Wow, this is a SUPERTURD from Emily, a sweet Emo looking girl loves very kinky shitsex!!

Man Masturbates His Girlfriend Asshole With Dirty Bottle

Man masturbates his girlfriend asshole with dirty bottle

She Shits And Pee’d On A Dildo (by Request) (mpg)

As she shows you a sample of what it would be like..You Silently sit, waiting to wank off as she first pee’s all over your nasty dick, then she proceeds to open her beautiful brown ass and shit all over your dick…your such a sick fuck..this truly gives you

Bdsm Scat Humiliation

Human Piss Hole!

What does a human piss hole do? Well, what is a piss hole? A piss hole is where you can take a piss anywhere as long as there is a hole to piss in! This what this clip is about!

Scat Beast. Part 4

Here is one more our Video full of filth. In this scat session we have mostly female scat, anal and enemas and of course saved scat baggs in the end for dessert.This was sweet day and sweet fuck where everybody were satisfied several times in a straights, Aria oppened for herself new anal horisons, Christine was mstly filming but in some moment she lost it and teared the clothes away for joining us.First we did it in female and male scat, then become mad about enemas, you will not believe it, in some moment we began to do and to do enemas on each other, one after enother in endless enema circle, Than sweet fuck with tonns of saved shit…Yes, that day was great indeed!

You Are Toilet Slave !

Over 25 girls piss on your face ! You are a Public toilet slave for girls !!! Filmed from bowl toilet, each girl piss on your mouth !!! Drink Slave !!!

Young Goddess Scats Into Slave Mouth

This young goddess is quite new to the art of scatology but it doesn’t stop her from putting in an excellent performance during this session. We have double cameras installed so we can see her face and expanding asshole at the same time as she pushes out her solid log for her slaves consumption. Young and scat friendly, what more could you ask for?