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Hi) This time I prepared for you something special, really special) How about seeing how to crap in panties, and then play with a lollipop in my ass? If you’re a good boy and do not tell anyone what we’re doing, I’ll even give you a taste of my candy) Also showing my sweet boobs, and of course my dirty ass) The great loud sound of my defecation, a ton of fresh creamy shit, and not children’s action!) Do not miss one of the hottest videos of this year, it will surprise you!) *and of course you may buy my dirty pants from any videos, and any conditions just write me)


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Oh you’re my asshole now savor this video picturing being in awe beneath me while I piss and shit in his mouth …. Hmmmm look how beautiful this Goddess of the toilet open his little mouth here going down a river and then scat pee for you ….. sublime ooooh

The Poop Barril Part 2

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Shit Oozing In Panties, Smearing It Around

I’ve shit in these panties and it oozes out of the sides. I pick up the shit and shove it into the back of my panties to make sure they’re full. It smears around my ass and hands and I show you my dirty body and the filled, overflowing little piece of lingerie. I love these panties so much. They’re dark and sexy and the fabric is silky smooth and thin, with a really pretty lace border and two little tiny bows on the front of my hips. I sell lots of panties, either scented from my pussy and full of my creamy juices, or sometimes also with skidmarks of full of a hot load of shit. I love doing it because it makes me feel sexy and powerful and I get to go out and buy more sexy lingerie with the money I make and think about what dirty boys will be sniffing them in the future. This pair I’ve had the longest out of my collection. That means I liked them too much to part with them, but today they’ve earned their send off. Someone was very lucky to get to eat from and smell this sexy pair and they’ll have them forever. Will you be getting the next pair? How will you like them?

Maki Big Pile

Creating a big steamy pile on the floor!

Filthy, Sexy, Unimaginable. Part 2

in video there are no censorship. Hello Everybody. ok, let me be humble on this one. In my humble opinion this is the best video we have ever filmed, we have almost reached the perfection. ok, dry numbers. 72 minutes full of action. Any kind of perversions you can possibly imagine, and full scat sex, here is what expects you here. We begin from piss session, than we go to vomit, thant we shit like crazy, smear, having all kind of pervert fucking, shitting time to time, end our video with cumming and than have piss session again. And all this goes like instant 72 minutes action. This video is proudly presented in full HD and due to site size restrictions it is separated on several parts. Love and Peace. Matilda

Diarheea In Pink Pantyhose Then Godess Tryin’ To Painting On Carpet With Diarheea

Godess love to feel her shitty diarheea on her skin, and she does it again in her pink pantyhose. On the floor her diarheea will be perfect for paiting and writing messsages for her obedient slaves !!

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The Best Scat Moment Of Elena!

1.Scat.Foot fetish.Smearing 2.Scat. Toilet slavery. Ass Licking. 3. Panty poop. Ass eating. Elena feeds the slave with her shit.

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Come and grab your cock out so I can spoil him up nicely after I get my fresh shit with your sperm in my face.

Happy Blonde Slave Cums While Her Mistress Shits On Her Face

Happy blonde slave cums while her mistress shits on her face

Punishing By Eating Her Shit


Oxana is hot messy pooping in sexy tights yellow pantyhose !

Spycam At The Toilet Captures Girls Shitting!

Unknown to the girls, this public restroom is equipped with a spycam. Positioned right near the toilet bowl, it takes a video of everyone who goes there and takes a dump. You can see cute little asses squating on the floor and ejecting all sorts of shit on it. You see them wiping themselves and standing up to go out and continue their daily errands.

Pooping Our Panties Together

Jessy opens the door.Last night she was on a date wth her ‘daddy’. ‘Wow,good morning you are wearing the same dress from last night!What hapened?’ ‘I hate last night,I hate this guy,I hate everything about it!’..’Calm down honey,tell me everything’ when her unbelievable story begins.I don’t have a word to say.She jumps from the bed,starts taking off her dress when she says’Do you know what’I wanna destroy this dress!Because of last night’ I know what she means.’Jessy,Jessy wait meee! Let’s do it together pleaseee’ Standing close to each other,on her white dress while we push the poop together.We are pooping at the same time,filling our white panties.There is no such feeling!Admiring the smell,playing with each other hot bodies and smashing the poop from our panties on her white dress… breathtaking!!!!!!!!

Scattie’s Enema

So, I had my first experience with scat (see ‘first experience’), but for me it wasn’t enough. I saw some clip with enema, and decided to do it myself. I didn’t really enjoy the water flowing in my bowels, but I purged with pleasure. The most exciting thing was the water pouring out of my ass hole. It was like a fountain, so I was human fountain. And this smell hmmmm…

Big Piss And Acomoasi

New Princess Mia. Pov Toilet Slavery

2 video.1.New Princess Mia. POV Toilet Slavery2.Mistress Mia Toilet Slavery, Scat, Lick Ass,Facesitting


Nasty peeing,pooping and cumming for your dinner baby in sexy dress and heels!

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Fat Girl With Big Ass Shit In Pantyhose, Takes Them And Walks Heels All The Shit

Fat girl with big ass shit in pantyhose, takes them and walks heels all the shit.


Victoria is running hot shit in the yellow jeans!

Kinky Fat Dude And His Lovely Scat Sluts In The Bathroom

Kinky fat dude and his lovely scat sluts in the bathroom

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Mix Compilation Nr 37


New Meal For My Toilet Slaves

Godess prepare in this weekend a new meal for her toilets. She expulse a big shit into a bowl then she call her toilets for a nice meal. Check also our other stores for new full toilet movies : TOILETSLAVEANDDOMMES (A NEW MIX COMPILATION NR 15) and EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS (SOON HERE YOU CAN BUY MIX compilation nr 16,17 and 18 and a UNIQUE CLIP WITH GODESS EZADA FEEDING HER SLAVE !!!). new on 23 august 2016 !! NEW MOVIE IN OUR OTHER STORE EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS : GODESS EZADA AND HER FULL TOILET SLAVE EATING ALL HER SHIT !!! Check the store and buy the only one scat movie with Godess Ezada in action !!!

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vomit, shit, piss pantyhose and that’s what leads me to orgasm

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Delivery Of Food For The Toilet Slave

It was Monday night. Alina wrote me a message that she wants to shit. I was delighted, because this time I promised myself that I would swallow the whole bunch of shit that Alina would bring to me in her ass. When Alina left I fully felt the taste and smell of her shit.

Super Sweet Shitting Madonna In Italy..

JUst turned 19, and very hot and scat kinky…She works in a Hotel in Torino…..

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you will see that I really like shit

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2 Incredibly Sweet Girls Poooooop!!!!

Double feature 20 minutes – Watch those beauties pushing out their turds!!!!!…

Mob Boss Loves Shitting And Pretty Girls! – Part 2

He grabs the second girl and makes her suck his cock. He face fucks the girl roughly, making her feel like the whore that she is.

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First timer Mistress Missy uses good friends Mistress Rayvens toilet boy for her shit debut. She verbally humiliates this worthless toilet and drops a big nasty shit dump on him. More to come from this new shit goddess. She is available for sessions @