Man Eating Girls Shit

Mistress Annalise – My Toilet Shit Passion Hd 1920×1080

I prepared on the dinner a unique gift for my toilet slave. But first I played with him, exciting him. He lay on the floor and looked at my beautiful ass, licking my pretty legs. His dick rose from the excitement. Now he have to lick my ass, if really want to eat dinner from my asshole. Open your mouth and swallow my big sweet shit. It’s perfectly! He snuggled up my ass so close and took out the shit from my ass with tongue, his lips clasped my asshole and he was eat all the shit. Now you have to clean my dirty ass. Thoroughly, my stupid slut. You are my own toilet and I will use your mouth whenever I want. So it will be with everyone who wants to be my toilet. I know how much your desire is. You must learn to swallow quickly and without disgust. Everything should go smoothly into your throat.

Tortellini In Broth

Mistress wants to wish Merry Christmas to His toilet slave.Prepare a plate of tortellini in broth of His nectar hot, the dish is ready and is a nice Christmas dinner for His dirty toilet slave that will have to eat everything and drink all the broth under the careful supervision of the Mistress

Anal Push

Trying out my new toy ?Anal Push? bought with a sub tribute. It slipped right into my stinky ass. When I say stinky I mean my ass stunk up the whole room. ?Anal Push? is so flexible it wiggled around as I shook my ass. I came shortly before releasing a huge lump of poop that stunk up my halfway.

Mistress Gaia Riding Cult Shit

I have just returned from the stables. The long ride today has really stimulated.I do not have time even to change my clothes … so I do a poo dressed like an Riding Mistress. You, on your knees, you must first contemplate me and then, you will have to eat all my shit and clean the soles of my boots, with which the crush it. Come on, the next time you will have to eat the shit of my horse! Bon appetit toilette.

Young Piss Bdsm

Mistress Gaia – Aching Balls & Scat Lunch

You will kneel before me as I sit on my throne. I’m going to give you specific instructions as I prepare you. Firstly, it is important to understand how fortunate you are to be beneath me as I begin. You are allowed to take out you cock but don’t touch it without my permission. I will tease you and make you suffer until you are desperate to cum. I begin with a little striptease. As I remove my stockings, I can see in your eyes you would like to touch me. I continue until my beautiful body is naked. I am going to prepare a delicious lunch for you. So I piss in a bottle, and shit in your little lunchbox. However, as my slave your going to have to perform a task for me. You will get some cord and tie it tightly around you balls until they change colour, preferably purple. Then you will get a wooden spoon or similar, and beat you balls at least (forty times) until they ache. Only after that time, you may open your lunch box, and pee bottle. You now have my permission to cum. How fortunate a slave you are to have this experience with Mistress Gaia…

Scat Real Swallow – Lick My Ass Deep And Fast And Swallow All My Scat Bitch! By Nicole Bitencurt

Newest Scat Movie With Our Brandnew Domina Nicole Bitencurt. Very Good Movie In Scat With REAL Swallow All Scat By The Slave Girl!! The Slave Girls Has To Fuck Nicoles Asshole Very Fast And Real Deep With Her Thounge. REAL Fast And Deep. After Nicole Shit Direct Into The Mouth From Slave Girl And Show Her To Swallow All. Scat With Deepfeet, Fast And Deep Ashole Lick AND Much More In This Movie!!!

Mistress Gaia Pov Toilet Games

Mistress Gaia allows us to get the slave?s perspective…. down below, with our head in the toilet chair. Talking to us, telling us what we are, what we deserve. Telling us what we need, what she’s going to donate us… Today is ‘only’ a lot of golden shower. Tomorrow… maybe more (chocolate). To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also, visit my website Mistress Gaia.

Piss Small Tot Blonde

Mistress Gaia – Good Luck

My human toilet is very lucky, his Mistress is having lunch while he’s licking my boots, I’m so good that when I finished eating, even for him it’s time to eat, I will serve him a really fresh and fragrant lunch.

Billie’s 2nd Time’s A Charm! Sweet Relief!!

Billie had one helluva bootyfull struggle in this clip!! This is one from Halloween I forgot to share. Better late than never!!! Billie had a constipated morning. She tries to go when she first wakes up, enjoy as she farts and pisses a lot, but no relief. She Must have been eating rocks!! She comes back later in the day and finnally gets that sweet relief!! Watch up close as you can see her winking eye open and close as she pushes out the rocks. After the Rocks, man did she really let out some MONSTERS!!! Easily one of the Biggest Loads so far this year!!! Enjoy her sexy grunting and straining while also giving “plop by plop” commentary!! lol She even has to tell a girlfriend to go ahead without her as she drops this load!! She even talks about how her boyfriend and her girlfriend (yeah she has both!) are encouraging of her making clips for us all since she gets paid for it!! After watching this, you too will think it’s awesome!!! This is by far one of my favorite Billie Austin Clips!! Grunting, straining, tons of pissing, little plops, MONSTER plops, great commentary – you name it!!!

