Hey Toiletman, We Are Ready Part 1

Here the Girls sit on the Slave, tie his arms up and sit on his arms over his Head to poop into his face and make him eat it. After several Girls he can’t take it anymore and pukes and pukes. For the Girls, this is hilarious. Part 1 English Subtitles

Hey Toiletman, We Are Ready Part  1

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I Feed You With Shit Against Your Will!

A toilet slave does not manage to swallow as it should be, is at mine, Miss Janes and Jordan Stars mercy. He gets two loads of shit in his mouth, is allowed to drink my pee and as dessert, Jordan Star pukes into a cone, she pushed into his mouth. Thats the way, we treat a disfunctional toilet – there will be some feeding with shit against his will

I Feed You With Shit Against Your Will!

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Shitting And Instiled

I torment along with Miss Jane a slave we have fixed in the punishment trestle. The guy suffers really nice while we treat his balls and nipples with electricity and nipple clamps.Since we have just a strapped slave here, we use it even as a toilet. I shit in a cup and stuff the scat into his mouth. After Miss Jane also piss and shit in his mouth.The slave has not tasted it well, he pukes and is disgusted. But no matter, anyhow we instil him the manure into his mouth * laugh *.

Shitting And Instiled

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I Ate Shit From A Stripper! – Full Movie

This gorgeous slutty stripper has a group of adoring men at her beck and call. She called us into her suite when she was feeling very nasty. She puked all over our pathetic hands and she made us eat it! She scatted on our bodies then she smeared the smelly shit all over our face!

I Ate Shit From A Stripper! - Full Movie

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Japanese Femdom Scat 4

Very Sexy and Perverted Japanese Females using there male slaves as toilets !! The clip starts with a very attractive Japanese Mistress taking a huge shit into her masochist male slaves mouth, the pathetic slave has to eat up all the shit and pukes up in all the mess on the floor.In another clip, another attractive Japanese Mistress uses her male slaves mouth as her toilet pissing and shitting into his mouth.The last part of this extreme clip has the another perverted Japanese Mistress taking a huge shit into her toilet slaves mouth, covering his face in stinking shit !! He has to eat it, the slave pukes up in all the filthy mess !!

Japanese Femdom Scat  4

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Office Ladies Target The Intern! – Full Movie

The new intern has a lot to learn aside from paperwork and basic office duties. He has to learn to take it when the bossy ladies in the office wants to puke, spit, and piss on him! With the high pay they are giving him, he has no choice but to endure it! These bitches take turns blowing their nose and letting the snot fall on his face! They shove their fingers up their throats and throw up all over him! They lift their skirts so they can piss on him like a man!

Office Ladies Target The Intern! - Full Movie

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Princess Mia Decided To Play With Her “Toilet” Again

She tightly tied him to the board and attached dildo-face to his forehead. First, she spat in the face of this dirty pig, laughed at him, scoffed. Then she smeared her sweet hole and sat down on the dildo, sat on his face, laughed and groaned, while slapping on the chest of the sleazeball. Then she wanted to take a dump. She stood over the face of her toilet and made his mouth full, laughed at the loser, who couldn’t not even stir and took everything in his mouth. Princess Mia wanted to smear her shit on the dirty face of a worm. She sat down on his stomach, spat and began to smear her shit on the face of this toilet slave. This pig wanted to puke, but Mia covered his mouth, laughed and spat on his face.

Princess Mia Decided To Play With Her “Toilet” Again

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Puke Scat 3gp Video

Preparing A Drink For My Slave – Wmv

My slave likes coke but even more he likes it when it`s mixed with my pee. I allowed him to watch me while I`m preparing a juicy and delicious drink for him.

Dont Fill Him Up, We Need To Poop Too Part 1 Britany

In this Movie, the Slave had a Chance to touch himself, but everything went South. He told me afterwards, he came early and could not swallow anymore, but then the Girls even Pooped Oversizes and the Girls did not take NO for an Answer. You will eat it because you will Eat it.English Subtitles

Young Alina Eating Hamburger And Big Pooping

Young Alina eating hamburger and big pooping

Londe Girl Shitting Outside

Ilona Peeing

Ilona is wearing sexy fishnets is peeing into your mouth and teasing with her hot wet pussy.

Messy Threesome! – Full Movie

Threesomes are child’s play for this group of friends and they will not enjoy it until they add something sick and nasty to the program. In their secret little dungeon, these two dudes are using this chick to the max, dumping shit, piss, and puke on her and making her produce them too to dump on them! She really goes all out – she shits and smear the feces on her body, she pisses on them and makes them drink it! She sucks cock too while she’s being rammed from behind!

Driving Home To Shit!!!

I had to run a couple of errands this morning and before I got home my tummy started growling and cramping! Oh oh, I gotta shit! I drive as fast as I can so I can make it home and not shit myself…I make it to the bathroom and undress just on time to let out a stinky one right my thong panties. Come watch as my delicious scat comes out and makes a nice big pile on the floor. I also pull down the panties so I can show you my pussy and asshole…so dirty, and stinky!!! I also get to smear some poop on my plump butt cheeks before running my fingers though the pile…so sexy!!!