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Scat goddess Madame Du shows off her perfect big ass for you to see then drops her signature chocolate turds into the toilet. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter @Ms_Du_B. You can now get Madame Du Bs delicious chocolate treats sent to you for your eating enjoyment.

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Oops! Pissed In Jeans!

Taissia sits in her kitchen and drinks her tasty tea. She LOVES tea! She already drunk some cups of tea today but she still wants to drink more – it tastes soo good! But there is one small problem: She has to pee very urgently!! She doesn’t want to go to the toilet because she likes sitting in her kitchen – so she decides to start peeing just in there – with her jeans still wearing! The sexy jeans are soaking the fresh piss but they cannot keep all the pee and so it starts dripping on the ground! And she still can’t stop! She shows you her sexy jeans butt and continues to pee…! Finally she starts to sit down again – still wearing the wet and smelling jeans soaked with lot of her warm pee! But that doesn’t matter. She takes her cup of tea and drinks another sip. But there is still one thing to do: Someone has to clean up the floor again! And because you looked so horny watching her she decides to order YOU to clean up everything…! Of course you are allowed to use your tongue only!

Kinky Slut Smoking And Shitting At The Same Time

Kinky slut smoking and shitting at the same time

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On A Plate

Shitting a big one on the plate and after that i fill a glass of pee.

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I enter the room while the toilet is lying on the floor. He begs me to lick my pussy after my peeing. But my current concern is my so amazingly full bladder, so he better open up and take what I have for him. I fill him up with my pee over and over, and don’t really care if he has the time to swallow or not. I let him feel my pussy, then I just leave him on the floor. Cherry Kiss enter the room and follow my lead, and empty her full bladder in the toiler as well. But Cherry is so generous, and let him lick her pussy clean of all the piss that is left there.We move to the couch, and Cherry start once more to empty her bladder once more in the toilet, He can’t really catch that much, but that is his fault, and not Cherry’s. After once more cleaning the piss from her pussy I place myself in the couch and piss him full once more before we leave him on the floor until we need to pee again.

Yoga Instructor Spiked Students Tea – Part 2

After having relaxing tea, she and the girl makes out on the couch. She resumes licking the girl’s armpits. She grabs the girl’s firm tits and sucks the nipples. She goes down on her to run and eat the girl’s cunt. She makes the girl bend over and stimulates her anus. After a few minutes, the girl scats all over her panties.

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Morning Home Diarrhea

Kind of my beautiful ass is breathtaking. I slept while the slave was waiting for his morning feeding. I woke up and made him lick my legs, ass and pussy. It’s nice to get affection from the slave in the morning. All he wants now is to eat my morning shit! But this time I give it a little surprise – morning diarrhea! The slave tries to let it slides down its mouth but much of it ends up piled on its face. And as if my fragrant, liquid shit was not enough to beautify its face, I even add my spit. I make pathetic slave to eat my delicious shit.

Mistress Annabelle – Toilet Pleasures – Hd Ver.

Today I’m peeing, spitting and shitting at the slave mouth. I uses a slave instead of a toilet. Now every time I wants at the toilet I will use him mouth. What a pleasure to serve me, my toilet. Eat all of my shit. I have a lot of shit for you.

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My most sweet Lady:)mmm… Mia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves.

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Today the prison wardens have come dressed in their own clothing for their day ruling over their prisoners. Today, the fearful BBW prison warden is ruling over her inmates. Today, unlike other days she is wearing pink lingerie and has brought with her a matching pink scat chair which she intends to use on her prisoners. Her prisoner is ordered to sit under the chair and this big warden also has a BIG DELIVERY for this inmate. The shit quickly fills his mouth and start piling out across his face. It is solid chunks of beauty but there is too much for him to consume easily. This not a bite sized serving. It is super sized! The big warden pulls on a pair of rubber gloves so she can help her prisoner consume this massive load before smothering his pathetic face under her massive ass before ordering him to clean her big dirty ass with his tongue.

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Finally, there is a new season and opens its my new awesome premium video in which you will find really dirty handjob and dirty sucking Great Anonymous cock!) Plunge headlong into the vortex of a brown fetish, amazing quality and low prices) Ahead of you waiting for more crazy videos, and putting your most daring ideas!) Love you, stay in touch)

New 2017 Princess Miya.my Most Sweet Lady:)mmm’

My most sweet Lady:)mmm… Mia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves.

