Mistress Roberta – Pantyhose Shit Cock To Suck

This morning my slave will receive a nice toy to play with because today i am using him as my help to hold the stocking where i will shit in after i pee on his body and i will give him to suck the shit cock i just made from the poop in the stocking and have fun on my pot’s expence while he sucks my shit and chew on it take it deep in his troat, and after i put the whole stocking on his head to have it permanent inside his mouth and take ca cane and play some more with my slave, enjoy!

Mistress Roberta - Pantyhose Shit Cock To Suck

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Mistress Roberta – Huge Meal For My Pot Part1

Today my pot is going to be well fed but before i play a bit with his nipple and hurt a bit his chastity cock after i fart and shit in his mouth pee on his face and after i finish shitting i take a latex glove and i spread the shit is on the floor on his chest smearing him half in poop, and i order him to eat the shit in his mouth while i watch him .

Mistress Roberta - Huge Meal For My Pot Part1

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Mistress Roberta – Socks, Shit And Enema For My Pot – Part 2

I start to pee on his chest and after i poop in his mouth but the shit is so strong it wont come out on his own so i go to the bathroom to put some water in my ass to clean it well on my pot after i finish cleaning my ass i take all the shit pieces and the wipeing paper and the sock cand shove them in his mouth and order to him to eat all and give him the latex glove i used to stroke his cock while eating, enjoy.

Mistress Roberta - Socks, Shit And Enema For My Pot - Part  2

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Mistress Roberta – Pantyhose Shit Cock To Suck Full

Today my pot will pass tough many new things for him because today will start as always to kiss my feet and while he hopes to kiss my ass i start to hit his head with my ass from all the positions and he barely can kiss my ass but i am having fun on his expence and while i give him some brakes he gets to have his nipple tortured and his cock and balls of course this before getting the golden shower and and after i choose to shit in one pantyhose so he can suck the shit out of it and in the end i put the stocking on his head so he cannot take the shit out, enjoy!

Mistress Roberta - Pantyhose Shit Cock To Suck Full

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Mistress Roberta – Armpits And Foot Cleaning Before Feeding

Today my slave will get a new task before eating his meal he haves to lick clean my hairy, sweaty armpits, clean my toes and soles of my smelly feet eat a bit of my hair and after that i pee, shit in my hand and shove the poop in his mouth so he can eat and i do some more and also put it in his mouth with the gloves and all the rests so he can eat them all, enjoy.

Mistress Roberta - Armpits And Foot Cleaning Before Feeding

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Pantie Pooper

Shit In Rubber Boots

I’ve just gotten up urgently, so I have to come up with an idea quickly because I can barely hold it. So I take my wellies put me the camera quickly and shit off

Shitting And Pissing On The Table

Shitting and Pissing on the table

Mistress Roberta -your Today’s Tasty Breakfast-pov

Your today tasty breakfast my toilet slave is done an new chair and you will see a great poop soft and hard in the same time creamy and tasty looking and after you lick my ass hole clean you will get an total view of the shit with a piece of pussy juice on top just like the cherry on the cake.

Ging Bang Shit Sex

Eating Enormous Diarrhea From Mistress Roberta

Mistress Roberta is back to work again after 2 fre weeks. For today she was dressed in a seethrough catsuit and she expecting again total obedience from her toilet boy. She feel a huge Diarrhea inside her bowels and until she will delivering daily meal, she use her toilet mouth for cleaning and licking her legs and hose !! Her toilet worshipping her legs and asshole. She escape a few farts just right on his nose and mouth. Then she order her toilet slave to stay under her toilet chair and keep his mouth wide open for a huge portion of diarrhea !! She relaxing and relieve a big diarrhea into his face and throat. She humiliate him and pushing a dildo inside his mouth to helping him to swallow her stinky diarrhea. Another diarrhea game prepared by Mistress Roberta !! Next time maybe Goddess Roberta will invite another Goddess to play in 3 !!!

Nasty Neighbors, Along With Girlfriend, Pissing In The Pond !!!

Here I pee with a girlfriend, my Nasty neighbor in the pond! While we pissed in the pond, are behind us, drove cars on the street over. In the video you can see how much fun we had here …

Balls Of Poop

ball after balls of shit falls till it all covers his face