Lady Missy – Garden Toilet Day 2 P2 HD

Lady Missy and her girlfriend are slowly waking up. The toilet slave is always ready in the next room waiting for the piss, shit or spit. Lady Missy uses this living toilet, spits her mucus in his mouth and pee in his mouth. Then she goes back to her friend. Shortly afterwards, Lady Missy urgently has to go to the toilet and she shits the toilet slave in his toilet mouth. He has the fresh soft morning shit from his Scatqueen in his mouth and seems to be somewhat overstrained.

Lady Missy - Garden Toilet Day  2 P2 HD

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Peeing And Scat

Looser P2

Lady Missy give some hard face slaps to the slave and spit in his mouth. The slave swallow their snot. Mistress Michelle comes and pee and shit into the mouth of the slave. Then Lady Missy has to pee and crap. Mistress Michelle stick the shit with their hands into the mouth of the toilet slave. He begins to chew the pile.

It’s Hard To Pee…

…… for a shy girl! Jenny has to pee very urgently! She runs to the toilet and starts to undress immediately. Then she sits down at the toilet bowl. A little bit of pee is leaving her pussy – but then it’s hard to continue. She decides to stand up and tries it again… that’s much better now! There is so much pee firing out of her pussy now! She messes up the whole ground. She decides to clean it again – but doing so makes her so horny that she has to play with her pussy. To finger her wet hole she sits down at the toilet bowl – and starts to pee again! Now she cannot stop – and fingers her pussy until she has an awesome orgasm…!

Tortured Teddy Scene 2

Last time Teddy didn’t do a really good job when I crouched over him, so a fan suggested I sit on his face and give him my hot golden . In this clip you see me smother teddy under my hot, wet pussy, drown him in my juices and give him a lecture when he fails again! At the end of the clip I smother him under my big black ass and warn him of what’s going to be waiting for him in Scene 3 …

Hikari Matsushita Enjoys Getting Her Vag Fingered And Pounded

Most Epic Scat Video Ever. Part 3

A lot of shit happened that day.At the moment we think that it is one of the best our videos, if not the best one.Hah, you want to see golden rain mixed with vomit mixed with enema and tons of shit? You will see one, you want to see mad threesome, almostfoursome – it is definitely your lucky call.So what exactly happened? Everything started like simple regular day, we met.. one man and three girls for cup of coffee, and while we have being spokenin the cafe everybody realized that we all are full of shit.. we Came home and started shitty mayhem. Total shitty messWe shitted on each other endless times, we vomited, we fucked.. Even our novice curly friend become horny and took a little part in our activities..We have shitted 5 times on each other before using two big bags, and when we were completely covered we shited three more times withpauses for masturbation, fucking and having fun.In the end we have finished with mass enema action.This video is more than 3 hours long. And it is literary filled with shitty action, without boring parts. Precious pearl in ourscat video collection. We have watched tons of scat movies, but we have never seeing something like we did on this video even close..You will see it all, vomit, enemas, solo parts, lesbian parts, threesome parts, couple parts, farting, spanking, domination……. barking:))))Intoroducing: Caroline, MargoreTH, and new cute curly blond Veronica..By the way – about Veronica.. Do you see this innocent little angel.. She has pretty perverse mind, however she has a lot of shyness and fear,However she said that she will be fully involved in our future epic scat movies if she will see that this video is popular, so she needs yoursupport. Vote with your purchases, with your reviews and with your attention. If this video (one of 5 parts and complete version together in total)will be sold at least more than 200 times – she will completely take part in future scat parties, so do not stay aside and show us that you wantnew faces in our scat studio.Peace and LoveAstraCelestial team.

Lady Missy – Gardentoilet P1

Lady Missy is together with her girlfriend in her garden shed. Unfortunately, there is no toilet. For that service Lady Missy has a toilet slave but he is to late. She is angry and calls the slave. When the slave arrives she has to pee and use the mouth of the toilet slave. Then she relaxe and smoke a cigarette together with her girlfriend and use the slave the second time as a human toilet.

