Farting Ass Games

Eat My Shit From The Floor

My slave was waiting for me in the toilet all day and he was very hungry. I took him out of his usual place and made him to kiss my dirty feet. He was very excited and pleased when I came home. He had to lick my shoes to shine before I feed him with my surprise that I prepared for him. I let him look at my ass, when I’m shitting on the floor. I know that he is very hungry and wants to eat my delicious shit. But first he must clean my shitty asshole. I use his tongue instead of toilet paper. When he finished his work, I allowed him to eating my feces. He took my smelly shit from the floor in his hand and begin to lick and swallow! He was very grateful to me and wants to serve me again!

Pee In Front Of School

The two students must pee very urgent. So they go outside the school, take their clothes of and piss on the meadow.

Schoolgirl Showers Urine & Shit All Over His Face! – Full Movie

As punishment for skipping gym class, he orders her to come to him after class, alone. She shows up, expecting the worst. He orders her to take off her shorts and sit on his face. The shocked girl could only obey and sits her bare bottom on teacher. She rubs her ass on him and showers him with warm pee, which he drinks greedily and her shits follows.

Melissa’s Pov Farts And Turds!!

Melissa returns in three gassy poop clips. Enjoy as Melissa takes it back to POV style clips. She brings the camera nice and up close on that juicy booty of hers as she squeezes out farts and more! Another nice mix of home and away games as she takes you up close like rarely ever seen before!! We are all spoiled to see sexy, phat bootiie ladies like Melissa willing to show out for the camera! And boy what she shows in these clips!! Some Mega Shartz from point blank range!!

Shitting While Getting Fucked In The Ass

Schoolgirl Is A Shit-smeared Mess! – Part 3

The poor girl has no choice but to cover her body with feces, smearing it all over her tits, thighs, and even her face! For the finishing touch, she sits on the girl’s face and makes her eat pussy!

New Slave Introduced!

Have another and new slave taken in my care, and introduced him to my training as a perfect and obedient toilet slave! Here in Part 1 you see how I the new slave, while standing in his mouth piss and he thereafter must my cunt licked clean. In Part 2, which follows soon, pissed my Mistress girlfriend Mel-Miley, the slave another load of piss in his mouth!

Replenishment Shit For Thomas

He has a high wear on my shit ::) freuts me, I’m the chosen one! So i poop again in a can, then immediately goes into the shipping. Including close-up view after the shit.

Disgusting Piss Abuse

Insane Filthy Lovers. Part 3

It happens time to time that you have that irresistible wish in your mind to smear yourself completely and to become unite with shit, filth and dirtand when we have such wishes – they are usually common and happen in one day and usually we fulfill them immediately without any waste of time.Two crazy bitches with their master know how to make dreams into reality, how to make into reality the dirtiest and the most extreme things which some people onlyimagine because they are not brave enough. We know dirt, shit, vomit, pain mixed with pleasure.So join to us and get joy from the things we are doing with each other, and maybe this will make you more open minded and will show you theway how to turn your own dreams and wishes into reality.Enjoy.

Ultimate Piss Punishment: Two Women Versus An Old Man! – Part 1

Upon opening the door, the unsuspecting victim is greeted by the sight of two schoolgirls, both of whom waste no time and rush inside! Before he could stop them out, one of the culprits grabs a glass and fills it with her very own piss! When it is full to the rim, she hands it over to the guy and make him gulp down every drop of it! By the time he is finished, an apparatus is immediately attached on his mouth, rendering it stretched wide open! They then lay him on the floor and take turns pissing inside the gaping hole, causing him to swallow mouthful after mouthful!

150 Swallow My Monster Shit

Extremely scat eating slave… This time there is no escape. He swallows all of my MONSTER shit

Public And Private Tinkles!!

My Girl Smoking Redd is back with a new set for the pee lovers!! Enjoy as she squats over the bowl to show her golden streams shooting out in three great scenes. Enjoy as he relieves herself both at home and at work. Enjoy as she shakes the last drips out while in a sexy twerking position!!

Piss Cat With Riana

Schoolgirls: Sip Our Piss

At school, we have every classmate under control. I sit with Jane in the classroom as a guy enters the room in front of us. A couple of instructions are enough and he does our will, the loser has to undress and put a sack over his ugly skull. His presence is nice for us, because we both need to pee urgently. Of course, he’ll drink it all, just because we enjoy it, and because we do not feel like going to the toilet.

