Veronica Moser Obsession P2

Veronica Moser is licking at my sausage like on an lollipop, making it smaller and smaller. She swallows the rest of it and begins licking her fingers clean. While sucking my excrements she is masturbating and after a short while she reaches her climax.That was my portion but Lady Angies is still to come

Veronica Moser Obsession P2

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New Toiletman P2

Now he is down and looks at us with big eyes and the big pile of shit in his mouth. While he is lying on the ground, Lady Angie is peeing on his cock. But he cannot swallow anything. I thought so. Well, then we lubricate his stinking toilet body with the shit. He should smell the whole day to shit. Decorated with two candles in his hands, he must then remain.

New Toiletman P2

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Ongest Shit Turd

3some Lesbian Shitsex

This is lesbian shiteating + smearing + pissing with 3 fantastic girls!!

Fucking And Shitting

I love to ride a big cock and shit in him! 🙂

First Time Eating My Shit! (rear View)

—-NEW TOP CLIP—–.. My boyfriend decided to not do anything special for my birthday and bailed on our plans so I decided to make it special in my own way!! And I wanted him to share it with me…. A nice long call of duty session!! With his nose wedged straight up my crack. This is what all you men deserve when you don’t treat your women right.. A nice lesson, beneath us. I set up the hand made smother bench I had ordered specifically for his humiliation and strap him in tight. It’s going to be a long night, and I don’t need my chair running away from me do I? Wearing my new lingerie I ordered for the party I was going to attend that night.. I lowered my ass directly onto his nose. Ahh that’s it. Sniff boy:) this is where you’ll be getting your air for the rest of the night. Straight from my asshole.. And I don’t just mean the air around it.. I won’t be moving from this spot. So if I have to fart? You get that air too. And I’ll be making sure every ounce of it goes into your nose so I don’t have to smell any of that nastiness. Got it? Good. And I’m sure you’ll be in luck for some extra air, I’ve intentionally loaded up on broccoli and cottage cheese, with a few cream cheese bagels as a desert about an hour ago. The perfect combination to set off my lactose intolerance.. I didn’t plan on you enjoying this night with me baby… And yep!! I was right!! Here comes the first one!! PFFRRTT.. OOOH straight down his nose like a funnel. I’m sure that has to burn. Just wait, every time I eat cottage cheese I get the NASTIEST wet farts.. I’m not even sure I can call them farts.. But you can take it.. Not like you have a choice, you’re my chair tonight bitch. Haha it’s funny knowing some of these people have no idea the girl they keep getting killed by is literally smothering someone’s nose inside her butthole blowing hot farts straight into their lungs. If they only knew. I play game after game dumping fart after fart into his nose while they just get messier and messier, his nose has to be getting full.. I almost feel bad.. So maybe I’ll let him cum.. I untie his hands and pull his dick out and suck on it a little just to tease him, he thinks he’s going to get a blow job!! How fucking wrong he Is, if he wants to cum. He’s going to have to do it with his nose wedged in my dirty ass while I fill his lungs up like a hot ballon… After releasing him, the true nature behind the farts getting increasingly wet exposed itself.. I now needed a toilet while I played. Without saying anything I strapped him down with even more security to ensure he could not escape, let a few fresh ones flow into his mouth and he asks me if I was going to sh*t.. Haha oh yes, open wide baby boy. A monster filled his mouth beyond capacity as I sat straight back down smashing it, filling his cheeks entirely and trapping it inside with my ass stuck to his face like glue while he smothered and chewed.. Farting from time to time directly into his mouth that was already full of my sht, even adding to it. 15 minutes and 6 pairs of latex gloves later, putting anything that fell out, back in his mouth.. There was nothing left of it. Hahaha good boy!! How much more pathetic can you be, being so owned by a girl that she just sits on your face like a toilet seat and pushes her sht straight down your throat like you’re not even there. You’re just her personal full use toilet. The highest form of domination and humiliation at its finest. Maybe next time I’ll hold it in for an entire week and see how he handles that one..

Poop In The Mouth Of The Licking Slave Part1

Lady Angy has for some time the key and can surprise the slaves at any time. She calls briefly before she opens the door and tells the toilet slave how he has to wait for her. When Lady Angie enters the room, the slave kneels on the floor with his head down. The slave must lick their feet first, then her pussy and her asshole. Suddenly Lady Angie must poop and shits a big soft pile in his slaves mouth.

