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Lady Sandys First Time P8

The floor is full of piss, which the slave should lick now. He is struggling. Mistress Michelle then enters the piss and lets the piss drip over her boot into the mouth of the slave. After that, Lady Angie pisses the slave full from top to bottom.

Shitting Big And Cumshot

Shitting big and cumshot

Shit Feeding In The Woods

I have a new video of my toilet in the woods. He is a very dirty and smelly dog and he is a real human toilet for girls. I love to shit in his mouth and make him to eat my delicious shit. He likes the nasty smell of my shit and must eat it all in the woods while it’s warm. I laugh at the slave how much he is able to degrade. It’s not a man – it’s a toilet pig 🙂

Shit Smeared Female Slave Shits Slave In The Mouth And Jerks Cock With Shit, Until The Cumshot!

After my girlfriend Contessa Calucci and I, our slave, KV-GIRL, had shit and she had rubbed, with our shit, (see video 2 Dominas, shit, a female slave full), our 2 slaves had to lick our KV princess clean. Since our Female-Slave had to shit, too, we ordered her to squat over the mouth of a slave, with her hot asshole, and shit this in the mouth. She shit the slave a big pile, shit, in the mouth. Since her shit, in part, sticking out of the mouth, she had to take it with her hands and rub it with the slave’s cock and then wank the slave’s cock. She jerked off the caviar-tail, of the slave, until he came and sprayed his sperm, even on the shit. A real perverted caviar orgy! All this you see from 2 perspectives!

Eat Male Shit

Mistress Roberta -pot Servitude For Morning Feeding

Today my slave will be like a greedy pot but first he haves to kiss my ass and serve a bit before being fed so after he serves i take the toilet sit and put it over his head pee on his face and shit in his mouth and after i push the shit with my hand in his mouth so it goes down in the troat faster, enjoy.

Guilty Husband Gets A Taste Of Wife’s Snot! – Part 1

She blows her nose until sticky snot comes out of her nostrils. She lets the snot drip all over his face. She gathers the snot on a tissue and makes him eat out of it!

Cwm Wetting: Pleasuring Myself In Piss Soaked Briefs

I’m standing up in a pair of black briefs with coloured spots, squirming and holding myself as the desperation becomes unbearable. Piss pours through my briefs and splatters on the floor as I lose control and wet myself. I gently explore the wet patch with my hand. Stroking my cock through my soaking wet briefs quickly gets me hard. My dick is throbbing as I free it from my piss wet briefs and start to pleasure myself to a quick, intense climax, covering the floor with cum!

Sandy Have To Poo Urgent

Today Lady Sandy is without their mother with me and my toilet slave is also there. First I have to use the toilet mouth and pee a really hard jet in its mouth, after that he get a portion of my shit in his toilet mouth. In the second part Lady Sandy must shit at next urgently.

Pee Hole Closeup Inside

Not A Spe11gebiet Erotik. Part 2

This was the firsttime of Methanny – first scat and first threesome orgy, first lesbian experience so she needed to be relaxed. Which took a while.But than fire has burned in complete and insane way. Meth gave up herself completely to everything what we were doing with her and asked for more.So if you want to see how usual women turn into crazy scat sluts this video is deffinately for you in all its madness which you are going to see here.There were so many scat from asses that we even almost didn’t use scat bags. So every brown matter in front of your eyes is fresh, warm and right from the asses.There were so many scat that we even didn’t need to mix it with enema and vomit this time. But we did as you are going to see very soon.Enjoy.

Sandys Control P4

It seems that the toilet slave can not swallow the shit from Lady Sandy any more. Now she decides that the slave has to stick the hole bunch of shit into his mouth and so he continues with cleaning the flat. After a while he has to put his clothes on and together with Lady Sandy he goes outside still the bunch of shit in his mouth.


