Eat My Shit! Bitch!

And the next shit-toilet slave serving me like a living toilet. The slave was ready, his mouth wide open, lying on the floor. That he had everything that was in his mouth, and he could see my horny ass as he sang. What the slave did not know was that I had diarrhea. And that’s why I snatched from him a real huge Shit-Storm in my mouth. Beautifully soft, I pushed him a huge diaper bandage into his toilet.

Eat My Shit! Bitch!

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Piss Peeing Indian American

Mistress Gaia – Dirty Feet And Ass

Today, both my feet and my sublime divine ass are really dirty. You know what that means, don’t you slave? You know perfectly well that you need to perfectly clean them … and woe to you if you mess up. Get to work, worm!

Diarrhea In Your Mouth

My toilet slave loves to swallow my diarrhea. Open your mouth wide, and is filled with liquid by my shit. Just quickly should swallow diarrhea and licking my dirty ass. Remember that you are my toilet and be ready to eat when I want to shit. Now lick it from the floor, and kiss shoes of Mistress Nikole, stupid dirty slut. Are you ready to swallow more shit? For me it does not matter. You’re just going to follow my whims. A lot of shit from big ass of Mistress Nikole. Ha-ha!

Dirty Suck

I am sucking a cock full of shit.

Filthy Scat Threesome. Part 4

Introducing: Matilda and Leona.Well while Matilda and Leona were maing their lesbian session – suddenly husband of Matilda returned home, and what he saw was highly unexpected for him, mSo he didn’t find anyting better that simply to join the party.As the result there happened very filthy scat threesome full of scat vomit, pee, shitty sex of all kinds and lesbian action.Well, this is the firts our video with threesome, new level of our videos and we hope you will have joy from watching it.Peace and Love.

Gay Cat Eat Boy Shit

Introducing Willow Snows

Big booty pawg and scat new commer Willow Snows drops 2 loads of her morning coffee turds into her toilet leaving a nice stinky, stained mess. You can follow her on Twitter @WillowSnows

Shit Directly In The Mouth

Today I will be shit in your nasty mouth, toilet slave. Open your mouth and swallow long stinking turd. I know that you like the humiliation from Mistress Nikole. You will carry out my every whim, only when I want to shit.

Shart Injections

He wanted to get off but I was tired and didn’t feel good, he should respect that right? No. he kept bugging me for sex. Not fucking happening. Alright dude if you can get off by me just sitting on your face I’ll let you cum.. He accepted. Not remembering the awful diarrhea and stomach flu I’ve been hit by the last 48 hours haha, I sit full weight on his face and pour numerous farts… At least I think you could kind of call them that.. Straight into his nose like a pressure funnel while barely letting up for him to breathe even, I didn’t want that mess going anywhere but into his nose. You wanted to cum right, come on, hurry the fuck up, I’m sure your nose is on fire by now.——- Sharts were shot directly into his nose so effectively that it doesn’t get visibly dirty, but the sound from the pure liquid fart blasts will blow your mind.

Creampie Perverse

After it has completely eingesaut me with his pee, he wanted me still to fuck doggy style. Directly on the spot in the bathroom. Total wet and pissed he takes me and pushes me his huge cock in the wet slap cunt. And then the unthinkable happened; He pauses and pisses at me to fuck right in the pussy …. Geil I come here to orgasm and he sprayed on top of that his fat cum load in my pussy. God what a fuck!

Consitpted Shitting

Mistress Gaia – Cordon Bleu Scat

So you don’t want to eat my shit raw. That’s ok… I’m going to arrange a little treat for some of you.I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Firstly though, I have to make sure you have that thing in you hand, YES your cock. Pay attention, as I’m going to prepare this little treat from the very beginning. As I remove my clothes, I’m sure you’ll antisipate what’s cum-ming. I have a very nice new pan that I’m going to use to shit in. Don’t worry, It’s clean. I will then place it on my cooker and slowly allow it to cook. 5 minutes should be enough. There we have it, your original Courden Bleu shit by Goddess Mistress Gaia. Maybe some ORANGE JUICE to wash it down. Enjoy!!

