Used Like A Toilet

Even complete losers like you have a right to be in my life. Real shit eating and use like an ashtray! My human toilet eating everything I drop in his toilet mouth. I am shitting and smoking inside his mouth and make him swallow. He is just a facking toilet and nothing more! It’s cruel I know. But you like it, don’t you, loser? Just accept your fate and obey to your Mistress.

Used Like A Toilet

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Shit, Piss And Spit Torture For The New Toilet Slave! – Full Movie

And the next all-absorbing toilet slave which went into my hands! The new slave pig lay before me as I sat on my chair Domina! First he got a huge load of piss, ge of me into his mouth pissing and he had to swallow this completely! Then he had to swallow my spit before he got craped, directly from me in his mouth, a giant pile of shit! My shit he had to completely swallow and eating,too! There was a huge pile he took quite a while until it was eaten. And I have supported him and repeatedly stuffed the whole shit with a spoon in his filthy mouth. Until the last piece of my Divine shit was eaten! Have the slave pig thereby humiliated verbally and thus my shit better slipping my spit and more piss, in his shit-filled mouth, spited and pissed! The worm came while the tears, I do not care. Toilet slave must swallow everything! You see the hot shit, piss and shit eating scenes from 2 camera perspectives!

Shit, Piss And Spit Torture For The New Toilet Slave! - Full Movie

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Jap Mistress Shit In Slave Mouth

Kara Lee In I Have A Pee Fetish – The Interview

Kara was over for the day and we started chatting with her…We find out she has a pee fetish…She loves all things about Pee! A couple questions later, we had her naked and drinking pee from a cock. Kara is a must see, pee lovers do not come any cuter!!!

Nasty Poo On The Floor!!!

Hi guys! I just woke up and had to poo bad!!! Didn’t have enough time to set up so it’s kind of an impromptu clip but Oh boy is it nasty!!! LOL I took a big ole nasty green and black shit and piss all over my floor. I was so desperate when it finally came out it felt sooo good! Anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 😉

Mistress Gaia – Humilation Under Sofa

Sitting on the sofa, at my feet I have this shit eater … Just waiting for his Mistress who dish him the meal … but something awaits him, my bitch will offer him a meal today!

Women Old Ing Penis While He Pee

Double Shit And Piss For A Slave! 2 Mega Shit Loads! Part 1

Here you can see the first part, from the Full Movie! Here in the first Part, shit and pissed Barbara, the slave, in his toilet mouth. Barbara shit two big, solid shit sausages. In Part 2, I shit and pissed the slave extremely in the mouth!

Getting The Shit Eater In The Mood

A new slave is visiting me for the first time, and I have a plan to make him my shit eater.. Let’s face it, anything that comes from me should be considered a gift! So I start teasing him with my ass and pussy, then I call another slave over, and my potential shit eater has to suck his dick.I lay him on the floor, and he have to lick my pussy and ass.. Now we are getting warmer. So after letting him have the pleasure of licking my delicious parts, I tell him to open his mouth, and take a big dump in his toilet mouth. He did good, so my plan worked out fine. Now he is yet another shit eater!

Certified Mean Nurse! – Full Movie

By day, she’s a nurse who is great at her job. By night, she’s a mean bitch who can be used to accomplish things, sort of like a hitman. She has no problems doing disgusting things, even shitting on people. This is why the shady businessman hired her to convince his partners to give him his share of the business…for free. He hires her to sit on their faces, make them eat cunt, and eventually shit on them to get this done.

Peeing In A Bowl

Peeing in a bowl (JJ000565)

Shit Eatting Girls Videos

4 Users Pissed Me In My Mouth At The Same Time! User Shooting Day And Fan Meeting In Berlin!

At my fan meeting and user shooting day in Berlin, a lot of fans came from me. And that, in the true sense of the word. Here in the first clip of my user shooting day in Berlin piss me 4 users at the same time in my greedy mouth. Have of course all like, swallowed and than the 4 Guys blown their cocks clean. Of course, the users were allowed to piss me not only in my mouth, but also fuck me and fill with their sperm. You can see that soon in other nasty clips from my user shooting day in Berlin. Who was not there really missed something. So come to my sexy actions and GangBangs. Or make an appointment with me, for a dirty shoot! Of course also for FemDom-ToiletSlavery Sessions, too!

Mistress Anita With 2 Bisexual Full Toilets

EPIC movie with 2 bisexual toilets today. Mistress Anita is back with another EPIC movie. She call 2 of her slaves and use them for humiliation and full toilet slavery. She order them to suck cocks and deepthroat strapons and real cocks. She also shitting and pissing in their mouths for Mistress dirty pleasures. At the end slaves are allowed to cumming.

