Toilette Humiliation 58

Jonas must himself on order of his mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica on the toilet with its piss wash the loo water’s his face and his hair. The Fetish-Queen pretends to be with legs apart over its head and lets its yellow waterfall bubble from its twat on the face from Jonas only in such a way. After that she still distributes beautifully everything with the toilet broom on his head. Als Abschluss steckt sie seinen Kopf ganz tief in die Muschel und lässt die Spülung runter.As a completion she puts his head into the mussel very deeply and the flush lets down.

Toilette Humiliation  58

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Toilette Humiliation 67

Bizarr Lady Jessica must go urgently to the toilet. But she does not have to state, this the toilet is not cleaned again, good enough for her divine arse. Simply to pee in bulk about in the toilet on this the sadistic Fetish-Queen therefore decides. It spreads the legs, goes and stands with the legs apart to and pisses in a high bend and with a broad beam in circling movements all the way around on all walls of the toilet and the ground. It has after from pissed, it calls for its Houseslave of Jonas and orders it to clean everything, as a punishment because, before, it has not cleaned the toilet correctly. Jonas must lacquer the great ones first directly of the ground lap up and need rags and buckets to clean the rest then away.

Toilette Humiliation  67

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Licking Her Boyfriends Toilet Clean (Real Player, High Definition, 1280x720px)

Extreme humiliation is one of Cathy’s main and also favorite ability. She has always new ides to degrade you. In this clip she breaks every limit because she wants you to lick her boyfriends toilet clean. She talks right to you and makes you follow her instructions very well. She shows you every spot on the dirty toilet and demands your slubby tongue to lick up the mess. After you have been a good boy you may swallow all those nasty stuff to give her a good reason to laugh at you.

Licking Her Boyfriends Toilet Clean (Real Player, High Definition,  1280x720px)

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Mistress Luna And Mistress Johanna Humiliate Toilet

Another toilet slavery movie with Mistress Luna ! This time she invite her best friend to join her session, Mistress Johanna, also a romanian-spanish Goddess. They will use the human toilet in a great pissing humiliation scene with double romanian domme. They will abuse him verbally and announce him that his mouth and face will be at their disposal for pissing … They also piss in 2 glasses, and filling the toilet mouth with huge streams of piss ! Their golden nectar must be consumed as a reward for the strapon fucking scene from earlier this morning. You can see also a farting scene, face sitting, ass worshipping and other tasks for the toilet boy.

Mistress Luna And Mistress Johanna Humiliate Toilet

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Mistress Emily – Luxury Toilet Service

I’m dislike touching my own shit because it’s gross and nasty and it smells. It’s also far below me to touch it. I really like to see my shit in a slave’s mouth. Watch how I take a thick and firm shit into the slave mouth. When my slave came back from the assignments I sent him on he stands on his knees as I inform him my feet is dirty and needs to be licked clean by him, before I’m using him as my toilet. I’ll watch him eat my dirty ass with great relish just to please me. Afterwards he gets rewarded by me taking my own shit with my hand and stuffing it into his mouth. Just to make sure he doesn’t get idea’s I spitting into slave’s mouth and make him to swallow all my shit. Thereafter he must lick my dirty asshole, until it becomes cleaner. Just another day of humiliation in the life of a slave serving Mistress Emily.

Mistress Emily - Luxury Toilet Service

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