Forced Shit Finger Eating

Swallow My Spit And Pee P3

The next toilet slave is now ordered under the toilet seat. Lady Angie have to pee more and the slave swallows. After that Lady Grace take a seat on this toilet and pees. For Lady Grace it does not matter what human toilet is there, the main thing is that his mouth is open. Then Lady Katharina must pee and pees in both slaves mouths. Also both slaves have to swallow their piss out of her pumps.

Facefull Of Diarrhea After Godess Vacation

Godess is coming back after a few days of vacation and she announce me that is full of Diarrhea. So i was prepared to receive all her Diarrhea into my faceand mouth and ready to obey everything.

Voyeur Scat Vol.9

In this toilet random girls would come and little do they know there’s a hidden camera installed where we can see them piss and shit. In this movie, the pretty girl pisses and then pushes out her BIG hard balls of dark shit.

British Girls Scat In Pee

Obsessed With Her Puke And Shit!

This older man is obsessed with this younger mistress, not just for her pretty face and luscious body, but also for the quality of her wastes! He makes her sit on his face so he can see the shit coming out of her pretty asshole and catch the foul mound with his open mouth! Not satisfied with just her shit, he also makes her puke in his face, bathing his skin with the rice lunch that she had earlier today!

Slave Gets Fed Special Pee-scat Recipe! – Full Movie

My slave is in for a real treat tonight. I made a special bowl made of piss and sticky shit. I put the watery concoction in a pitcher and make him drink from it! I make him drink all the pee-shit drink he can handle, that good boy!

Thick Girl Masturbating Shit And Daubed Her Pussy And Thighs By Shit.

Thick girl masturbating shit and daubed her pussy and thighs by shit.

New Toiletslave For Scatqueens-berlin P2

After a while Lady Grace used the new toilet slave and presses her soft shit straight into his mouth. But chew and swallow is not his specialty. Lady Grace is pretty unhappy about it. Nevertheless, Lady Angie pisses him again with a powerful stream of piss in his mouth. With the piss shit mix from the bowl he has to gargle a song, which amused the ladies again. Suddenly Lady Angie runs into a piece of shit. Now it is time to see how the new slave lick clean the shoe sole of Lady Angie?language: english+german

Scat Domination Porn

3 Early Morning Shits

Sometimes I wake up in the morning or during the night and I barely have the time to grab my camera because I canÂ’t hold myself. This is a compilation of 3 morning and night shits. You can see me poop with the camera very close to my ass. Then I show you a close up of each ones of my loads.

Kinky Lesbians Mess With Food, Piss, And Shit – Full Movie

These bitches are so disgusting that they can mess with food, piss, and shit all at the same time! After crushing some food and smearing the mushy crumbs all over their bodies, they take turns shitting on the floor. They do the 69 afterwards so they can lick the shit off each others assholes. After smearing the shit all over their skin, they play with the dildo, taking turns sucking and fucking their holes with it.


Oxana is messy and stinky pooping in nice tight panties for you!

Scat Dance P1

Two slaves are waiting on his kneels at Lady Missy and Lady Angie. They want to have breakfast together. The two ladies have brought on something from the bakery. For the two slaves they just shit on a plate and pee in a glass.

Girl Masterbates And Poops

Lady Carmen Femdom P6

Now the ladies have to piss times. While Lady Angie pisses the slave in his mouth, the other slave licks the feet of Mistress Michelle. Then the slave has to take off the pants of Lady Carmen and gets a slap after a mistake. After that, Lady Carmen sits down on his face and Mistress Michelle uses the slave, who lies next to it as a human toilet and pees in his slave’s mouth.

Introducing Venus!!! Out Of This World Explosions!!

2018 is already off to a great start not even two weeks in!!! Two New girls just popped up this week already (go check out The M&M Duo debut now as well!!), and now this!! I swear in 2018 they are just falling into my lap!!!A little background story. One of my Loyal Customers and I have been chatting for years. He was telling me that he had recorded some audio videos of his girlfriend pooping and that she was EXTREMELY explosive. He has sent me pictures over the years of the dammage she did in the bowl, but I’m not really a picture guy, I need the visuals dammit!!! Fast forward to 2018, and now his girl is down to share her explosions with the world!! Man all I can say its been more than worth the three year wait!!! Venus is gonna be one of the new ones to watch in 2018. My homey told me NOBODY has more explosive diarrhea than his woman….I took it to be a bunch of hyperbole, but I must admit, so far what I have seen is nothing but “SHITFUCKGOTDAYUM”!!!! Venus takes it to another level!! Enjoy over a Half Dozen Funky Explosions. My boy got to serve as her cameraman, often with some amazing and often humorous results!!Enjoy as sometimes he even helps her spread her cheeks to get it out. One time her diarrhea explosion was so extreme, she not only missed the toilet, but got it all over the floor, the tub, and her unlucky (or Lucky for some of you freaks! ? ) Enjoy a Great mixture of both Old and New clips as Venus has finally allowed her man to empty the vaults for all of us to see!!! They are both new to this so look for even FUNKIER clips as she gets more comfortable on film for the world to see. Between her sexy body -especially that beautiful Chocolate Ass of hers she is sure to become one of my favorites ever. This might be the the best debut classic!! A great introduction of what’s to come as she gets more comfortable and as this couple gets more used to being on film!!