Filthy, Sexy, Unimaginable. Part 3

Hello Everybody. ok, let me be humble on this one. In my humble opinion this is the best video we have ever filmed, we have almost reached the perfection. ok, dry numbers. 72 minutes full of action. Any kind of perversions you can possibly imagine, and full scat sex, here is what expects you here. We begin from piss session, than we go to vomit, thant we shit like crazy, smear, having all kind of pervert fucking, shitting time to time, end our video with cumming and than have piss session again. And all this goes like instant 72 minutes action. This video is proudly presented in full HD and due to site size restrictions it is separated on several parts. Love and Peace. Matilda

Human Toilet Bowl Locked Part 1 Diana

Here the Girls want to go to a Party and seem to argue over their Makeup. Maybe they don’t even see the Slave in the Toilet and just Poop into him, close the Led until somebody else uses it. Part 1 with Diana pushing her Diarrhea in his Mouth . English Subtitles

Mistress Gaia Bidet Scat

The object that is normally used to clean your ass after having defecated, is now being used by me for shit … no, do not worry, I’m not crazy! My butt of course will be cleaned by my slave, and this bidet, so specially prepared, it will be its own sink, where he will wash his face … with my shit!

Japanej Scat Piss Panishment

Bad Girl Shit In Your Mouth 🙂

Today you’re in for a real treat, slave. Before I make you eat my shit, I’ll make you to look at my butt… Omg, it’s gorgeous, really? I tease you, flashing you my hot wet pussy and huge white ass, letting my tits pop out of my sexy body, and shit right in your mouth, slave. I shove back fallen shit in your mouth and making you eat it. Say thank you, Mistress, for everything I’ve shared with you. Now, guzzle it all up, shit eater! ?

Cake Heel Ass Shit

Nasty fucking ass with heel till shitting huge messy shit, fucking ass with messy heel till cumming, peeing!

Pee In Jar & Shit In Food Wrap

I do pee into a jar and heap on food wrap. Showing my mess and wrap shit in the food wrap. I say that shit is my gift to you, and pee nectar for you. Crush my poop as cake.

Schoolgirls Abuse Captured Domesticated Human Toilet

Two extremely cute schoolgirls have their very own domesticated human toilet. He started the day as a cold calling salesman but this time he choose the wrong door to knock on. Inside there are two girls who have had weekend courses in scatology. What a perfect opportunity to practice their skills on this unsuspecting soul. They let him in and take control of the situation by ordering him to bow before them. He is given a bottle to place into his mouth which has already been prepared to form a vessel for delivering their piss. One of them squats over the bottle and releases her golden piss for him to drink. There is no drops spilled and he complies with their demands as he knows he should. After drinking the pee, the next squats over him and pushes put some liquid brown goodness from her anal passage. He can’t manage to eat it all and the girls don’t want to waste a drop. The captured man is smothered under their ass and then the girls empties the rest of the shit directly out of her ass into a bowl for later consumption from the captive newly turned slave!

En Farting In Diapers Porno

Ultimate Piss Punishment: Two Women Versus An Old Man! – Part 1

Upon opening the door, the unsuspecting victim is greeted by the sight of two schoolgirls, both of whom waste no time and rush inside! Before he could stop them out, one of the culprits grabs a glass and fills it with her very own piss! When it is full to the rim, she hands it over to the guy and make him gulp down every drop of it! By the time he is finished, an apparatus is immediately attached on his mouth, rendering it stretched wide open! They then lay him on the floor and take turns pissing inside the gaping hole, causing him to swallow mouthful after mouthful!

Huge Pile

If you want to see a really close up view of my tight black asshole letting out a HUGE pile of hot soft shit, this is the clip for you!

Poo / Shit On All Fours, Doggy Style On Paper(mp4)

The ebonyscatprincess gets on all fours, so you can eat her chocolate doggystyle.

Trap On Male Shit

Orange Smelly Tights

Oxana is pooping in her new spandex shiny tights stinky messy shit.

Schoolgirl Dominates Teacher!

This student is such a slut! She knows the prof has the hots for her so she corners him alone after class. She takes her panties off and makes him smell it! She fondles his cock and balls to make him hard! She bends over so he can inspect her cunt all he wants! She commands him to slide it into her and fuck her like a wild animal!

