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Stinky Foots And Shitty Pralines

I sit on the chair and you can see my stinky foots and i give you so near on the camera!! Want you lick and sniff my foots Looser? Then i must shit,too much brown Pralines for you,ah and i make hot Dirty Talk in this time!! I press the shit on my rosette…..Slave,eat the shit and lick my foots,my stinky little foots!!

Your Dinner

Today your dinner will be my scat and my piss!

Lady Latoria: Eat My Shit! Combo (mp4)

Racy Lady Latoria teases you almost naked and tell you lick her ass clean after she shits. Next you have tho honour to watch her while shitting on the floor. Your meal ist ready, come and eat shit!

Ass Chocolate Sundae 1080p

Mistress Raw Desires is back in action and has a treat for the toilet pig. The last time she fed him a fat log right from the oven; this time she makes him an ass chocolate sundae. Watch as her gorgeous ebony ass jiggles and wiggles as she prepares the sunday and dumps a hefty load of chocolate straight from her ass into the bowl. After shitting into the bowl she has the toilet lick her clean before eating his sundae. She laughs and humiliates him bite after bite of the shit sundae. (and yes this actually an ice cream sundae made up of her shit). Mistress Raw Desires is truly a creative shit queen.Contact her @ she is offering live and cam sesions. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

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Take My Shit Inside

Another probation day for toilet slave. Again humiliation from Hot Mistress and shit in his mouth. Be obedient. Prepare for a hot portion of your sweet breakfast. Fresh smelly diarrhea. Do you like it, my toilet? Can you swallow it?

Queen Chair Shitting

Erica is testing out her Queening Chair and she saved up a huge shit!She sits, shits, farts, moans, groans, and her facial expressions depict her relief.

Humiliated And Fucked In The Wheelbarrow

I collect apricots rotted in the garden… Lengthened in the wheelbarrow, my master empties the bucket of fruit rotted on my body and he pisses and shits in my mouth… Completely soiled from head to foot my master fucks my ass & cum in my whore asshole…I finish the session in the wheelbarrow by smoking a cigar and by pissing…

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White Pig Used As Toilet

White pig thought he was worthy I showed him how he wasn’t I laid him down and began to tease his cock by grinding my pink pussy on it. I then stood up and began to piss all over him to show how I am better than him! Black is superior he’s just a pathetic white toilet! I then made him finger my asshole till I began to moan and strain with shit on his finger as I fart on him I begin to shit and there’s a lot ! Then I jerked him off with my shit and smeared it all over him that nasty scat pig he’s beneath me !

Cumshot On Shit Smeared Lingerie Ass

My boyfriend made a bet on the worldcup game between russia and uruguay and sadly lost the bet.He was really dissapointed so i said i had a little suprise for him. I went to the toilett and put my sexy ass-open lingerie on and came back to the livingroom.I laid down on the couch and shouted him over. He saw me laying on my belly and i noticed his instant boner.He took the camera and sat down, thats where the video started.I hope i could make him a good evening and with this cumshot i am pretty sure about that.Have fun watching!Lots of Love,LucyScatWE ARE REALLY SORRY!The lighting isnt really good in this video!We are saving money at the moment for a good Softbox.Anyway, i hope you enjoy the video.

Shitting Into The Glass For F.

So, my dear! Here I ropes you a beautiful, brown, firm sausage in my now empty Nutella jar:-) And it’s you become fully enough ??? Your nose kannste as well as poke, so close I think it is you under the camera:-)

Piss Drink 5

Pissing-Queen Lucilla uses bobby as a living toilet for its pissing fun. Bobby must put itself in the ground just on the ground, Lucilla stands with the feet on its upper part of the body and then spreads the legs over its head. It is already bubbling from her twat on it down at the next moment, too. She changes directly over its face into the squatting position it and pisses into the mouth. Bobby swallows her piss like toilet. The piss runs down the face, burns for it in the eyes and it does not come to drink at all with this after. The yellowish waterfall infers from Lucilla’s pussy down on its face interminably. As a crowning end it rises with its own feet into the piss on the ground, body stands with both legs on bobbies it tear the piss still in the face and rubs. The best face care!

Pissing Lesbi And

The Toilet Is Overflowing

If my girlfriend Miss Jane continues to shit so much she will wear out my entire slave stable *Smile*. Again she overflowed one of my toilets, the loser just couldn’t swallow the amount of shit and piss and puke everything several times again. His bad luck that Jane doesn’t care how often he has to eat her shit, with a lot of patience she keeps stuffing everything into his face until he keeps the whole manure in his stomach. Eventually he will learn to eat their large portions immediately and cleanly.