Marinela is naughty shitting in the park;)

Lady Amy First Time Part2

Lady Amy must now urgently and pees into the mouth of the slave and then she craps into the mouth of the slave. Today the shit of Lady Amy is very soft and the mouth of the toilet slaves is completely filled up with the shit of Lady Amy. We amusing about the situation and a moment later, Lady Sandy bends over him and begins to shit a bunch directly over the shit from Lady Amy. Lady Grace shits too. Lady Grace is well known that she is ignore the slave feelings shits and without hesitation a new fresh bunch over the other two bunch of shit. And now eat it slave!

Lady Amy First Time Part2

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Oilet Cam Women Farting

Karina Cock Shit Humilation

Karina is shitting at your cock, she is enjoing of doing it!

My Friend Is Pissing In Bath

today i filmed my friend lady sandy, as she pees in her bathtub

The Pissing Show 4

Today you will get again a little piss-show me the different of 4 Pee clips besteht.Egal see if I’ll piss on my sexy ass, piss from a glass, high heels or rubber glove booze all you can see in this clip sehen.Wie You know I love piss and ginger and rum like it.

Woman Piss In Man

Goddess Anita And Her 2 Bisexual Toilets

Today Goddess Anita call her toilet slaves to have fun in a threesome ! She use them both, fuck them in their asses, order them to fuck and suck cocks, and also spank them or humiliate them. She was so happy by result at the end and she offer them her champagne directly from source ! A nice threesome party with Goddess Anita !

Pov Pee Lady

Some golden juice for you, my slave. Lie down right in front of me! I will welcome you beneath my toilet, where my sap drives you to absolute erection. Golden shower domination is now part of the porgram, my creeper.

Pee Fun With Lucy Lucy

Luscious Latina Lucy Lucy enjoys piss play in the bathroom. First, she plays with a stream of hot yellow pee straight from my cock. She gets her tits, belly and shaved bare pussy showered with my piss stream. After her golden shower, she rinses off with a water shower. Hanging out in the bathroom, a bit of banter leads to some anal sex which is interrupted when Lucy has to pee so I sit in the tub and she pisses on my cock.

Sandy Have To Poo Urgent

Today Lady Sandy is without their mother with me and my toilet slave is also there. First I have to use the toilet mouth and pee a really hard jet in its mouth, after that he get a portion of my shit in his toilet mouth. In the second part Lady Sandy must shit at next urgently.

Poo Hidden Spy

For My Gourmants 😉

huge closeup poop with a very wet pussy ..

Shit-eating From A New Godess – Part 2

AGAIN !!! A new mistress asked me if i want to be her full receptacle for her kaviar and piss. Because i agree with her rules, she take me at her home to be her personal toilet today. She feel so good and she asked me if i am ready and prepared to be her potty mouth. She put me down into her lobby and dressed in a blue metalic catsuit, she began to piss in my mouth and defecate. She fill my mouth with all her piecess of her shit and at the end, she push a banana inside my mouth trying to suffocate me with that and eat all her shit. She obliged me to chew and swallow her Royal Kaviar and pushing her shit deep into my throat with a banana !! Many movies with this new Godess will fallow if we have a great and positive response from our members who will buy this movie splitted in 2 parts. ENJOY !!!

Sinnamon’s Making A Dent In The Bowl!!

I swear, Sinnamon must eat Meteors or something!!! The logs she was spewing out her ass in these Clips are a site to see!! Sinnamon returns with her longest and FUNKIEST clips ever!! Enjoy a Funky Dozen minutes worth of big turds both at home and at work as she goes front facing and reverse Kanga as she switches it up in each clip. But the Monster Loads coming out her ass are a sight to behold!! She was making a mess all over the toilet and the floor as well! Some serious Backsplashers!! Oh well it?s not her bathroom anyways!!

Lady Sandy – The Slave Introduction

A while ago Lady Sandy told her mother some secrets. Now, Lady Sandy shows her mother a toilet slave in reality . Because both just came from a riding session, they are still in riding boots which are quite dirty. Lady Sandys mother is not at all as passive as I had imagined and she gives the slave commands. She is very interested in trying out the whip. But they also like to take the nipple clamps and especially the brackets with the bells that hurt a lot.

