Lady Amy First Time Part3

We are watching how our toilet slave eats up our 4 piles of shit. we are very pleased, that the toiletslave works so good. He eats realy everything. The toilet slave eats up even the whole vomit of Lady Grace after she has vomited him directly in his mouth. Now we can be sure that this guy the best human toilet is who we know.

Lady Amy First Time Part3

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The Power Of Scatqueens P1 HD

Mistress Michelle, Lady Amy and Lady Grace are using together the toilet slave of the Scatqueens. First of all he has to lick off the spit from the floor and lick clean the dirty shoe soles from the Scatqueens before Lady Amy use the slave as a human toilet and shit into his mouth. Then he has to chew and swallow the big turd. After a while Mistress Michelle use the slave too and shit into his mouth. The second turd he has to swallow.

The Power Of Scatqueens P1 HD

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Hidden Cam Girls Poop Compalation

Toilet Slave Used, By 2 Mistresses And A Transsexual!

Here our TS girlfriend Cloe brought a new toilet slaves to us. First the slave had to lick the boots clean. Because he did not do it properly, Beauty-of-pain sat on his back and spanked his ass. Then he had to hold his head over a toilet bowl and open his mouth wide. Then I pissed him in his slave mouth and he had to swallow my piss. Then Betty stood over his toilet mouth and pissed him also into his mouth. Because he could not swallow our delicious piss so quickly, some went off and landed on the floor as well as on the toilet bowl. The slave then had to lick the floor and the toilet bowl clean. We spanked his ass, because we were dissatisfied with the leakage performance. Finally, the slave had to lie on his back and wank his cock until he cums. The slave was to inject himself into his mouth. But not even that, managed the loser!

Have Fun Eating

Although my livestock says that he is not hungry despite a prolonged feeding pause, I will feed him anyway. I am a little sick, my stomach must get empty, so I feel better.So my slave has to open up his mouth so I can relieve myself. The mouth is too small for the amount this time, so I shit his face full with a big pile. The loser eats completely the whole shit and snot.Since the mass is so nice and soft I let him pull a part through his nose. It will take a while, until the smell of this slaves meal will disappear… *laughs*


Hot diareeah, pissing and socks teasing!

Toilet Mouth P2

Lady Grace is somewhat critical and would not yet used the name ‘toiletmouth’ for these creature. She thinks he must earn the name firstonce and gives him the opportunity to prove himself. First i have to shit and the toilet slave get a warm and soft pile directly in his mouth. Chew and swallow…

Girls Pissing Every Were

S_cat Woman P2 Hd Version

After the toiletslave have swallow all the shit of Lady Nicole her mysterious girlfriend has to shit too. After she has shits into the mouth of the slave and his mouth is is allready filled up with shit, she pushes the fresh bunch of shit with her pumps deeper in the mouth of the toiletslave. She waits so long he has swallowed all and his mouth is clean again, because she has a new job for the toiletslave. Lick the shit from my asshole slave, that is the reason for she has waiting! lucky slave, (S)cat Woman take a seat directly of the mouth of the slave to get her asshole licked clean.

Lady Amy + Lady Grace Power Of Ladies P4

The pee in the funnel is not swallowed and the slave is taking a really long time. There is then another piss. Lady Amy is peeing again in the funnel and the toilet slave starts to swallow all the piss. Lady Grace pulls up and spits into the funnel relish knowing that the spit goes through the funnel directly into his throat.

Cherry Torn Anal Scat Fisting

Cherry gets a dirty Scat Analfisting from Isabelle and after that they make dirty enema sex.

Hard Sausage Ball

Here is the first part of the video. I squeezed a big fat sausage ball out of my asshole. Want to know how thick it is?

Forced Shit Finger Eating

Swallow My Spit And Pee P3

The next toilet slave is now ordered under the toilet seat. Lady Angie have to pee more and the slave swallows. After that Lady Grace take a seat on this toilet and pees. For Lady Grace it does not matter what human toilet is there, the main thing is that his mouth is open. Then Lady Katharina must pee and pees in both slaves mouths. Also both slaves have to swallow their piss out of her pumps.

Facefull Of Diarrhea After Godess Vacation

Godess is coming back after a few days of vacation and she announce me that is full of Diarrhea. So i was prepared to receive all her Diarrhea into my faceand mouth and ready to obey everything.

Voyeur Scat Vol.9

In this toilet random girls would come and little do they know there’s a hidden camera installed where we can see them piss and shit. In this movie, the pretty girl pisses and then pushes out her BIG hard balls of dark shit.

Girl Poops On A Boy

Whistle The Song To Shit Hd P2

The toilet slave has the task to pull the shit out of the bottle into its toilet mouth and swallow down. Mixed with the fat snot of Lady Grace it sucks equally much better in its throat. In between, he has to whistle a song.#


Hot baby is messy shitting in sexy beige pants!

My Tits Spoiled With Shit

Spoiled my beautiful sweet tits with my shit

British Girls Scat In Pee

Obsessed With Her Puke And Shit!

This older man is obsessed with this younger mistress, not just for her pretty face and luscious body, but also for the quality of her wastes! He makes her sit on his face so he can see the shit coming out of her pretty asshole and catch the foul mound with his open mouth! Not satisfied with just her shit, he also makes her puke in his face, bathing his skin with the rice lunch that she had earlier today!

