Outdoor Turd Mistress

Toilet Time 40 – 41

Diarrhea splash out of the toilet bowl! How many women can say when they have a shit explosion that the diarrhea splash up against their inner thigh and toilet seat? Well I certainly can! Check picture 4 and 5 to see the proof for yourself. Including some nice pissing as well as wiping action – From Toilet Time 40Standing ovation shit I suppose? See my from behind as I stand over the toilet to take a shit. Also include a nice crisp close-up of my asshole, JUST FOR YOU! You want to lick it for me don’t you? I must warn you, it’s very smelly! After such a big & nasty bowel movement it seems the toilet paper is having a hard time getting my girl asshole clean. If only your tongue was here to lick my ass clean for me… – From Toilet Time 41

Toilet Pleasures

Today I’m peeing, spitting and shitting at the slave mouth. I uses a slave instead of a toilet. Now every time I wants at the toilet I will use him mouth. What a pleasure to serve me, my toilet. Eat all of my shit. I have a lot of shit for you.

Try A New Ergonomic Chair – Poo Orgasm

I want to try my new red ergonomic chair… and I had a strong fetish idea in my mind… I want abused my new chair in a very special way… want to see? I poo a little bit on my chair and you can see… It’s a stinky turd… hard and strong… I put it outside my big ass and I start to smearing it on my pussy… It’s so hard… And then this little turd can be inside and outside my pussy… until I come in a perfect squirting and in a clitorid orgasm with so much contraction… You can see here in this video my very big bloated belly because… It’s my Pre – menstrual period and my belly it’s full of constipated shit and gas!

Lady Katharina First Time P1

The 3 Scatqueens are using a toilet slave. It is very much peed and Lady Katharina craps a pile in the mouth of the toilet slave. The shit is nice and soft, so you need only swallow, but the toilet slave moans and really enjoys it chews and swallows by and by the pile of shit of Lady Katharina.

Forced Shit Finger Eating

Swallow My Spit And Pee P3

The next toilet slave is now ordered under the toilet seat. Lady Angie have to pee more and the slave swallows. After that Lady Grace take a seat on this toilet and pees. For Lady Grace it does not matter what human toilet is there, the main thing is that his mouth is open. Then Lady Katharina must pee and pees in both slaves mouths. Also both slaves have to swallow their piss out of her pumps.

Facefull Of Diarrhea After Godess Vacation

Godess is coming back after a few days of vacation and she announce me that is full of Diarrhea. So i was prepared to receive all her Diarrhea into my faceand mouth and ready to obey everything.

Voyeur Scat Vol.9

In this toilet random girls would come and little do they know there’s a hidden camera installed where we can see them piss and shit. In this movie, the pretty girl pisses and then pushes out her BIG hard balls of dark shit.

Peek College Girl Pee

Black Mistress Toilet Slave 8.

Sexy & Perverted Black Mistress Onyx in some extended scenes of Arse Worship, Smothering, Farting, Pissing Shit Eating, using her Tranny slut slave as her toilet to eat and clean all the shit out of her rectum, a toilet slaves dream!!The sexy Black Mistress is nude for most of this hot clip, showing off her beautiful black arse and big tits !! the Tranny slave kneels behind it’s Mistress licking and rimming her Black Arsehole. This continues in several more scenes with the Black Mistress pissing in her toilet sluts mouth and then totally nude and aroused,enjoying having her tranny slave worship her beautiful black arse, the arse worship continues in some more very hot and erotic scenes, with smothering, rimming, and farting, as the lucky tranny slave is used as a toilet, the perverted Black Mistress shitting into her sissy’s mouth, then the toilet slut is allowed to clean out her asshole using it’s tongue as toilet paper, as the sexy Black Mistress shits again into the toilet pigs mouth !! with it’s tongue deep in the Black Mistress shitty arsehole !! very hot scene !!The Toilet Slut continues to clean the shit out her arsehole !! the slut masturbating itself with excitement, as the Black Mistress wipes her arse with some toilet paper and stuffs it into her toilet pigs mouth.


A desperate shit for the holidays.Note: I have reduced the prices. It’s after Christmas and just like my friend Veronica I too am in the giving spirit. Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year. 😉

Rena Can’t Take It

Playful fun with poop! But can she withstand the aroma?

Lady Katharina First Time P1

The 3 Scatqueens are using a toilet slave. It is very much peed and Lady Katharina craps a pile in the mouth of the toilet slave. The shit is nice and soft, so you need only swallow, but the toilet slave moans and really enjoys it chews and swallows by and by the pile of shit of Lady Katharina.

Girl Poo Ooping Shit

Code Name Lalka Ibanaya

New part, amazing video with a bunch of divine shit, sucking dirty anal tube, sucking big pieces of shit, smear, messy anal masturbation, vomit saliva, gag reflex, eating sperm my Daddy and that’s not all)) As always, nice price and good quality, love you stay in touch)) PS: Also check first part of that video “I am SCAT memes” thanks

Swallow My Spit,pee And Scat P2

The KV Mistresses enjoy it to see how the slave chew the shit from Lady Katharina. Lady Marie comes and stick the other pieces of shit back into his mouth. Suppenly the shit splash out of his mouth and all ladies go in cover. They laugh but the slave has to swallow regardless the rest of the turd and the ladies urge him to swallowing anything.