209 Scat Spy Story

209 Full version. TOP MOVIE during 43 minutes all in ENGLISH. This is a best selling, an italian US situation of spy, this is not the ordinary video, this is a film, a movie, a bdsm SCAT MOVIE. If you love me you can not loose this because it is beautifull and clever and nice, humorfull. I do this in summer2015 during a 24/7 by me in Sardinia and i’m so proud of this video. MP4 fast download also for tablets, i phones etc. You get 43 minutes of never ending video, that is femdom, bdsm, art: (WYSIWYG) What You See Is What You Get (coming here by me….. I give you at the lowest price i can on Yezz.

Yoga Stretch Shit Self

Looser P3

The toilet slave, who has applied, is now lying on the floor with the shit in his mouth and looks at the Scatqueens. He can not swallow it. A loser. So that he gets used to the smell and taste, his head is wrapped in foil with the shit in it. Lady Missy shits and pisses again in a bowl and spits on top. The slave gets his ration home and must thank on his knees at the Scatqueens.

Happy New Toilet!

Once one very hungry and pathetic slave waited for miracles in new year. He couldn’t even present in the dreams as far as he will be successful in his insignificant life. At this time in his life appear a new beautiful and delicious young model Adelina. She’s the most beautiful girl and she loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby to humiliate and dominate her slaves. In this video clip she allows the slave to kiss her pretty legs, to suck the fingers of her feet, she spits in his mouth and she very sexually licks his face. Her delicious saliva comes out from her mellow lips, wich so want to kiss and taste this sweetness…she’s just incredibly heavy! Adelina makes the slave to lick her asshole and eat her big butt. She is very excited when slaves lick her ass. Also slave must lick her pussy and ass to make it shine from purity. This girl sucks a strap-on and puts this dick deeply in his throat. She took off her panties and shoved them into slaves mouth. Now she filled his mouth with shit and he must eat all the shit otherwise she will angry and punish him. She loves to dominate and humiliate her slave, to fill his mouth with shit. Now he is expected by only unique emotional life to become her toilet! Adelina wiped her ass with toilet paper and put them in his mouth. So the slave became Adelina toilet! Come back to our stories….

Princess Nikki Scat For Two

Before leaving home for a party Princess Nikki use her two toilet slaves for pissing and shiting in the mouth and humilatiing them verbally while shiting.


Oxana is hot messy pooping diareeah in new olive jeans!

Pissing In Desperation

Missys Girlfriend P5

Lady Missy has to pee and then brings the slave on the toilet, the beautiful yellow urine of Lady Missy in the toilet. Of course, she has not flushed and now puts the head of the dumb slave in the bowl and lets him slurp her piss with his tongue, which is very easy to hear. But the slave does not get it all. There is also a good invention for it. Lady Missy hands him a spoon with which he now has to spoon everything out. Before he is done, Lady Chrissy sits on his head and just lets her piss run. Everything drips into the toilet via his slave’s head. His head full of piss he must continue to spoon the piss. The femdom ladies laugh.

Daily Toilet Slave Job – All For Godess

The Godess need her good whore to training him more into toilet slavery. The toilets must desire to worship Godess pussy and asshole before she feed them with big meals. Today also she humiliate her toilet, fingering him in his asshole, fuck him with her dildo and strapon and order him to lick her pussy juices before and after using his mouth. This is a daily toilet slave job, to make the Godess happy !!

Reality Tv Show Pissing & Shitting! – Part 3

She rubs her ass on his face and makes him smell and lick her cunt and asshole. After some stimulation, she pushes out pieces of scat for him to savor.

Shitting And Pissing At The Same Time

You and I must not watch it

Poo On Streets

A Cup Of Champagne

A cup of champagne right from Mistress Antonella’s beautiful pussy.

The Looser P3 Hd Version

Lady Missy it does not matter if the toilet slave has already swallowed so much shit. Simply shits again. The slave lies on the ground. His whole face is full of shit. Never mind, Lady Missy puts the toilet paper directly on his face. Mistress Michelle pees on top. Then Lady Missy has the idea to stuff the whole rest of shit in the mouth of the slaves.

Lia Boo Is Back And Better Than Ever!!

Lia Boo returns from nearly a month hiatus with one of her best clips ever!! Boy the noises she makes in this clip!! After her signature long piss to start it off, she follows up with some of the loudest farts, Plops and Grunts and Strains you will ever hear! She had to take a shower, but the Boo-boo’s hit her right before she hopped in! Man trust you want to reaquaint yourself with LIa Boo after this one!! Just count the plops coming out that skinny ass!! She Could start a her own logging company after this one!! Look at the Mess she made at the End!!!