Slave Gets Fed Special Pee-scat Recipe! – Full Movie

My slave is in for a real treat tonight. I made a special bowl made of piss and sticky shit. I put the watery concoction in a pitcher and make him drink from it! I make him drink all the pee-shit drink he can handle, that good boy!

Thick Girl Masturbating Shit And Daubed Her Pussy And Thighs By Shit.

Thick girl masturbating shit and daubed her pussy and thighs by shit.

New Toiletslave For Scatqueens-berlin P2

After a while Lady Grace used the new toilet slave and presses her soft shit straight into his mouth. But chew and swallow is not his specialty. Lady Grace is pretty unhappy about it. Nevertheless, Lady Angie pisses him again with a powerful stream of piss in his mouth. With the piss shit mix from the bowl he has to gargle a song, which amused the ladies again. Suddenly Lady Angie runs into a piece of shit. Now it is time to see how the new slave lick clean the shoe sole of Lady Angie?language: english+german

Threesome Danny Desperate Pissing

Mix Compilation 56

THIS IS THE OUR NEXT COMPILATION WITH ONLY SCAT ACTION FROM OTHER MOVIES ( YOU NEVER FIND THEM IN OUR OTHER COMPILATIONS FROM 1 TO 55), SHIT PLAYING, DIARRHEA AFTER DIARRHEA, CHEWING AND EATING PERFECT SHIT FROM ALL OUR GODDESSES. BEST SHITTING GODDESSES FROM ROMANIA AND FROM SITE, THEY CAN SHIT MANY TIMES/DAY. SOON … !!! We are proud to announce you that The 2017 AVN Award fetish girl GLAMYANYA will collaborate with us and she will make movies for our store !!! Check her and you will be in love to buy her dirty movies !!!! She is one of the best Romanian Mistresses and she is also into full toilet play with her slaves ! And without mask, with visible face, …..prices will be very high for her movies, she says that already…….take care what you wish or you will become addicted !!! Make some savings because in a few days we will post her first toilet movie

The Power Of Scatqueens P2

First, the slave must prove us that he is a real human toilet and he has to chew and swallow the complete second pile of shit. It takes a short time. He only needs to put the pile in his toilet mouth, so that he can swallow it. Then Lady Amy and Lady Grace again pissing in his mouths washed itself and of course the third pile, served by Lady Grace, but then she fills up the toilet mouth over the top. Well then, again, enjoy the shit toilet slave.

Constipation Relief!

This is a straining, pushing, constipation relief video where almost a week of poop finally comes out (very big load for me). I have had horrible constipation for days, maybe even a week, I can’t remember. I have been pushing and pushing and this shit just does not want to come out! In this clip I set the camera on the floor looking up at my ass and I push, grunting and straining for the first few minutes before eventually, my shit comes out! At first there’s just a few very small, hard, dark constipated pellets, then several logs of normal, soft brown shit. When i’ve finished I sigh with relief and tell you how much better I feel! I show you the massive smelly pile i’ve left on the floor, then I show off my dirty asshole nice and closeup before eventually wiping, leaving a big shit stain going all the way from my asshole to the top of my ass crack.

Mistress Anna – Poop With Boots

Custom request :Hello. You use your high black boots. I would like to see you alone, taking a big shit on the floor in squat position and you wear boots, the camera in front of you, so i can see you when you push and see the shit. Thank you very much for that !

Mistress Shit Toilet Ass

The Perfect Slave Dinner Crap Shit And Piss

If you live in a dirty stable you can eat what is lying on the floor. My slave gets again a very special dinner mixed with my shit, piss and the piss of Miss Jane. The half rotten shit on the ground may have even more nutrients than mine, everything together always results in such a beautiful brown manure, the purest vitamin bomb for slaves stomachs. Not even pigs would eat something like that, but my slave has no choice and is trained to swallow whatever I give him. That it was so much this time he owes it to the fact that Miss Jane ran spontaneously into the barn to relieve himself in a hurry. I was also on the highest railroad, I had a lot of shit and my bladder was full anyway. His fat bitch has just managed to absorb the entire manure, which is better for him, otherwise I would have made my threat to castrate him.

Pissdrinking Whore

Tipsy whore drinking piss like it’s beer!


Nasty Oxana is loading messy stinky shit in nice panties with flowers!

Laughed P2

The toilet slave is so ridiculous. He is lying on the floor and Lady Grace shits him on his slave’s face. He is not able to swallow it. Lady Grace stacks their complete turd on the slave mouth. The toilet slave is humilated again and Lady Grace vomits on him.

Orgy Slave Mature Piss


Multi-angle and close-up poop.

Whistle The Song To Shit Hd P2

The toilet slave has the task to pull the shit out of the bottle into its toilet mouth and swallow down. Mixed with the fat snot of Lady Grace it sucks equally much better in its throat. In between, he has to whistle a song.#

Chateu De Old-pee!

Here you can see how gives me an old man to drink his piss! He urinated, nearly one liter of yellow and spicy old men pee in a large glass and gave it to me to drink! Property naturally all drank and swallowed up! With the last sip I have exchanged with the old man a horny Piss Kiss. I’m a good girl!

Presses Until The Sausage Is Hard To Get Out

I squeeze and squeeze until thick, hard sausage out of my ass