Very Smelly & Liquid Diarrhea After Pea In Mouth Toilet Slave

Very smelly & liquid diarrhea after pea in mouth toilet slave. Alina continues to vilify after peas and laxatives. Another very smelly video about how Alina feeds her slave with smelly diarrhea. This is a truly stinking liquid from the beautiful ass of Alina. Before the shipment is unloaded, Alina takes out the panty liner and inserts it under the mask, so that the slave, when taking diarrhea, could smell the sweet smell of a pussy and easily swallowed this diabolical diarrhea!

The Slave’s Mouth Like To Eat Shit

Slave born is to be the queen of the toilet, eat the queen to pull excrement. The queen sitting on the toilet, slaves lie below open your mouth began to move bowels

Crowd Watches While I Shit On My Friend As Payback

A crowd of scatology fans are in the same room as us and they will see me giving back to my friend a deposit of my slimy shit as she did to me in the previous episode. Then we encourage our fans to join in.

Guy Pisses In Girls Pussy

Dont Move Open Wide And Swallow Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Teacher Dearest Scats For Cash!

Teacher needs to make some extra cash and the principal offers her a way to make it. Scat in exchange for cash, that’s the deal. Enticed by the deal, she sits on the couch and slowly takes off her clothes, showing off her smooth tits and ass. She steps on the desks and squats above the tissue-covered floor. There she ejects out little chunks of scat, dropping right to the floor. She picks the chunks using chopsticks and presents it to him for inspection. Satisfied, he hands over the cash and tells her to come back next week.

In Vinyl Corsage, Public, Outdoor And Ventured Pissed!

Here you can see how I Outdoor, wearing only a white Lackcorsage, suspender stockings and high heels, on a highway bridge, ventured Public, peeing!

Scat 48

Power-Humiliation!Bizarrlady Jessica demands everything from her slave of Jona. He must put himself in the bathtub with his nappy first and a whole bubble cargo load into his nappy it pees for him. He must piss, must make to himself up themselves on its order into the nappy into the nappy after that once again. Then it the Dirty-Queen misses itself another finish and shits its full intestines contents also into its nappy. As a crowning end she then opens the nappy, takes the bullshit parts out and distributes them one by one on its face. A big shitting sausage plugs in it greases it for it with its shit into the mouth, the face completely and as a highlight it then still pushes it the whole nappy with its the piss, its piss itself and its shit, into the face and it presses correctly tightly on this.

Piss Gag Cum Compilation

The Perfect Slave Dinner Crap Shit And Piss

If you live in a dirty stable you can eat what is lying on the floor. My slave gets again a very special dinner mixed with my shit, piss and the piss of Miss Jane. The half rotten shit on the ground may have even more nutrients than mine, everything together always results in such a beautiful brown manure, the purest vitamin bomb for slaves stomachs. Not even pigs would eat something like that, but my slave has no choice and is trained to swallow whatever I give him. That it was so much this time he owes it to the fact that Miss Jane ran spontaneously into the barn to relieve himself in a hurry. I was also on the highest railroad, I had a lot of shit and my bladder was full anyway. His fat bitch has just managed to absorb the entire manure, which is better for him, otherwise I would have made my threat to castrate him.

P – K – Drink All My Pee – 02 – Full – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 13:23. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all pee from Kamila.

Pissing 9

The Pissing-Queen Lucilla messed up uses a glass table as a toilet. Lying under the glass table you can watch one’s activities and enjoy as its golden rain lashes on you.

He Shitted On Him After He Finished

Queen Sylvy’s Sludge And Thuds!!

Queen Sylvy just keeps the FUNKY loads coming!!! This is more of the same. Enjoy two new action packed clips as Sylvy begins dropping solids, but midway through it turned into mudbutt!! An nice mix of pee and sharts mixed in for good measure! She returns in the second scene with the camera placed right on the seat. Enjoy as the logs slide and slither out her tight hole!! Two great new FUNKY updates from Queen Sylvy!!

Kinky Schoolgirl Punishes Old Professor – Full Movie

This is the third time that her strict professor gave her a failing grade in exams and she intends to make him pay for it and teach him a lesson. She shows up at his house clad in her short skirt and thigh high boots. She handcuffs him and spanks him with her whip. She proceeds to demean him by pissing, blowing snot, and making him lick her pretty feet.

Broadlegged Shit With A Dress

In a sweet little dress and boots I poop a hot curled sausage just in front of your eyes onto the ground! A beautiful large serving, lightcoloured and creamy!