Training New Boyfriend To Eat Her Piss And Scat! – Full Movie

She has tons of other suitors, but she decided to choose this one guy. Why? Because he’s the only one willing to put up with her nasty shit, like eating her bodily fluids and waste. Now she trains him to do so, sitting on his face and feasting on what comes out from her. She pees into a bottle and makes him drink it. She shits on his face and scatters it all over his face. She makes him lick the remaining scat off her asshole.


Baby is loading pink tights with messy shit!

Jap Mistress Shit In Slave Mouth

Kara Lee In I Have A Pee Fetish – The Interview

Kara was over for the day and we started chatting with her…We find out she has a pee fetish…She loves all things about Pee! A couple questions later, we had her naked and drinking pee from a cock. Kara is a must see, pee lovers do not come any cuter!!!

Nasty Poo On The Floor!!!

Hi guys! I just woke up and had to poo bad!!! Didn’t have enough time to set up so it’s kind of an impromptu clip but Oh boy is it nasty!!! LOL I took a big ole nasty green and black shit and piss all over my floor. I was so desperate when it finally came out it felt sooo good! Anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 😉

Mistress Gaia – Humilation Under Sofa

Sitting on the sofa, at my feet I have this shit eater … Just waiting for his Mistress who dish him the meal … but something awaits him, my bitch will offer him a meal today!

Hit Gangbang Poop

Mistress Gaia – Teasing Treat

My slave has been waiting for me to arrive, he’s exiced to be with me and I know he enjoys eating my delicious shit. I sit on the bed and tease him for a while as I’m not quite ready to give him his treat. As he licks my shoes, I tell him that today he is going to enjoy his snack and must be patient. I then remove my jeans and sit over his face allowing him to smell my pussy as I continue to tease and taunt him. It’s time for his treat and I remove my panties and once again let him smell my scented and beautiful ass. I tell him to open his mouth to be ready to receive my delicious shit. As I relieve my shit into his mouth, my bitch has to make sure he chews and swallows all of it. I then sit on his face to give him a extra thrill, as he desperately tries to breathe while chewing on my delicious shit. He’s such a fortunate slut to enjoy a delicious teasing treat while under the beautiful ass of Mistress Gaia…

Good Epiphany By Mistress Giorgia

Mistress Giorgia to wish her devotees toilet slave the good witch decides to make this beautiful video.In this video the slave has to keep a bowl with some chocolates inside.The Mistress makes a plentiful pisser completely submerging the chocolates, then one by one obliges the slave to eat the chocolates impregnated with the Divine nectar.Always wonderful Mistress Giorgia

Press Review During Bowel Movements!

I came across an interesting newspaper in their hands also the best place for me to look at as you probably know is privy !!

I’ll Eat My Scat And Suck Your Shitty Cock

I am YOUR slave. I will serve my scat. I will eat my own scat. I will spread my scat all over your cock before taking your shit covered cock into my mouth. I will suck your cock and clean your cock clear of my shit. Once I have cleaned your cock, you will add more scat onto your hard cock and I will suck you and clean you time and time again until you are ready to finish!

Tera Joy Pissing Agian

Sweet Shit From Women’s Panties!

Sweet shit from women’s panties! Today I came from work early. Mrs Christina and Karina woke up recently and they didn’t hear me enter the apartment. Taking this opportunity, I decided to sneak up and watch the girls through the slightly open bedroom door. Mistresses do not allow me to touch them, and I can admire their bodies only with their permission. Each of girls has a boyfriend with whom she has sex. But I am not allowed to do this. I secretly, through the gap, admired their bodies, their breasts, their beautiful asses. I overheard their female talk. Suddenly, Mrs. Karina noticed me. And I was punished. The girls were waiting for me, because when they wake up, they always want to go to the toilet. This time I was eating their shit from their panties. I was taking it from the panties and was shoving it in my mouth. As always, it was amazing. I really like to eat shit of Christina and Karina, and I ate every single bit of it. This time Karina had a large amount, so she had to put the heap in her panties twice.

Mistress Gaia – Total Wc Training

This young slave is eager to become my personal toilet. So I decided to give him a chance and to train as a full toilet. For the first time he will have to drink all my divine nectar and eat my shit. To be the first time he really eats a lot ‘! I think the guy has a real talent as shit-eater!