Lots Of Poop Ahead Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Pov Faceshitting

Mistress Nikole shitting into the toilet slave’s mouth in yellow panties. Lick mistress ass, suck and swallow fresh SHIT!

Come Out You Big Thick Sausage

Wow,this is a very very big,long and thick sausage…..You can see near my rosette and my pussy!! The asshole opening slowly and i must so long press bevore the Sausage comes….ah,this is hard work for my little rosette!! I give my Dildo deep in the asshole,i Love this feeling!! Come and lick the smeary Dildo and my rosette clean slave!!

Mom Daughter Piss Cat

Mistress Anita – Toilet Ass Fucking And Cumming

Goddess Anita doing another movie for her fans. She use her toilet slave for a good dildo fucking. She destroy his anal sphincter with her huge toys. She allowed her toilet to cumm only after he drink all her pee !!

Tasty Breakfast From Mistress Nikole

Hello, my dear stupid slave. Today, I’ll make your breakfast from my shit. Long sticky sausage comes out of my big dirty ass. Look how much shit in my ass, you must eat all what I have prepared for you. Just swallow my long shit and drink my peeing. I know you like that. You fucking loser.

Shat Thickness Ball Sausage In The 6th Month

With a big belly you shits nice thick, hard sausages. This one was only two days in me and yet it has become really hard and horny !!

Toilet Slave And The Duct Tape Trick Part 4

Diana had a new Strategy to make the Slave swallow it all. After the Girl pooped into his Mouth, the Girl left the Toilet behind and Diana enclosed the Slaves Mouth with Duct Tape and whipped his Butt until he swallowed all. Part 4 Michelle. English Subtitles

Girl Shit In The Street

On The Toilet

Watch me pee. I pissed over my balls. Then I was really horny. I massaged my wet eggs and cock. then he became really hard, when I licked my wet fingers. horny greetings casi

Diarrhea From Mistress Nikole

In this video i am preparing an fresh breakfast for my toilet slave. I had a diarrhea, and my slave loves to eat it.

Matilda’s Total Shitty Massacre – Alternative Camera Footage (+parents Phone Call)

This is footage from second camera, for the first half of original video, footage for second part is lost. Sound misses during one last minute.Well, Hello people. Week passed after my last scat experience, and my GF made a renovation in her bathtub, so my first wish was to shit it all over completely.And this task was successfully made.With the time passing I notice that I become more and more open in from of the camera, and on this video I felt totally relaxed and everything passed in the way I wanted this.I was shitting and shitting, again and again, than made enema and again shitting. there were enough shit to cover me completely twice. So, watch yourself.Also, pay attention to the video of my friend Amira. is her first experience on camera and she needs your support. Believe me, support her now and you will not regret in future about coming releases and pervert content you have seen what your support made to me. So, do not be shy and give some of your attention to her.Kisses. Matilda

Poop Wont Flush

A Double Shit For The Tv Bitch

My TV slut Monik is an insatiable gulp pig. Convince yourselves. Without even gagging, she swallows directly from the source of the shit, which my friend Contessa Calucci and I donate her. And that she willingly and gladly takes on the pee for rinsing is a matter of course for her. That’s how I like my toilets.

Else First Time

Girl Uses Man

Morning Breakfast Of My Shit

Fresh breakfast today I had prepared for my toilet slave. With great pleasure he opens throat and I shit inside. I fill his mouth with my shit. Now lick clean my ass. It should be clean, try slave to earn the respect of Mistress Nikole. It was a great breakfast for you.