Irene is running hot painful diareeah in sexy fishnets oufit;)

Cow Poo Girls

Two Girls Are Poop Abused In An Animal Pen – Full Movie

Yuna and Hinata knew they were in trouble when the two police agents led them to a jail cell that looked like a stable. With their hands tightly bound behind them, they had little control of the real animals in the cell – the two agents. One agent pushed Yuna to the floor and began playing with her pussy and anus. He pressed and played with Yuna’s butthole until she screamed and began brown-creaming a bowl full of her poop. Yuna’s treasure was like smooth, brown-black butter that flowed powerfully from her anus. Even from her position, the agent loved how it smelled differently with each push. He smelled rice, peanuts, all the good stuff. Nothing like the shit of a beautiful woman to get you going on the job. One agent held the bowl next to Hinata’s face, who promptly cried from the humiliation. Every second with Yuna’s poop near her face prompted more tears from Hinata. Yuna looked at Hinata as her stomach gurgled. She was about shit a big one any moment now, and her sphincter couldn’t hold it any longer. Hinata looked horrified as the smell hit her: fresh shit from Yuna’s tight butthole, filling a bowl almost to the brim. Yuna’s beautiful shit was like mashed vegetables mingling with a good amount of golden piss. One of the agents wanted to smear it all over his hot body, but had other plans for now. After some much-awaited shit play, the two ladies were on the receiving end of a fierce police fucking. Yuna had to wait in humiliation the floor filled with straw as she watched her friend getting rammed hard both ways. Hinata’s jaw was getting tired from having to suck off one agent, while her pussy quivered from the nonstop pounding.

Queen Bee’s Bathroom Fun!!

My Girl is back!! Queen Bee and that sexy body return in three hot new clips!! Enjoy as she pees and shows off that lovely booty in the first sceen, as after she finishes she gets on all fours and twerks for the camera. Then enjoy a nude pee scene in the second. She saves the best for last, As she pees and lets out a few plops in the final scene. She gets on all fours to wipe and show her dirty booty and TP to the camera as she gets herself nice and clean!! A nice return from my Southern seductress!!

Valentine’s Day Jewel?… In My Shit!

You really are an idiot. One month ago you bought me a wonderful jewel for Valentine’s Day, spending half of your monthly paycheck … and today, what have you done?!!? Today, after a month from that day, you don’t come by me like you have promised… What an idiot! In this video you’ll see the shitty end of your fucked gift.

Ms D’s Poo-pupsa Fart & Shit

Ms D went out for Pupusas De Queso the other night, and that cheese is making her pay!! A Farty, stinky load is the end result. Enjoy watching this sexy 5’10” Amazon BBW slip out of those tight fitting pants and plop that phat ass on the bowl!

Scat Queens And Slave

Cum With My Shit Toilet

Do you like serving me, slave? How badly do you want to keep worshipping me? Well, I have a few ideas on how to up the ante… and unless you do everything I say, I won’t let you serve me anymore, loser. You better not disappoint me–you know you’re so pathetic no one else would even bother letting you lick their butt. Today you did such a good job being a little servant and cleaning my toilet, slave–but now you have to clean something more – and more importantly, is my shitty asshole. Swallow my shit, slave–lick up the salty spray from my piss! Do it slave, and I’ll give you an even bigger “treat” you get to eat after… Open wide, toilet slave! Eat my shit, chew it up and swallow–or I’ll ignore you!

Thick Girl Shit And Smeared His Feet By Shit.

Thick girl shit and smeared his feet by shit.

Cherrys Premier Scat Experience..

Lesbian Cherry tries the first time tasting other girls shit… A hot 3some scat action!!

Student Visits Human Toilet!

Human toilet awaits patiently for his favorite schoolgirl’s daily shit disposal! Finally she comes, see human toilet enjoys a mouthful of piss and shit! Here our beautiful university student dumps a lot of shit and toiletboy has to eat it all! Our student has to wait till she swallow all so she could get her ass clean too!

Street Meat Piss

Pretty Shitty Sabrina

A wonderful sweet young girl is producing exclusive turds….

The Slave’s Mouth Like To Eat Shit

Slave born is to be the queen of the toilet, eat the queen to pull excrement. The queen sitting on the toilet, slaves lie below open your mouth began to move bowels

Slave You Are My Kv Looser

Yes,the Looser i need only for eat my shit,hehehe……you Love my ass,my tits,my body make you so hot but you are a Looser!! Come and lying under my Toilettechair and open your mouth for the shit from your sexy Mistress Candy….ah,i press a sausage and shit Pralines in the Loosers mouth,i Love when you make what i want!! But i want a hot Slave…..

Pee & Shit In Shower

I like poop and pee in the shower. I really want to piss and shit! Look at my beautiful bare ass and piss and shit for you.See, smell the lick and eat my nice turd!