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Preparing A Drink For My Slave – Wmv

My slave likes coke but even more he likes it when it`s mixed with my pee. I allowed him to watch me while I`m preparing a juicy and delicious drink for him.

Dont Fill Him Up, We Need To Poop Too Part 1 Britany

In this Movie, the Slave had a Chance to touch himself, but everything went South. He told me afterwards, he came early and could not swallow anymore, but then the Girls even Pooped Oversizes and the Girls did not take NO for an Answer. You will eat it because you will Eat it.English Subtitles

Young Alina Eating Hamburger And Big Pooping

Young Alina eating hamburger and big pooping

Her Man Girl Shit Couch

Toilet Bowl For Princess.part 1

Toilet bowl for Princess.Part 1MorningEvening :)Princess Anabelle and Toilet Slavery

Extreme Toilet Slave Humiliation And Training, For A Young 19-year-old Rookie!

Here you see the humiliation and training of a 19-year-old Beginner to my all-absorbing living toilet. That was his first time, that someone shit, piss, puke and spit in his mouth The youngster wanted it so from me. He also received from me an enema, farted right out of my asshole in his mouth! And he had to swallow his own sperm. With my shit, that had not landed in his mouth, I still have fed him and smeared him with it. That seems to have made him so horny, to receive my delicacies and to swallow them, that he had a stiff. Have him then a vomit Deep Throat BlowJob, given, until he splashed into my mouth. His sperm, mixed with my puke, I then, spits him right out of my mouth in his mouth! He got the full program, to be a good living toilet!

Pretty Amateur Chick Shits On The Toilet Paper

Pretty amateur chick shits on the toilet paper

Stick In The Ass For The Toilet Slave P1

A stick in the ass, the eggs trapped and the face and his nipples full of braces. So ridiculously kneels the slave in front of the Scatqueens and makes himself a good idiot. The Scatqueens have something to laugh about. Then Lady Kimi has to piss and shit. As usual, she uses the toilet slave, who is soon filled with piss, before a fresh steaming pile of shit sticks out of his mouth. Lady Kimi just laughs and wipes her butt off. Lady Domi does not stand the stench and pukes on the slave.

Stick In The Ass For The Toilet Slave P1

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Pissing Lesbi And

The Toilet Is Overflowing

If my girlfriend Miss Jane continues to shit so much she will wear out my entire slave stable *Smile*. Again she overflowed one of my toilets, the loser just couldn’t swallow the amount of shit and piss and puke everything several times again. His bad luck that Jane doesn’t care how often he has to eat her shit, with a lot of patience she keeps stuffing everything into his face until he keeps the whole manure in his stomach. Eventually he will learn to eat their large portions immediately and cleanly.

Very Smelly & Liquid Diarrhea After Pea In Mouth Toilet Slave

Very smelly & liquid diarrhea after pea in mouth toilet slave. Alina continues to vilify after peas and laxatives. Another very smelly video about how Alina feeds her slave with smelly diarrhea. This is a truly stinking liquid from the beautiful ass of Alina. Before the shipment is unloaded, Alina takes out the panty liner and inserts it under the mask, so that the slave, when taking diarrhea, could smell the sweet smell of a pussy and easily swallowed this diabolical diarrhea!

The Slave’s Mouth Like To Eat Shit

Slave born is to be the queen of the toilet, eat the queen to pull excrement. The queen sitting on the toilet, slaves lie below open your mouth began to move bowels

Crowd Watches While I Shit On My Friend As Payback

A crowd of scatology fans are in the same room as us and they will see me giving back to my friend a deposit of my slimy shit as she did to me in the previous episode. Then we encourage our fans to join in.

Piss And Fist

The Scatqueens – Shit Into The Mouth In The Woods P2

Scatqueen Lady Domi has made an enema and shits the shit broth over the slave and into his mouth. After that he has to eat the shit that came out and get a dessert. Scatqueen Lady Domi pukes him two fat portions into his slave mouth, which he swallows on ex. Then a small nightcap a la Kimi. She snorts her nasal mucus over his slave’s face.

Cleaning My Boots Plus Pee-shower – Wmv

It was time for my slave to clean my shoes properly and carefully. After he has done a good job I pissed him into his mouth. This was my thank you!



Big Peeing Mature Ass

Unsuspecting Man Fed Pussy And Piss! – Full Movie

While on his way home in the middle of the night, this man is suddenly blocked by a lady who is revealingly clothed! He tries to escape her but she is fast to grab and then drag him inside her nearby home! She then puts him inside her dungeon where she strips him of his clothes! Once naked, she lays him down on the floor with his head on top of the couch! Making it easy for her to render him defenseless by sitting on his face! From time-to-time, she repositions herself to feed him with her pussy and asshole! Eventually, without warning, she urinates on his mouth and nose! In the process, he gets a couple of mouthfuls and ends up swallowing! When she couldn’t release anymore, she continues smothering him with her pussy! Shortly after, without getting off of him, she reaches for his dick and then gives him an unwanted handjob! Only stopping when she manages to push him to orgasm!