Several Men Pissed Me In A Parking Lot In The Mouth!

In my public parking lot action on September 29, have me, even several men pissing in my Bitch-Mouth ! Of course, all well in front of spectators! Have the horny piss again swallowed completely away and gargled with the piss ago before I swallowed it! I am also a taboo lots dirt sow, I swallow everything and by everyone!

Slave,eat My Very Long And Thick Shit

My longest shit i the last time…..come open your mouth and eat my big shit 6cm thick and 20cm long!! haha Slave,you have Problem,what?you Looser!!!

Pissing Orgy Sex

Adore Me Toilet Slave Hd P1

Lady Angie is the first Scatqueen who have to shit into the toilet mouth. A great soft and big pile of shit comes out. Lady Marie have to pee and use the toiletchair. The whole piss lands in the face of the slave because his mouth is filled up with shit.

Desperate At Work!

I have to poop again at work and this time it’s almost coming out of my butt as I try to take off my pants…almost pooped on myself!

Mega Fat Sausage

Wow, what a fat part … 16 cm long and 5 cm thick The would be perfect for you, or? With pain comsumed face I squeeze them out for you!

Japanese Pee Ping Hole

Lady Sandys First Time P8

The floor is full of piss, which the slave should lick now. He is struggling. Mistress Michelle then enters the piss and lets the piss drip over her boot into the mouth of the slave. After that, Lady Angie pisses the slave full from top to bottom.

Shitting Big And Cumshot

Shitting big and cumshot

Shit Feeding In The Woods

I have a new video of my toilet in the woods. He is a very dirty and smelly dog and he is a real human toilet for girls. I love to shit in his mouth and make him to eat my delicious shit. He likes the nasty smell of my shit and must eat it all in the woods while it’s warm. I laugh at the slave how much he is able to degrade. It’s not a man – it’s a toilet pig 🙂

Shit Smeared Female Slave Shits Slave In The Mouth And Jerks Cock With Shit, Until The Cumshot!

After my girlfriend Contessa Calucci and I, our slave, KV-GIRL, had shit and she had rubbed, with our shit, (see video 2 Dominas, shit, a female slave full), our 2 slaves had to lick our KV princess clean. Since our Female-Slave had to shit, too, we ordered her to squat over the mouth of a slave, with her hot asshole, and shit this in the mouth. She shit the slave a big pile, shit, in the mouth. Since her shit, in part, sticking out of the mouth, she had to take it with her hands and rub it with the slave’s cock and then wank the slave’s cock. She jerked off the caviar-tail, of the slave, until he came and sprayed his sperm, even on the shit. A real perverted caviar orgy! All this you see from 2 perspectives!

Cute Tee Eat Shit

Delicious Shit In Panties

Oxana is pooping in panty very delicious shit.

Zelda’s Panty Overload!

When I say Zelda has been bursting out the screen lately – this clip is a prime example!!! Enjoy as zelda releases a nice Funky load right in her panties. I swear she couldn’t have found a sexier pair -to totally ruin!!! Enjoy as she spreads her dirty asshole nice and wide and shows the nasty panties off!! Don’t you wish she was putting it in your face!! I swear for goodness somebody must be hitting that ass from the back, because is it gets more curvy, juicy and delicious each time I see it!! Four great clips from Zelda in this set, as she gets on all fours and squats to drop her usual massive loads in the other scenes. Zelda is getting more and more FUNKY with each clip! This her most EFROtastic clip yet!

Poop In The Mouth Of The Licking Slave Part2

After that the toilet slave should eat the shit of Lady Angie but today it seems to be very hard for this toilet slave to swallow the shit. nethertheless Lady Angie put his face into the shit till it is covered completely. That would be a nice picture thought Lady Angie and take one photo of these szene and send it to her girlfriend and calls up directly while the slave serve as a footstool.