Toilet Girl Pooping Spy Cam

Madame Du B’s Shit Brownies Iphone

Scat queen Madame Du B makes one of her toilet slaves a special chocolate treat. She whips up a nice batch of chocolate brownies made with her very own special ingredient…a nice heaping helping of her sloppy smelly shit. What a delicious treat for any toilet slave to enjoy. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter @Ms_Du_B. You can now get Madame Du Bs delicious chocolate treats sent to you for your eating enjoyment.

Nasty Schoolgirls Scat On Prof! – Part 3

The girls gather all around him, taking turns squatting over his face and shitting all over him. They smear pieces of shit all over his face and body.

Scat Cats Day1 P3

Slowly the toilet slave has managed and swallowed the giant turd of Lady Kimi, good thing, because now Lady Domi has yet to shit and piss. She uses the toilet seat and the slave groans, so much shit is even for an experienced shit eater almost too much. But the slave has nothing to say, he just has to open his toilet mouth and everything to swallow. He has nothing more to do. There’s also spit for dessert, hahaha

Chat With Consequences P1

The new slave is now demoted to toilet slave for the ladies and is in the next room, ready for the piss and shit the Ladies. The Ladies piss him in his mouth and spit in his mouth. Lady Missy gives him a couple of hefty slaps, so he knows that he is a nothing. The girlfriend of Lady Missy is amazed.Attention, Kv is in the second part only.

Mess Shit Anal

Dirty Panty Addiction

Goddess is wearing plastic panties and sexy shiny tights,huge messy shit and a lot of pee,Goddess is giving you of masturbation instruction.Obey your Goddess! Eat my shit! Clean my asshole! Serve my dirty ass!

Lady Missy – Gardentoilet P3

The human toilet is continue used of Lady Missy. She has to pee and poop again and shits a pretty big pile of shit in his toilet mouth. The toilet slaves mouth is full of Lady Missys shit now.

Huge Brown Turd From Tight Asshole

Huge brown turd from tight asshole

Girl Shits Her Self Shitting Cat

Double Shit In The Park

I was walking in the park. Really, I want shit. I take my jeans straight into the park and sit shit. After I have left a large and stinking heap.I was walking in the park. Really, I want shit. No toilet nearby. I pull my pants and I start to shit on the street. I feel better. I continue my way.

Totally Soaked – Jeans Mega Wetting On A Couch

Dressed in my tight blue jeans, I am reading a very interesting book all day long laying on the couch at home. After few hours I feel my bladder is so full that I desperately need to pee! But I am so so lazy and the book is so so interesting! No, I won`t go to the toilet! I will release the stream here on the couch and right in my blue jeans! So exciting and so naughty! And here it is – the first flood – while I am laying on my stomach! It`s running and running and running down my jeans and the couch! Wow! Just look at the jeans now – they look like just taken from the laundry!:) Well, time to get back to the book- this time laying on my back and in a while guess what?! I feel another rush coming out of my bladder! And again I let it run down my jeans! I assumed this second stream would be lesser, but nooo…it`s even more abundant and the pee flows down my jeans, makes a puddle on the the couch and like a waterfall down the floor, making another puddle! Splashing the pee puddle with my bare feet, showing my wet panties and how happy and horny I am after wetting myself, the couch and the floor so much!

Missys Girlfriend P5

Lady Missy has to pee and then brings the slave on the toilet, the beautiful yellow urine of Lady Missy in the toilet. Of course, she has not flushed and now puts the head of the dumb slave in the bowl and lets him slurp her piss with his tongue, which is very easy to hear. But the slave does not get it all. There is also a good invention for it. Lady Missy hands him a spoon with which he now has to spoon everything out. Before he is done, Lady Chrissy sits on his head and just lets her piss run. Everything drips into the toilet via his slave’s head. His head full of piss he must continue to spoon the piss. The femdom ladies laugh.

Little Piss For You, Let You Taste It

Come Sweet and it was very close as I have extra just for you sip a nice piss in a bottle of wealth from wird.Na be printed for you then let you taste it.