Gay Scat Shit Fisting

New!2018-09-21 Princess Mia

2 video.1.Mistress MiaTwo video 1.Toilet Slavery, Scat, Lick Ass, Lick pussy, Smearing After a long absence, Miya returns again! The slave misses his Mistress very much! Did you miss me? You want to look at the elastic and succulent forms of the dear Lady. Then get it! She is ready to show how it is, to truly be Mistress. Carrot and stick! She and tortures the slave and gives pleasure, allowing him to feel on his face a dirty and sweet ass. Miya has fun with the slave, she is played with a slave. The slave was so bored that he almost ate all the shit and licked her ass. Her chocolate is delicious! Take a look yourself! 2.Mistress Mia takes a dump in her slave’s mouth. Every day Mia uses the mouth of her slave as a toilet. The full mouth and the face filled with chocolate shit.2.Mistress Mia Toilet Slavery, Scat, Lick Ass,Facesitting

Mistress Nikole – Time Of Shit – Hd Version

When I want to shit, I usually use my toilet slave. He is always ready to be my toilet and likes to lick my asshole. For the present slave licked my butt, I had a lot of shit. Then he opened mouth so wide and swallowed my tasty shit. Now my slave it’s a full toilet. Toilet full of my shit. I fill up your mouth again and again, my stupid slut.

Mistress Gaia – Blue Skirt

CUSTOM REQUEST. ‘Pretend you tricked me to your house after having persuaded me, then having drugged me and then chained me in the basement while I was unconscious.Enter walking towards me and laughing, explain to me what happened, and say that Your intention has always been to turn me in your toilet; then proceed to turn around to use me; get up the skirt, piss in my mouth and then shit in my mouth; all the time, continue to insult and humiliate me, laughing at me and degrading me; I beg you to be very offensive and cruel … let me feel like I’m just an object, Your property and that You have decided to turn me into a woman toilet against my will …. tell me you’re filming everything and that you will use the video to blackmail me, and you’re going to let me use also from Your friends ….. add any other idea or something else that it can further humiliate me and finish putting back your beautiful skirt after you have finished to use me and saying that you will return soon to use me again ‘

Pee In Bottle

It was not until I pee in a bottle and then through a funnel into the bottle

Slave Eats Mistress Vomitting

Too Big Shit For Your Mouth

My happy eastern video is here 🙂 Pussy and feet licking and Very very big shit again 🙂

Goddes Emily Shit In The Mouth

I decided to play with my toilet again. I torture and smother my toilet slave. Then I put the shoes on his face and make him to smell delicious aroma of my legs. Toilet slave was very hungry and wanted that I’m feed him with my delicious shit. He was laying on the floor and I am sitting on the toilet over his face. I shit a monster load directly into slave mouth. He must to swallow it, but it is too much for him. I smeared the rest of my shit on his face and spat in his mouth.

Mistress Nikole – Shitting Ass – Hd Version

Today I was shitting on the floor. You will see from different angles and close as shit will come from my ass hole. It’s so big sticky turd from my ass. That’s your dinner, my dear slave. Enjoy with my shit.

Pooping While Orgasm

Cute Shit Teen

Hey baby, do you like my tight teenasshole and the shit in it? Then look at this clip. I fuck my ass with finger and dildo. Pee in 2 glasses and shit on a plate. The shit look like creamy mousse au chocolat. I drin kthe 2 glasses of urine for you.

Shit Show In The A Pile Of Of Pantyhose

I took from a drawer a lot of pantyhose to satisfy his lust after a combination of shit and tights.It’s my weakness and I really am ashamed for it, but there’s nothing to do, I have it…Of course the shit in his mouth and chewed and dirty masturbation. Shit is my passion..

Diarrhea In Your Mouth – Hd Version

My toilet slave loves to swallow my diarrhea. Open your mouth wide, and is filled with liquid by my shit. Just quickly should swallow diarrhea and licking my dirty ass. Remember that you are my toilet and be ready to eat when I want to shit. Now lick it from the floor, and kiss shoes of Mistress Nikole, stupid dirty slut. Are you ready to swallow more shit? For me it does not matter. You’re just going to follow my whims. A lot of shit from big ass of Mistress Nikole. Ha-ha!