5 Mins Huge Pulsing Prolapse Full Rosebud!!! Yummy!

Over 5 minutes long!! I poo little hard turds even though it’s felt like I had to poo soooo badly! I am laying in the birthing position and pushing and pushing and have a HUGE PULSING PROLAPSED beautiful rosebud! I hadn’t been feeling well and hadn’t been eating much but I felt like I needed to take the biggest poop!! My belly felt really full so I got in the birthing position and push and push and my entire rosebud shows herself and pulses in and out for you. It’s so amazing! I even finger my own butthole trying to stimulate more poop to come out. It was the next day though that all the poop finally came out. And boy was it rushing out! It’s myClip called LOAD FROM HELL! And that poop really snuck up on me and I almost pooped my pants on the way in the door! It’s a nice big huge load! And oh did it feel so good to release!

Help Me Slave, I Cant Poop Part 5 Samantha

The Girls find out talking about it that secretly most Girls use the Slaves Tounge to trigger the pooping Sensation. They have the Slave put his Tounge in their Anus and then it is just so much easier to poop. English Subtitles

Girl Poo While Riding Dildo

Night Close Hole Shit

Night shitting, close up hole wide turds!

Sex Training Peeing Outdoor In Japan 1-1

I will train a Japanese woman to be naked outside by the outside.I’m drinking pee.

Lesbians Scatology Experience! – Part 2 Movie

Part 2? Experienced lesbians experiment on their first step to scatology world and I must say it is absolutely stunning! Watch them as they both make out, drink loads of piss from each other and exchanges shit eating from each others digested food!

P – 2 Drink My Pee – 05 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 6:03. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.

Eat Shitpiss And Shit Eat

Maiya Sound Of Poop

A strong push produces a wonderful sound during a rush of poop!

Mistress Roberta -training My Pot Under My Ass

Today my pot will have a full training under my ass first he starts to worship my feet, legs, ass and after he worships a bit my wetlook leggings i remove them and remain with a nice crutchless panties and he starts worship my ass cheeks, lick my ass hole,in different ways and position untill my pee and shit reaches his face and he will eat all he gets, enjoy!

The Poop Barril Part 5

Girls User Man

You Porn Piss Frauen

Used Like A Toilet

Even complete losers like you have a right to be in my life. Real shit eating and use like an ashtray! My human toilet eating everything I drop in his toilet mouth. I am shitting and smoking inside his mouth and make him swallow. He is just a facking toilet and nothing more! It’s cruel I know. But you like it, don’t you, loser? Just accept your fate and obey to your Mistress.

Broken Toilet 27 – Too Much For Mouth

It’s not often I’m willing to show the world my face up close and personal during an “Analgasm” (orgasm from only having your ass licked) but in this episode of Broken Toilet I decided to do just that.I am very upset indeed! I just came home from a intense workout at the gym. I’m sweaty and more importantly my asshole is reeking! I can feel the slipperiness and itching from it being very smelly and really need a bath. But guess what? Devoted Sub (my useless slave) didn’t pay the water bill.Well then, his tongue will simply have to do. Watch as he first have to smell my asshole to determine how bad it smells and how much he will have to lick in order to get the smell gone.As he start to lick my ass you can enjoy it from three angles (far so you can see us both, close so you can see his tongue licking my asshole and see how my vagina is swelling up from the arousal without any other stimulation and the third angle shows my face up close and personal so you can see my pleasure) I was never able to hide my facial expressions when I’m getting pleasure from having my ass licked hard and deep with a full rectum. It’s on this angle you’ll see my face during my “analgasm” (orgasm from having only my asshole licked without touching my vagina)As an added bonus there’s short little scenes of me in the bathroom where I tell you about my “analgasm” and you can see the embarrassment on my face from showing such a vulnerable side of myself to the WORLD!But the fun doesn’t stop there, my slave actually tasted I’m close to having to visit the bathroom because he could taste the nasty anal secretions.Watch as I take him to the livingroom for his feeding. Despite his efforts my shit was just too nasty and massive and he couldn’t swallow it fast enough to keep up with my shitting. See how I overfill his mouth and my shit overflowing his face.There simply is nor will there ever be a better fetish lifestyle that human toilet slavery xoxo

Kinky Amateur Teen Piss And Shits In The Toilet

Kinky amateur teen piss and shits in the toilet

Shit Eating Exibithionist

Daddy Instruction Smear

Daddy wanted to watch me smear my poo so I did a little show for him. He told me where he wanted me to cover myself and I listened like a good princess. Started at my thighs, to around my pussy, to my stomach, and my butt. He loves it when I play with my stinky poop.

Both Are Peeing

Both are peeing (JJ000575)

1 Video With My Shit Chair

A new toy has moved 🙂 A very old wood shit chair:-) Today I have for the first time sat in it and shit. Of course I did recorded on a video 🙂 Hope you like it!

Milk Or Dark Chocolate Rather In Caviar?

I got lots of extra chocolate, so my sausage lover gets something very special. Two thick solid portions of chocolate caviar. Whether they are probably really cute?