Sweetheart Victimized: Pussy Eating, Feces Smearing, And Cum Swallowing! – Full Movie

During a night of heavy raining, a man receives a knock on his door. It is a lady who is stranded and needs a place to stay. Without hesitation, he lets her in, prepares her a meal, and even has her stay for the night! However, he isn’t doing this out of pure kindness, instead, he has something in mind for the unsuspecting sweetheart! While she is in the middle of taking a bath, he feasts on her used underwear by sniffing it and burying his face all over them! Eventually, as soon as she is asleep, he ties her hands and blindfolds her eyes! He then takes off her lower garment and begins dragging his face all over her legs and crotch! By the time he starts wanting more, he removes her panties and pleasures her using both his fingers and mouth! Because of this, it doesn’t take long before the lady wakes up and tries to resist, but there is nothing that she can do! By the time the culprit gets bored, he unties the sweetheart and has her defecate on the bed! He then smears it all over his face, as well as on hers, before bending her over and licking her asshole clean! Eventually, he performs his finale which is having her suck and stroke his cock until he reaches orgasm! To make things worse, he shoots his load inside her mouth, leaving her with no choice but to swallow!

Sweetheart Victimized:  Pussy Eating, Feces Smearing, And Cum Swallowing! - Full Movie

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We Want To Shit. Prepare Your Mouth!

We want to shit. Prepare your mouth! Very warm and cozy video, shot in a Japanese sauna. Girls not only use the mouth of a slave for their smelly crap, but also sit on it while feeding. First, the girls relax a little, drink and bask in the sauna. Girls in turn, without removing panties, sit on the face of a slave and try to fart, the slave should feel a slight smell of food and begin to experience hunger. Girls should not experience discomfort – a slave must be hungry and must swallow anything that comes out of girls’ asses and do it quickly! A slave should not start eating and must wait for the girl to allow him to eat, before that he can only feel the taste and smell of shit, but he is not allowed to swallow.

We Want To Shit. Prepare Your Mouth!

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Princess Mia

1.Princess Mia ScatSmearing2.Pure Female Supremacy! Lady Mia is a breathtaking beautiful BarbieFavorite video!My beloved Mistress!MIA:*Breathtaking beauty Mia is one of the brattiest Ladies and she loves the femdom play! She is just 19 years old and she already has older financial slaves that she dominates them and humiliates them with joy.Princess Mia invites you to enjoy her sweet and delicious chocolates and the most delicate legs! Mia is the sexiest woman! She came after school and decided to have fun. First, Mistress pisses straight into her panties. Then she takes them off, sits down on a special chair and shits right into your mouth! She does it with pleasure. Then starts playing with her chocolate feet. She smiles sweetly, tramples on them, laughs, and also removes dirty socks and makes you lick her legs!3.Scat smearing Smile In this video you can see how i take all shit on dildo and fuck ass

Princess Mia

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Two Mistress Shit On The Slave

We came after a party with my girlfriend to my house. We were a little drunk and were given lesbian caresses. She licked my pussy and kissed my lips. Near on the floor was a toilet slave. I took off my panties and pushed them into his mouth. I spit in his mouth and he sucked my shoes and heels. He opened his mouth wider and I shit on his face. I pushed into his mouth the remnants of half-eaten shit. You are my toilet, and you must always be ready to eat my shit, stupid scum.

Two Mistress Shit On The Slave

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The Most Smelly Work In The World!

The most smelly work in the world! This video we made at the request of one of the users – in his idea the slave swallowed the shit in small portions and only then he received the next portion of female shit. In order not to stain the girl’s panties, the slave had to wash her face after each girl.P.S. We decided to do a little experiment and see how the girls will react if the toilet slave will sit and smoke wipe – how Yana reacted!

The Most Smelly Work In The World!

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Intruder Fed Pussy And Showered In Piss! – Full Movie

This woman is just inside her bedroom when an intruder came inside in the middle of the night and tried to take advantage of her! Luckily, she is a dominatrix and she knows how to handle these kinds of situations! Without much effort, she is able to turn the favor around! She lays the guy on the bed and then pins him down by sitting on his face! She smothers him with both her crotch and asshole before pulling her panties aside and pissing on him! She later puts him on a seated position and then further showers him with her urine! When she couldn’t release anymore, she throws him on the floor and then sits on his face again! Shortly after, without getting up, she puts him in a position in such a way that she can suck his dick! When she is confident that he is about to reach orgasm, she settles with a handjob until he releases his load! She makes sure to spread his load all over his body! Leaving him wet from both piss and cum!

