Your Little Piece Of Filthy Mouth Is Worth Something, Too

From time to time Lady Domi brings new slave aspirants to the studio to test them there for everyday use. Today it is a shy youngster who has to clean up the studio under her supervision. Also his swallowing abilities are important, because all girls in the studio use only slaves as toilets. Domi pisses and shits in his mouth and realizes that some training is still needed until he can be classified as a full toilet for all girls.

Your Little Piece Of Filthy Mouth Is Worth Something, Too

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Stick In The Ass For The Toilet Slave P1

A stick in the ass, the eggs trapped and the face and his nipples full of braces. So ridiculously kneels the slave in front of the Scatqueens and makes himself a good idiot. The Scatqueens have something to laugh about. Then Lady Kimi has to piss and shit. As usual, she uses the toilet slave, who is soon filled with piss, before a fresh steaming pile of shit sticks out of his mouth. Lady Kimi just laughs and wipes her butt off. Lady Domi does not stand the stench and pukes on the slave.

Stick In The Ass For The Toilet Slave P1

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Piss And Fist

The Scatqueens – Shit Into The Mouth In The Woods P2

Scatqueen Lady Domi has made an enema and shits the shit broth over the slave and into his mouth. After that he has to eat the shit that came out and get a dessert. Scatqueen Lady Domi pukes him two fat portions into his slave mouth, which he swallows on ex. Then a small nightcap a la Kimi. She snorts her nasal mucus over his slave’s face.

Cleaning My Boots Plus Pee-shower – Wmv

It was time for my slave to clean my shoes properly and carefully. After he has done a good job I pissed him into his mouth. This was my thank you!



Vomit Pee And Spit Eater

A toilet slave to be trained is carefully secured with foil for its first use. Chantal and Domi just wanted to piss him in the mouth and see how well he works, but then Lady Domi decides to teach him to eat vomit. The poor slave has no chance, he gets jerked up and has to obey unconditionally. Everything is shoved into his mouth by the ladies and they order him to swallow.

Vomit Pee And Spit Eater

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Fetish Piss Bukkake Cockcum

Plants/ Part 2 Of Pssss

I give some pee to drink to the plants

The Best!mia Grace And Toilet Slavery

1.Playful Mia misses her slave so much!!! She is very cheerful today and wants to play with her slave. Mia specially ate a lot to fill the mouth of the poor slave with the best, delicious ‘chocolate’! To start, Mia teases the guy. She strangles his booty, order him to sniff her juicy holes, and laughs. And he loves it! She loves when someone swallows her shit! Mistress Mia finally takes off her pink panties and reveals her young ass. She is only 19 years old and she already plays such games with the slave. Mia has completely filled the mouth of the slave, and the guy starts choking and coughing! He begins to twitch, but Mia has not finished yet. She also sits down on his face so that the slave can fully enjoy the smell and taste of her chocolate! ______ Next, Mia also pulls out a tampon from the pussy and shows it on the camera. And then puts it on the slave’s mouth, laughing at him.

He Is Pissing While She Ties His Cock

He is pissing while she ties his cock

The Toilet Cunt P3

Lady Lucy has a thick boogers in the nose, which is suitable correctly to eat. This She snorts directly to the lips of the slave. Now he has a fat booger to eat. The slave should enjoy the small dining also. He chews the boogers and then eats it up completely. What a moment. Afterwards Lady Kimi is on the toilet slave and poops a fairly soft turd down his throat. So much so that the shit sticks out of the mouth. And this is the third portion of shit today for the toilet slave. Everything chew and swallow. Lady Domi take the cane that the slave eat the shit faster.

Girls Pooing Themselves

Shit And Vomit Mix For The Looser P2 Hd Version

The slave slave must now swallow the piss. The Scatqueens are laughing at the idiot and Lady Kimi now shits on the tray in front of the eyes of the toilet slaves. He should see what he can eat. Then Lady Domi pukes right next to him in a mug and pours everything also on the tray. Now the shit is lying next to the puke. Of course, the two Scatqueens also spit on the tray and then begins the feeding.

Bottom Line, We Shit You Eat Part 7

Girls uses Man

Big Piss And Poop

Boy did I have to pee and always whenever a large pee comes a large poop and a wipe of course!!!

Shit For Breakfast

My slave had the nerve to say the eggs I made him for breakfast were too runny. Since he didn’t like the eggs, I decided to give him a huge pile of shit to eat instead! I crouched down over his plate and took a piss and a shit right over his eggs and told him to eat THAT!

Slut Pisses Her Self

Lunch Offer – Pissing And Pussy

Today, our starving slave pig does not eat a shit – instead Lady Elaysa and Lady Domi puke out and let him lick all up. We will spit in his throat and he’ll get some piss from me and Domi. With this lunch offer from us, he has to manage the next days – after that he is allowed to eat shit again.

Make Your Balls Messy

Goddess in sexy dress, satin pink panties is pooping huge shit,ordering to eat you her shit,clean ass, and smearing shit in panties on big pink balloon like on your balls;)


Victoria is running red diareeah in sexiest blue panties;)

Toilet Girl Pooping Spy Cam

Madame Du B’s Shit Brownies Iphone

Scat queen Madame Du B makes one of her toilet slaves a special chocolate treat. She whips up a nice batch of chocolate brownies made with her very own special ingredient…a nice heaping helping of her sloppy smelly shit. What a delicious treat for any toilet slave to enjoy. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter @Ms_Du_B. You can now get Madame Du Bs delicious chocolate treats sent to you for your eating enjoyment.

Nasty Schoolgirls Scat On Prof! – Part 3

The girls gather all around him, taking turns squatting over his face and shitting all over him. They smear pieces of shit all over his face and body.

Scat Cats Day1 P3

Slowly the toilet slave has managed and swallowed the giant turd of Lady Kimi, good thing, because now Lady Domi has yet to shit and piss. She uses the toilet seat and the slave groans, so much shit is even for an experienced shit eater almost too much. But the slave has nothing to say, he just has to open his toilet mouth and everything to swallow. He has nothing more to do. There’s also spit for dessert, hahaha

Chat With Consequences P1

The new slave is now demoted to toilet slave for the ladies and is in the next room, ready for the piss and shit the Ladies. The Ladies piss him in his mouth and spit in his mouth. Lady Missy gives him a couple of hefty slaps, so he knows that he is a nothing. The girlfriend of Lady Missy is amazed.Attention, Kv is in the second part only.

Piss Carpet Cat

Scat On Fixed Slave

I have fixed my slave to the pillory. Then I shit in his face and rub the stinking pile. As a reward i gave him a hard handjob till his cock gums.

The Shit Eating Dog P1

The Scatqueens treat a toilet slave like a dog. He becomes a shit-eating dog. They spit in his mouth, give orders and pinch his nipples, which he squirms. Then Lady Domi has to shit and shit the slave in his reudiges dirty mouth. The huge portion of shit spills out of his mouth.


Smooth and easy. (Multi-angle).

Scat Secretary Girls Lumina-slave Agnese

Special Brasilian scat movie whit brasilian porn stars