You Pathetic Shit Eater!

I see you are waiting for me, with fear in your eyes! Because today is the day I turn you from a pathetic loser into my pathetic shit eater! Look at me, I am beautiful I am a Goddess! You should only be so lucky to be of any service to me! So today I will make your nightmare come through. Get under my chair, and look at my boots, remember when I let you worship these? That was nothing.. Now you are going to eat and swallow my shit! If you ever come close to throw up, I will make you eat both the shit and your puke! So look at my sexy ass, because here is your destiny from now on! This is your only possibility to eat from now on!Look as my ass start to pucker, and the log is coming slightly into daylight. It is just so much I need to shit, and you watch it as it falls into to your pathetic toilet mouth! You look so pathetic lying there with my BIG dump in your toilet mouth, I can only laugh of you how love you have really sunk! “If you ever dream of being my shit eater, you better watch this clip! This is your destiny!”

Diana Piss For Money

Rich swiss slave pays Diana for being allowed to drink her godesses piss!

Pee Ping Nurse Boy

Smell Between My Legs

Oxana is pooping in cotton wide panties,her legs are messy of shit,come under her but and smell.

Mistress Emily – Using Toilet Slave

How wonderful to have a permanent toilet slave in the property, ready to eat my shit every time. I’m just using his mouth like a toilet. He clean my shoes and lick my ass. Look at this and enjoy.

Mistresses Daily Lifestyle! – Part 1

She shoves her fingers up her throat until puke comes out of her pretty mouth. The girls all followed suit and produced all the puke they can to fill up every inch of the man’s face.

Candid Shit Voyeur Part 1

She doesnt see know you are watching so wank off while you can..you are secretly watching her shit..she’s sexy but its so fuckin smelly and you love every last drop of her shit..

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Couple Gets Dirty With Puke And Feces!

A couple makes good use of their night by getting naughty and dirty, literally! At first, the man is on his knees while the sweetheart makes herself puke on his mouth and face! Shortly after, the guy gathers as much of it on his hands and smears it all over the woman’s butt! He doesn’t spend much time on it though, instead, positions himself in between her legs and spreads her ass cheeks apart! Then, without further ado, the lady defecates on his chest! When she could no longer release anymore, he smears it all over his body with the help of the lady! She then later starts sucking his dick, only stopping when she manages to make him cum into her mouth which she then swallows!

Demonstrated And Shit In The Bowl

I’m being paraded by Rosella Extrem and had to shit in a bowl. Had the day again such a diarrhea that it was actually like cocoa


Oxana is messy squirting nice messy diareeah in sexy yellow pantyhose for you!

Teasing Poop Vol. 3

I was too lazy to go to the bathroom so I grabbed a bed protector and started letting it go while watching Resident Evil: Afterlife. Oh my goodness I pissed so much it is unbelievable. A poop was starting to come and I knew I had to put in some work and felt so big when I started to push it out. Sitting in the wet spot felt weird so I turned the bed protector around then slowly began teasing the poop out of my tight little asshole.

Drunk Peeing Bed Tube

Merry Sh*tmas

Your biggest christmas wish every new christmas is to take NO MATTER WHAT comes out of my holes.Everything is absolutly better and more important then you sick little fuck. Kneel Down worship my divine Ass and Pussy while sick fucks like you get what the deserve ornot deserve…. Do you think you are worthy enough to be my toilet. haha To open your mouth wide and waiting with patience whats coming for you. Lets find out you nasty pervert.

Young Alina Eating And Pooping In Car 02

Young Alina eating and pooping in car 02

My Mistresses Piss, Puke, And Shit All Over Me – Full Movie

I like scat just like any other freaky person, but I like my fetishes with a twist. I want masked babes to piss, puke, and shit all over me! They poke their throats with their fingers and puke today’s lunch all over my pathetic body. They piss on a cup and make me drink it to the last drop! Then they squat over my face and ejects sticky and smelly scat right into my open mouth!

Grandma Shits Herself Kitchen

Family Scat Battle

Heeeeeey hi!))) How are you doing? ))The new season is nearing the release!) Until then, here’s another super cool video) In it I shit in a condom, smear face and Tits. Licking ass husband, deep Blowjob, he cums on my face!) It was really cool!) I think this video will please you and you will get a lot of fun when watching!) Video contains original audio track, so you can easily hear all the sighs that I make!)

Red Ass And Pissing

pee outdoor after a spanking session

Special Puke Piss Spit Dinner

Toilets must swallow everything, even vomit mixed with piss and spit. To prepare my slaves for extreme events, we sent them off specially. It may happen that several girlfriends of mine must loo, or have been drinking too much and need to throw up. Then my human toilet of course must not fail! Today I test together with Miss Jane and Miss Cherie whether our slave is resilient enough for future parties. Have a look at the movie to see, if he succeeds.