The Poop Cage Head Out Part 4

Girls Uses Man

Anabelle Wants To Pee For You

Anabelle is a sweet cutie! She likes to play with guys and knows what she needs to do to make them horny. And she also knows that you like to watch young girls while they need to pee! She is a little bit shy but because of your fetish she still tries to pee right in front of you! She knows that your eyes are lying on her – especially her pussy of course! Then – slowly some drips of pee leave her pussy. From time to time a small ray leaves her pussy too – but you can easily see how shy she is, knowing that you watch her! Wow – that’s soo cute overall!

Spy Cemara Girls Bathroom Pissing With Pooping Ved

Mistress Gaia – Funnel Gold Pee

We know that My pee is something unique, for the first time this slave will taste my delicious champagne, of course accompanied with a little of My precious nectar…

Family S3cr3t (part 1)

“He shit on me. Right in my face. I got some in my mouth. I felt its taste. I really… really… liked it. I could not resist and ate a big piece of his shit.” In this part im eat shit and smear+play with shit!The second part will be epic dirty blowjob, a little bit fuck in the throat and big cum facial + play with sperm and shit. Check my store for updates and stay tuned!)))


Hot constipated shitting;)

Shitting While Standing

Imagine you’re lying on the ground, I stretch my asshole over you. Comes out a delicious chocolate sausage …. hmmm

Peeing Anal Prolapse


Do as me- poop- eat your turds- enjoy

Mistress Gaia – Feeds Her Slave

A video truly unique: without any fiction stage, I feed my slave with my warm shit. All true, authentic! And, finally, the slave will have to lick even the plate. For scenes of authentic coprophilia, the video is only recommended to lovers of the genre.

Abducted Girl Needs Help In Shitting!

She’s been in this place for days now and she has no idea where she is and who she is with. All she can remembers is being taken away from her car by an unknown guy, her eyes put in blindfolds, and her nose stuffed with a scent that made her sleep. She badly needs to shit but she couldn’t muster the guts to do it in front of her captor. He notices her uneasiness and tells her he will help her shit the best way he knows how. He makes her go on all fours and places a basin under her ass. He pulls down her panties and starts rubbing her anus. After a while, he inserts a finger and then two in her hole, loosening the muscles to help her shit. After 10 minutes, shit starts to pour out of her ass and right down into the basin.

Self Pissing Lesbian

Shitty White Panties

I just wanted to show you how messy my panties can get. I did such a big and messy shit that I ruined my white panties. It left my ass and pussy completely shit covered.

Scat Meeting With Old Man

Meeting with a dirty old man who wanted to play with a scat slut: He shit and piss in my mouth, I licked his shitty ass and put my tongue in his asshole, he spread shit on my body, my big tits, I suck his dick and his dirty feet and I poop and pee on him …

Mistress Gaia – Are You Ready To Eat My Shit?

After the ecstatic vision of my ass, you’ll eat all my shit. I’ll make a lot of shit! Then you’ll adore my dirty ass and contemplate all its splendor, and then you’ll lick it with your tongue to clean it up. It is not enough: you also will sniff and lick the toilet paper that I will use! Why waste so much wealth?

Sandra Pee 02

Two more hot outdoor pissing scenes with Sandra and her firend.Older clip, not the best video quality, but the lowest posible price!