They Bullied The New Girl! – Part 4

The poor girl continues to weep as the bullies delight, they continue to torture her and also now they are fucking her ass with toys and then stuffing the shitty toy in her mouth as she gagged on it, you can hear the naughty bullies laugh with delight!

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Today Mistress Roberta want to offer her toilet a nice reward : he must cumming alone before he arrive at her place in the morning, just looking at their movies and thinking of her perfect asshole on his mouth ! Slave obey and cumm, then he arrives at Mistress apartment. He order him to smell her yellow panty, to lick and smother him….She trampling him and spitting on him a lot today. She undress and push her perfect asshole right on his pathetic mouth, smothering him with her hole. Slave must inhale her odors, clean and lick her anal sphincter, and remain with his dirty tongue in her asshole, until he will cumm again ! Slave cumming hard, then Mistress begin to pissing on his body and face, then shitting another Diarrhea. She told him that if he swallow everything today, she will offer him also her panty. Unfortunatelly….yellow panty remaining at Mistress…..

Brown On The Balcony

It’s a beautiful morning; fresh air, hot steamy shit – All on my balcony facing the front of my apartment complex as people walk by.

New 2017 Princess Miya.

NEW 2017 Princess Miya.My most sweet Lady:)mmmPOV Toilet Slavery


Baby is hot pooping in sexy white panties a big turd!

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Strapon Fucking And Pee Drinking From Glass

Today kinky wife went running. As she was jogging, she saw a sex shop and because of her curiousity, she entered the store. She analysed the shafts with all the toys, when she saw this huge dildo that she bought with a kinky ideea in my mind : to fuck hubby’s pussy, because he enjoys being submissive. So she came home and showed it to him and he was so delighted. So she put it on and first she face fucked him the huge toy, then she said to stay on his knees, on the bed, to bend down and keep his ass up while I humiliate him with the black dick. So she stretched his asshole with a smaller dildo, a glass one with progressive diameter spheres, then she poured oil and water-based lube and penetrated him deeply. He agreed to everything I did, showing me his devotion and how a good slut he can be. After his man’s pussy got fucked well, she asked him to come in the living room, she took a pee in a glass and after the kinky wife humiliated her hubby by ordering him to drink all from glass and after clean the floor with his tongue, while she pushed his head with the feet.

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Today I woke up and felt the presence of a toilet slave next to my bed. He was breathing nervously and was hungry. All he wanted was to drink my urine and eat my feces. This happens every morning with faithful slaves who are regularly used as a toilet. Well, I’m shit directly in his slave mouth. The shit must enter directly in his throw. His lips must be sealed on my ass hole. This is his breakfast! He is nothing more than a toilet for me! I shit directly in his dirty mouth. He took my shit and swallowed it immediately

New 2017 Princess Miya.fuul Version.mobil Version

My most sweet Lady:)mmm… Mia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves.

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Nataly Is Creating A Routine Part 1

Girls Uses Man

New 2017 Princess Miya.

The slave diligently licks her ass, and as a reward he receives a portion of urine and large amount of chocolate cake right from his Mistress’s ass. Bon appetit, sleazeball.

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But how delicious cream out of the ass of Melissa? You have to admit that, and a huge amount, it never ends. Would you like to taste it? go fast! Melissa is waiting for you!

Long Brownie

women sits on the thrown and shits long turds

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Shove Down Your Mouth!

Mistress isnt playing in this POV! It’s time to eat this nice chunky load! Can you handle it! This 2 angle pov will leave you porcelain boys wanting more! Double the view, Double the DOO!

New 2017 Princess Miya

Mia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves. Humiliation,Scat,Piss,Shit,Smearing


Ofelia is running red diareeah in the pants!

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Did Easter today made ​​a very tasty cake. Come I’ll show you how sometimes I just pretty shit and then embellish the thick pudding with icing and sprinkles. It tasted really yummy, too bad that you’re not been there.

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Kalina Messy Fart Poop

Kalina is farting with pooping messy into your mouth.

Princess Miya.my Most Sweet Lady:)mmm Pov Toilet Slavery

Princess Miya.My most sweet Lady:)mmmPOV Toilet Slavery

Peeing Session With Emmaspace – Mov

Emmaspace is a really nice girl. And she likes being watched! First she starts to undress. Staying naked in the bathtub she knows what you really desire: Watching her pissing! So she don’t hold it anymore and just let the warm piss flow. Right to her feet.

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Kinky Isabelle Extreme fucked in the asshole