Scat Humilliation

Cult Makes Girls Shit On Each Other! – Part 2

They order this girl to suck on the other chick’s shit-smeared nipples. This she follows gladly and ends up doing more shitting and more shit-eating that lasts for hours!

Serena Pleasures Really Had To Take A Shit Bad!

Serena pleasures really to go bad all in her slave mouth!

Sandy Use A Human Toilet

Lady Sandy is back again. She has not been over since a long time. While she is waiting for me, one of my toilet slaves is cleaning my appartement. Although Lady Sandy doesnt know this toiletslave at all she feels the urge to use him.She rings me up and asks me, whether she could use my busy human toilet because she feels a pressure in her stomach.My toilet slaves are trained to always be ready for the Ladys shit and I am happy for Candy.

Brunette Pissing Anal Lolalo

Epic Scat Session. Part 4

Epic BDSM torture session with gallons of shitOver 10 kg of shit was used for this one, plus shit from 3 asses, plus shit was got with help of enema, plus gallons of piss, It is not surprise that smell of shit is still present in the apartment even if we filmed this movie over a week ago.If you love Max Hardcore movies – you will definitely love this one. Shit Hardcore.We are sure that in the world there are dozens of thousands of videos, performed by amateurs which never was for sale or got to the internet. But not this one, performed by pure amateurs with pure scat enthusiasm and wish to get as dirty as possible.Length of the full movie is over three hours, which are full of shit, scat-sex actions and tears.

Shit Mashup Compilation

A full 16.5 minutes of Erica shitting in different toilets, types of shit, and grunting noises.

Training Of The Toilet Slave P2

The toilet slave comes finally to his job as a toilet. Mistress Michelle urgently needs to shit. The slave is now under the toilet chair and opens his mouth wide. It expects Mistress Michelle. She sits down on the toilet seat and talk to Lady Sandy continued while peeing habitually and then poops. The turd falls deeply in his mouth and soon his mouth is filled up with shit totally and he winds up. These moments are the best for Mistress Michelle.

Played With Creamy Shit

Today I have for you shitting in the sink, a nice creamy heap. I could not just let my fingers and it had me einsauen my fingers and lick it good. My shit tasted so delicious, you will not try it sometime?

Sex Poom Video

Slave Feeding / Dirty Creampie

Amazing new premium video) First, I give the slave a giant pile of fresh shit, and then show him my chocolate pussy and take shit off his face so he could enjoy the stunning view and then he Fucks me full of shit pussy and cums in me) Then you will see dirty crempie which will make you jerk off from the sight!) Good quality, great view, original content, and lots of orgasms which will give you this video) it’s simple!)

Lady Sandys First Time P8

The floor is full of piss, which the slave should lick now. He is struggling. Mistress Michelle then enters the piss and lets the piss drip over her boot into the mouth of the slave. After that, Lady Angie pisses the slave full from top to bottom.

Insane Premium Full Smearing Clip

New premium videos) In it as you always go to shit journey, enjoy shit games, full, smearing, sucking dirty fingers, dirty blow job, epic cumshot, and of course immerse yourself in a sea of fresh shit) BUT this time I was joined by the great Anonymous, we unite our efforts to smear shit ALL over my body)) don’t miss it, it is truly a fascinating spectacle) As always, attractive price and excellent quality) PS: I also do not forget to please the owners of portable devices (all my video is being created in 4K and then pass the rendering to 720p which creates stunning quality and easily reproducible resolution)

Ms Jenkins Chocolate Ass Blowout!!

Man I missed Ms Jenkins!! She has returned with a fury since getting out of jail!!! Ms Jenkins has returned with such a bang, she has easily moved back into my top 3-4 ladies as I myself get super excited each time she sends me clips!! Enjoy these three Heavy load clips as she drops shit while squatted over the pot!! Man does she drop loads with the quickness!! Oh and DAYUM that azz!! I would say it’s a four way race between her, Lil Stink, Melissa, and Lady Aria for sexiest ass around!!! Ms Jenkins is back and gunning for the top!!