Shitting A Fat Pile & Shoving A Pen In My Ass

@ 12.5 Min ? I Start Off By Telling You What I Ate The Day Before So You?ll Know Exactly What Caused The Big Log That I Will Soon Be Pushing Out! I Then Tell You About The Best Shit I Ever Took. Asshole Flexing, Brow Eye Winking, Turd Peeking Fun! Next Comes The Big Poo With Close-Ups! Afterwards I Shove A Pen Into My Dirty Ass & Cover It With My Chocolate 4 You 😉

Sarrie Indian Women Pissing

Dirty Feet P2

Of course, this is not the last turd which is allowed to chew and swallow for the human toilet. Lady Katharina has to shit urgently and poops the toilet slaves directly into his stupid slave mouth.

Pay Scat Mistress Jana And She Will Give You Her Caviar (sd Video)

Do you have enough money…? Then you will get what you deserve…! I want to shit right into your ugly mug! And I want to fill your mouth with my pee! But of course you have to pay for such a special treatment! And you have to pay a lot, do you understand, loser…!?

Twin Poop For Twin Pigs Part 3

Girls uses Man

Babe Piss Cat

Dirty Feet P2

First, Lady Katharina wants to use the human toilet and she lets lick their asshole before. But she does not have to poop yet. Missflowers must then also again and gives the toilet slaves a few bite shit in his mouth. Now Lady Katharina is ready again to crap and this time she shuts the toilet slaves a big shit in his throat, WOW. After eating, his slave mouth with the piss from Mistress Michelle is still washed out.

Manure From Shit And Piss For The Slaves! Toilet Slave Meal! Part 2

Manure from shit and piss for the slave! Toilet slave meal! Part 2: After I had for the slave, a large sausage shit, shitting and pissing in a bowl and he licked my asshole clean. I have him by means of a spoon, with my shit and piss, garnished with my spit, fed! Because it lasted to long time to fed him so, I poured him all the manure in his mouth, so he had to swallow everything in order not to choke!

Plump Woman Piss And Poop Near Her Car

Plump woman piss and poop near her car

Public Scat Shitting Poop

Queen Sylvy’s Heavy Plops And Gps!!

Queen Sylvy is just frigging amazing!!! The noises and sounds coming out this woman are just incredible!! Enjoy Two great FUNKY loads as she begins with a painfull case of diarrhea while enjoying her morning coffee and cigarette. Looks like the coffee did what it does and helped to loosen her up! More plops and peeing followed. A nice long dump to begin! In the second scene, Enjoy as she strips down and shows off that amazing MILF physique of hers while taking another painful ploptastic dump while grunting and straining facing the camera. She had to take off her clothes and get real comfortable. Enjoy as she presents her juicy clean ass for inspection when she finished!! I lost count of all the plops!! Queen Sylvy is a pooping machine, and this a a FUNKY dozen of continuous action!!

Lady Grace First Time P2

The Ladies comes back from the Coffee and the toilet slave is cleaned again and is ready to be a human toilet for the Scatqueens. It does not take long and Lady Grace shits into the mouth of the toilet slave. After that he is used from lady katharina. The pile of shit lands directly into his toilet mouth. And because it was so much fun both puke again over his body.

5 Girls

This is one of our early Movies, which helped us to the Success, we have today. Nice Movie with insisted Poop Consumption, but the Quality is not the best. English Subtitles

A Huge Pile From My Throne

I really love the portable toilet seat my slave bought me! In this clip I make really good use of it. I take a HUGE shit into a clear bowl and you get to see it up close and personal as well as hear the farts and see all the hot yellow piss that fills the bowl. You will get to see and hear everything in this clip from multiple angles, so I hope you like it nasty!

He Ingle Most Pic Umshot Ail Vomit

Mistress Lilly – Preparing Many Meals For Her Toilets

Mistress Lilly recording more toilet slavery movies. She enjoy to play wth scat and she is almost the best single Scat Domme. She preparing today many meals for her fans.

Lady Katharina – Toilet Paper P2

This is very rarely seen, but exclusively here Scatqueens Lady Katharina had felt like to be pampered her asshole of the slaves tongue before then shits her toilet slave in his mouth. But before you can see how the slave massage her asshole, Lady Catherine ties the eggs of the toilet slave tightly and pulls them over a rope to the top. So the slave remains are exactly where she wants to have the shit-eater. Then pisses him only once in his mouth. Her asshole opens and closes again several times. Then the slave gets the order from Lady Katharina to stick his tongue deep into her anus. The dream of every toilet slave, to spoil the asshole of his KV mistress before it poops in his mouth and mix it with her spit.

Cute College Girl Sassy Loves To Shit

Cute college girl Sassy loves to shit