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Honey Brown is back!! I was missing my favorite MILF goddess!! She wrote me telling me she getting even thicker than the last time I saw her, and man she ain’t lying!! It’s real difficult for her to record nowadays, as she is real busy with her real job (she is the DEFINITION of career woman!!) and keeping her FUNKY activities secret from her wife!! This thing of ours is her deep dark secret!! Enjoy as she sneaks off to record at night at home, and in two public clips. She starts off showing off that thicker body – she’s getting thicker in all the right parts and not that gut!! Her breasts are an amazing 38 DDD now! She was only a mere “D” cup when we began, lol. Her booty getting bigger too – which she is most proud of!! Enjoy as she still unloading the same big logs as before. Three great new peeing and two pooping clips to get familiar with Honey Brown again!!

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Diamond Jewel is corrupting her peers ? and it?s all to our benefit!! Once again she gets her co-worker to co-star in this wild, nearly 15 minute adventure!! Enjoy as Diamond convinces her BFF at work to allow her to tape the aftermath of a Steak Dinner from the night before!! Her co-worker def gives Jewel a run for her money in the plop count!! Then her coworker returns the favor and records Diamond shitting in a public toilet at their gym as well! These two aren?t finished filming each other as they also take us along for several more clips from their buisness trip! These two were roomates and took turns shitting up a storm!! Over a half dozen clips from two Ploptastic superstars!! Hopefully Jewel can convince her friend to do even more clips!! Diamond Jewel?s been Keeping It Funky ? now she?s bringing her friends along with her!! Support this clip and we might get more like it!!

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