Black Jana And Blonde Sammy – Two Shitting Girls…

Meet teenagers playing with shit.. These are next door girls, who never tried such sexgames before….

Jerking While Shitting

Bratty College Girl Diaper

Too dirty & lazy to use the toilet, she needs to wear a diaper!Diapered Goddess is role playing the bratty schoolgirl, who is too dirty and lazy to use the toilet, and just wants to make extra work for her Mom. She’s been wetting and pooping her panties whenever she pleases, so she has to wear a diaper. This suits her just fine. She likes being dirty anyway, so now she can just pee and poop herself to her heart’s content. She’s preparing for an exam too, so wearing a diaper will be convenient too.But as she wets and farts and fills her diaper with a huge load of shit, she discovers that the warm mess around her ass and pussy, and the heavy sagging diaper rubbing between her thighs is getting her aroused. So much for studying! Her asshole has become sensitive and excited too, after pushing such a huge poop through it, and the feeling of the poop still there, all held in by the loaded diaper, is making her even more excited. She needs to do something about it!The poop filled diaper pushed aside, she rams the dildo up her ass!She gets her anal dildo and pushing the poop filled diaper to one side, she rams it up her ass and plays with herself until she cums hard. At least now though she’s feeling satisfied and relaxed, the perfect mood in which to sit her exam. Maybe putting a diaper on and wetting and messing it will become her preferred method to study!!

Mistress Roberta- Today’s Morning Breakfast -pov

this morning you will get a very fast breaffast but very creammy in alot of pee and you must eat it from the toilet directly like a pig !

Tanata Pees And Fingers Her Pussy

Tanata seems to dream. She is absorbed in her thoughts. While doing so she goes to the toilet. She still looks a little bit carried away. She couldn’t resist before… But it was very awesome and exciting too…! She drops down her panties and takes a seat on the toilet soon. Still thinking on the action before she can’t do anything else then starting to rub her hot pussy. Now she wants to bring herself a climax! But also she has to pee very urgently so she just let the pee flow. She concentrates on massaging her pussy a lot more than aiming with her stream of pee… So a lot of the piss doesn’t hit the ground of the toilet…! She continues to finger her hot hole and becomes so much turned on that not only pee drips out of her pussy ? until she reaches the climax! It won’t be her last session, that’s for sure…!

He Shitted On Him After He Finished

Queen Sylvy’s Sludge And Thuds!!

Queen Sylvy just keeps the FUNKY loads coming!!! This is more of the same. Enjoy two new action packed clips as Sylvy begins dropping solids, but midway through it turned into mudbutt!! An nice mix of pee and sharts mixed in for good measure! She returns in the second scene with the camera placed right on the seat. Enjoy as the logs slide and slither out her tight hole!! Two great new FUNKY updates from Queen Sylvy!!

Kinky Schoolgirl Punishes Old Professor – Full Movie

This is the third time that her strict professor gave her a failing grade in exams and she intends to make him pay for it and teach him a lesson. She shows up at his house clad in her short skirt and thigh high boots. She handcuffs him and spanks him with her whip. She proceeds to demean him by pissing, blowing snot, and making him lick her pretty feet.

Broadlegged Shit With A Dress

In a sweet little dress and boots I poop a hot curled sausage just in front of your eyes onto the ground! A beautiful large serving, lightcoloured and creamy!


Irene is running hot painful diareeah in sexy fishnets oufit;)

Woman Pissing Cock Addiction

Piss Party 01

what a party again 6 girls comes to piss in slaves mouth!If you liked part 2 you will love part 1! Even more piss 🙂

Schoolgirl Nonstop Squirting And Urinating! – Part 1

After the sweetheart is tied to a chair, the men proceed to tease and pleasure her with a number of vibrators! The devices are rubbed on her face, chest, and crotch! Eventually, she gets her clothes slowly taken off! In the process, her breast is groped and nipples pinched! In no time, her pussy and boobs are exposed and the men are concentrating on making her squirt!

Pissing In A Funnel

Pissing in a funnel (JJ000681)

Beige Fishnets Glove Poop

Baby is hot pooping in sexy beige fishnets huge shit,fucking her ass in gloves,hot cumming for you!