Toilette Humiliation 58

Jonas must himself on order of his mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica on the toilet with its piss wash the loo water’s his face and his hair. The Fetish-Queen pretends to be with legs apart over its head and lets its yellow waterfall bubble from its twat on the face from Jonas only in such a way. After that she still distributes beautifully everything with the toilet broom on his head. Als Abschluss steckt sie seinen Kopf ganz tief in die Muschel und lässt die Spülung runter.As a completion she puts his head into the mussel very deeply and the flush lets down.

Toilette Humiliation  58

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Toilette Humiliation 67

Bizarr Lady Jessica must go urgently to the toilet. But she does not have to state, this the toilet is not cleaned again, good enough for her divine arse. Simply to pee in bulk about in the toilet on this the sadistic Fetish-Queen therefore decides. It spreads the legs, goes and stands with the legs apart to and pisses in a high bend and with a broad beam in circling movements all the way around on all walls of the toilet and the ground. It has after from pissed, it calls for its Houseslave of Jonas and orders it to clean everything, as a punishment because, before, it has not cleaned the toilet correctly. Jonas must lacquer the great ones first directly of the ground lap up and need rags and buckets to clean the rest then away.

Toilette Humiliation  67

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Diharrea On The Slave’s Face

Wow! Today I had to take a shit urgently, I was in stomach ache all day and when I arrived home I taked a big pile of stinky diharrea on the slaves face.Then, just for fun, with a tea spoon I put down all the crap down his troath! Hahaha tasty tasty!PD: if you want a customized video for you fetishes, contact

Diharrea On The Slave's Face

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Uncontainable Creamy Shit

—-?SUBTITLED AND SIMULTANEOUS ANGLES!—-Oh my god! I was quietly in home, just I arrived and a began to feel a terrible stomach ache!By luck, my slave was on the floor, such usually, and I take advantage for take a very big and nasty creamy shit all over his face! hahaha!Then, relieved, I smoke a cigarrete contemplating my work of art. What a filthy pig, he was getting a lot of fun with al my shit in his ugly face.He can’t avoid the temptation and started eat for himself the semi-diarrhea I gifted him.But it would be too easy, I smother him with the plastic paper, suffocating him and pushing down his head in all the stink crap while I spit him too.Enjoy it!

Uncontainable Creamy Shit

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Fresh Cake

In this video, I prepare a delicious piece of pie with an extra. The porc has to eat all of it .. I mean he has to eat the bread crumbs of the flood. A little dog next to a queen.

Fresh Cake

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Mistress Roberta – Worship Your Queen Before Breakfast

Today ealy in the morning i have a very grumpy mood and i act as a Queen instructing the pot each step he mus take and first is body worship starting with the feet, legs ass, but at the feet he will give an extra cleaning to the soles and heels, and after i make a nice golden shower directed o his face but somehow he misses the pee and after i shit in his mouth and push the poop down his troat with my hand ordering him to swallow it all, enjoy.

Mistress Roberta - Worship Your Queen Before Breakfast

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Mistress Lilly – After Jogging A Huge Shit

For the FIRST time on site here, Mistress Lilly was joined our team after a long time in Business. She agree to share all her videos in our store from now for all her fans from all over the world. She is a scat Queen and adore to shit, piss, squirt, cumm and play with toys, beeing dirty ! Today in her first movie she just take a break from Jogging in the woods and she needed to shit so hard. She playing a little in her hosiery the she shitting a huge turd right between trees:) She will post her movies and explain her journey into scat almost everyday, just check her movies with titles Mistress Lilly and you will be in love with this mature scat Domme !

Mistress Lilly - After Jogging A Huge Shit

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