Eat Our Cornea Slave Cunt Scatpart P1

Humiliated and prepared is the slaves pussy ready to further be whipped and kicked. Today, the slave may also taste the earwax from the Scatqueens and of course the spit. Then Lady Kimi has to shit and piss. She pees through a funnel a fat load in his mouth and then fills the gap with a huge soft pile of shit a la Kimi. So delicious for toilet slaves.

Eat Our Cornea Slave Cunt Scatpart P1

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Caviar Served Ice Cold

There is nothing nice in hot weather than cool ice. And for my slave there is even a very special ice cream: the frozen caviar of his mistress. The divine caviar melts tenderly at the touch of the lips of the slave. What a pleasure !!! The slave can not get enough of it and greedily licks the frozen pile of shit his mistress away. That’s how it is!

Caviar Served Ice Cold

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Goddess Bella & Mistress Kimbra 2

Goddess Bella and her girlfriend Mistress Kimbra have some fun with there tranny toilet slave Sandy.They smother there slave, rubbing there arse’s over Sandy’s face, with Goddess Bella laughing as she let’s out several stinking farts directly into the sissy sluts mouth.Bella takes a long piss into Sandy’s mouth, then they both take a big shit over Sandy, making the filthy pig suck and eat all there turds, the sissy slut is badly degraded, smeared in piles of shit, with stinking turds filling it’s toilet bowl mouth, Bella and Kimbra laugh and verbally abuse the slut as they watch the whore smeared in there shit. There toilet slut also takes a big shit onto a paper plate !! disgusting pig !!

Goddess Bella & Mistress Kimbra  2

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Toilet Slave In The Classroom

Miss Cherie used during the break a living toilet, that was locked up in the girls’ school in the classroom. She comes with a full bladder into the room and pisses the slaves a huge load into his mouth. Two hours later she must relieve herself again, she pisses him again in his mouth, this time this is not all, however… The slave gets now even a fat pile of shit in his mouth. Cherie is satisfied and then pays for cleanliness, with strict commands and painful action she conducts her living toilet, which now has to lick all the rest from the ground.

Toilet Slave In The Classroom

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Black Mistress Toilet Slave 5

Sexy & Perverted Black Mistress Onyx in some very extreme and bizarre scenes degrading her sissy tranny toilet slave. The sexy Black Mistress is nude apart from her panties and she has invited a filthy wino to come over to her place, and degrade her tranny toilet pig, the wino pulls out his cock and starts pissing all over the tranny whores bald head !!Getting ready to be used as a toilet, the depraved pig, lays on it’s back masturbating itself with excitement, as the sexy Black Mistress watches the slut laughing as the tranny pisses over itself !! with some verbal abuse the sexy and perverted Black Mistress says it’s her turn and proceeds to piss into her toilet pigs mouth, ordering her toilet slave to drink up all her hot piss.Removing her panties and totally nude, she squats over her toilet pig and shits into the sluts mouth who then sucks and eats the turds !! The Mistress gets piles of her shit, smearing it over her sissy sluts face and body, and watches the filthy pig rub piles of her shit over it’s disgusting body, the last part of this clip is even more depraved as her tranny toilet slave is covered in piles of shit and manure and rotting garbage !!There is also a bonus slow motion clip of the sexy Black Mistress pissing and shitting into her toilet pigs mouth !!

Black Mistress Toilet Slave  5

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