Indian Girl Forcefully Punishing Cat Ing Face Shitti

Return In Home A Very Hard Toilet Session

Request: You are wearing the same sexy outfit you weared in “my filthy military boots” ( the red top, the tight leather leggings and the boots). It’s early morning, you had your birthday party at different place away from home it was a good evening but you didn’t had any minute for yourself enjoying your time with friends and now you finally come home with a strong need to pee with all the drink you had and you realize that you have also the big need of a, you go straight to the bathroom taking the daily newspaper with you while telling “OHHH I NEED TO SIT DOWN AND RELAX TOO SO I GONNA TAKE A SEAT HERE ON THE TOILET AND READ THE NEWS A BIT” as you taking down your legging and thongwith your ass facing the camera, struggling a bit to put it down because of your big ass and because it’s tight, you complain about it while doing it, slap your ass and Turn around and make yourself in position as you spread your buttcheeks apart as you going down on the seat…moaning and rolling your eyes in relief as your beautiful big butt touch the seat “ OHHH THANK GOD I SIT DOWN A BIT…WITH MY BIG ASS” you said as you readjust yourself a bit on the seat to be more comfy “HMMM HERE WE GO LET’S READ SOME NEWS A BIT WHILE RELAXING A BIT, I GONNA SITTING HERE FOR A WHILE” you tell as a big stream of pee comes out heavily as you are in heaven as it comes out “OOHH FUCK I NEED IT” you said as you are flipping the page of the newspaper looking for something interesting to read while you start to fart a bit and judging the look of relief you show on your face when those farts are coming out “OOH YEAH THOSE FARTS…FEEL SO GOOD…I’VE BEEN TRIED TO NOT FART AT THE EVENING…BUT SOMETIMES I COULDN’T HOLD IT AND SOME SILENT ONE COMES OUT FROM MY ASS…VERY SMELLY” you said taking a thinking face, wondering loud if some friends or people around smell it and thought it was you… “ ANYWAYS” you said as you go back to reading the news as you make some commentary about what you are reading in the news while start to push out the main event, who is gonna be big surely since you holding it all night “I THINK IT’S A BIG HARD ONE…WAS HOLDING IT SO LONG BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAD TIME TO GO TO THE TOILET…AND BESIDE I DIDN’T WANT TO USE THE PUBLIC BATHROOM FOR THIS…IT’S GONNA BE…BIG…….LONG……..FIRM…..AND SMELLY OF COURSE!!!!AND I GONNA ENJOY THE FEELING WHEN IT’S GONNA COME OUT” you commented as you make some grunt while you pushing as some few farts and more pee comes out telling you need to pee a lot because you drink a lot during the evening. Continue your reading while pushing as it coming out slowly, talking a bit about guys outside staring at you all night in your sexy outfit, have a nice sneak peek at your ass who fit perfectly in your pants, you know they love to stare at you so you played the game teasing them all that while they were ignoring you have a big cookie in your ass and all you wanted to do is to sit on your toilet to let it go “PFF STUPID MAN…THEY THINK THEY HAVE A CHANCE WITH ME…NOT INTERESTED…RIGHT NOW I WISH THEY ARE UNDER MY ASS NOW HAHA…I AM NOT SURE THEY WOULD LOVE IT ANYMORE” you say in despite as you pushing and moaning while reading an interesting article, it start to puking out from your ass and you strain to put it out until finally it comes out with a big splash and a big sigh of pleasure followed by others who splashed down heavily too “ OOOH FUCK YES FINALLY…FEEL SO GOOD…SO RELIEVING…IT’S ALMOST LIKE HAVING SEX” you said very relieved, like you are in heaven but you surely have more inside so you stay seated more time enjoying your time here and put off your boots because you gonna stay here a bit more so you want to be comfortable “AAHHH FEEL SO GOOD SITTING ON THE TOILET,RELAXING AND READING THE NEWS….COULD STAY HERE ALL DAY WITH MY BIG ASS ON THE TOILET.” You said as you push while reading and more comes out easily this time but it start to smell bad so you take a courtesy flush already hoping it would be better …you read a few more article while pushing more and peeing a bit more spreading a bit your legs apart until you are fed up to read so you take it away and stay seated a bit because you have more while thinking loud and talking about some things…at one point you even start to smell your boots wondering which one stinks the most…the boots or you ???some more comes out from your ass splashing down while you tell how much you love to, and loving when it’s comes out from your beautiful big ass…you stay seated as you put off completely your pants with some struggle so you can be more comfortable….you still have more inside but you still keep your thong at knee level…you have to stay seated more and push more and also need to remove your make up so you get up to retrieve the material to do this and plump your ass back down when you get it sighing in relief “ AHHH I SIT BACK DOWN…HERE WE GO AGAIN” you said as you start to remove your make up while crossing your legs slapping your butt as you fart and more…stay seated until you are finished with the removing….you think you have a bit more inside your ass so you spread your legs apart and lean forward and push while thinking about things a bit until it finally comes you are finished “ OOH FUCK ME THAT WAS SO GOOD TO …I HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL TIME” you exclaimed as you start to wipe, a lot of wiping judging the big you take…as you have finished your cleaning you get up flush put back your thong with a little slap on your butt and put back your pants too…leave when you have finished.

Mistress Gaia – Last Chance

Today my new toilet slave will have to undergo the final test: if he passes, next time, he will have the privilege to finally serve me as a full toilet, that means receiving all my gift directly in his mouth and eat them all; if he fails, he won’t have a second chance, I will dismiss him from my harem!!! I have tied him to the chair, so that he cannot move, and I have tied a rope to his balls, just in case he needs a stimulus. I prepare his meal: a plate full of my delicious shit and a jug of my precious piss. Then I start spoon feeding him. The first piece is not too big, just to let him get accustomed to the taste, the following ones are bigger and bigger. He is not very fast to chew and swallow and sometimes I need to pull the rope and pinch his sensitive nipples but, spoonful after spoonful, all the shit goes into his mouth and down his stomach; in between, I give him a couple of glasses to my golden nectar. At the end, I am satisfied, he still needs to improve, of course, but he passed the test. Next time, his place will be under my toilet chair, with his mouth open, ready to receive and eat all his Mistress’ precious gifts!!!!P.S. This clip shows a slave eating and drinking real shit and piss. Therefore, is not recommended for people who are not into this kind of stuff.


Baby is spreading her hole wide farting and making her hole dirty;)