Intruder Fed Pussy And Showered In Piss! - Full Movie

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Pooping Culotte Accident

Diarrhea On The Floor!

This girl is on her way to work after eating a huge breakfast at home. As she was walking along the street, her stomach starts to rumble and make growling sounds of impending doom. Clutching her tummy, she desperately runs to the nearest public restroom in dire need of shitting. Once inside, she pulls down her panties but it’s already too late – her panties are already covered in wet shit! She sits on the floor and diarrhea spurts out heavily from her asshole, scattering all over the floor!

Peeing On Her Ass And Pussy

Peeing on her ass and pussy (JJ000434)

In Sneakers Shitting-rosette Very Open

You Love my in my rosa Sneakers,i make i little Striptease,then i sit on the chair and you see my rosette and ass very very good…..the rosette open too much and the shit coming,you can see inside the rosette!!!ah come lick my Sneackers clean!!

P – Mw – Toilet Stool – Drink All My Pee – 03 – B – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 6:43. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all pee from VERONICA.

Slut Shitting Anal

Shit From Ass6

I’m starting to shit. I’m completely naked. I smear shit on my body. I caress my pussy with shit. my ass is all in shit

Scat Soap Massage In Japan 2-2

It is popular that special service with mixes pook on Japanese style soap body massage.

Pleated Skirt Logs

Before I headed out to the store, I felt an urgent need to poo… thankfully i wasn’t wearing panties so i could just drop some toilet paper on the ground, squat, and take my dump! I wink my asshole afterwards and show off my log 🙂

Cicciolina Porn Piss

Panty Candy Shit Dirty Playing

Hi) This time I prepared for you something special, really special) How about seeing how to crap in panties, and then play with a lollipop in my ass? If you’re a good boy and do not tell anyone what we’re doing, I’ll even give you a taste of my candy) Also showing my sweet boobs, and of course my dirty ass) The great loud sound of my defecation, a ton of fresh creamy shit, and not children’s action!) Do not miss one of the hottest videos of this year, it will surprise you!) *and of course you may buy my dirty pants from any videos, and any conditions just write me)


New awesome special video, with me and my half shit covered hot body!)In that video i be your personal witch for that halloween nights)) See how i shit big portion of tasty lite-creame and smearing that crap on body, also included pissing, toes sucking and hot masturbation) Stay tuned and check my store for updates)

You My Personal Wc

Oh you’re my asshole now savor this video picturing being in awe beneath me while I piss and shit in his mouth …. Hmmmm look how beautiful this Goddess of the toilet open his little mouth here going down a river and then scat pee for you ….. sublime ooooh

The Poop Barril Part 2

Girls uses Man

Hit Gangbang Poop

Mistress Gaia – Teasing Treat

My slave has been waiting for me to arrive, he’s exiced to be with me and I know he enjoys eating my delicious shit. I sit on the bed and tease him for a while as I’m not quite ready to give him his treat. As he licks my shoes, I tell him that today he is going to enjoy his snack and must be patient. I then remove my jeans and sit over his face allowing him to smell my pussy as I continue to tease and taunt him. It’s time for his treat and I remove my panties and once again let him smell my scented and beautiful ass. I tell him to open his mouth to be ready to receive my delicious shit. As I relieve my shit into his mouth, my bitch has to make sure he chews and swallows all of it. I then sit on his face to give him a extra thrill, as he desperately tries to breathe while chewing on my delicious shit. He’s such a fortunate slut to enjoy a delicious teasing treat while under the beautiful ass of Mistress Gaia…

Good Epiphany By Mistress Giorgia

Mistress Giorgia to wish her devotees toilet slave the good witch decides to make this beautiful video.In this video the slave has to keep a bowl with some chocolates inside.The Mistress makes a plentiful pisser completely submerging the chocolates, then one by one obliges the slave to eat the chocolates impregnated with the Divine nectar.Always wonderful Mistress Giorgia

Press Review During Bowel Movements!

I came across an interesting newspaper in their hands also the best place for me to look at as you probably know is privy !!

I’ll Eat My Scat And Suck Your Shitty Cock

I am YOUR slave. I will serve my scat. I will eat my own scat. I will spread my scat all over your cock before taking your shit covered cock into my mouth. I will suck your cock and clean your cock clear of my shit. Once I have cleaned your cock, you will add more scat onto your hard cock and I will suck you and clean you time and time again until you are ready to finish!