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New Slaves Trained And Fed With Feces!

Two men befall victim to a group of dominatrixes! They are grabbed from the street and then brought inside a dungeon where they are stripped of their clothes and repeatedly whipped to submission! Eventually, they are placed in a cellar where they are given their dinner! Unfortunately for them, their meal isn’t going to be pleasing! A bowl is placed on the floor and then the women take turns peeing and defecating inside of it! After they filled it, they order the men to dig in! At first, they are hesitant, but being grabbed by the hair, they eventually take the bowl and start gulping down its contents until nothing is left!

Mistress Gaia – Masturbate Shit

To my bitch I concede to cum, but in only one way, using the cock that I have chosen for her and obviously completely covered by my shit.

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Viola and her boyfriend make for us caribien scat movie scene.

Training For Being A Toilet (part1)

My new slave never served as a toilet before, so now he is educated well by me. First I teach him respect, he is fixed up on the cross and feels what will happen, if he does not obey. His nipples, balls and cock are tortured slowly. Then he must lie down and gets his first surprise. Blindfolded he could not see my dirty tampon, that I slipped out and put it directly in his mouth… CHEW! Afterwards he received his first golden shower. And just lick all from the ground, what you did not swallow.

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New Slaves Trained And Fed With Feces!

Two men befall victim to a group of dominatrixes! They are grabbed from the street and then brought inside a dungeon where they are stripped of their clothes and repeatedly whipped to submission! Eventually, they are placed in a cellar where they are given their dinner! Unfortunately for them, their meal isn’t going to be pleasing! A bowl is placed on the floor and then the women take turns peeing and defecating inside of it! After they filled it, they order the men to dig in! At first, they are hesitant, but being grabbed by the hair, they eventually take the bowl and start gulping down its contents until nothing is left!

Introducing Berry C! She’s About To Burst!!

Welcome yet another newcomer to the squad!!! Berry C is a Round the way girl I discovered. This one is special as this lil mama is about to be a lil mama in real life!! Enjoy her Debut clips as she Stars off with a nice shower scene. Then enjoy a quick pee and an up close between the legs dump as she squats over the toilet. Lookout for more hopefully in the future. I say hopefully as this one was a hard recruit! She’s a little shy, but hopefully we can catch a few more preggo dumps from this cutie!!!

** Big Best-of Lady Bella 2 **

Part 2 of the biggest Shits and the perversest Toilet-Slavery szenes

Girls Peeing Togheter

Mistress Gaia – Scat Under Soles

After filling this human toilet’s face, I smear and push my shit into his mouth with the soles of my beautiful black and white Neckline shoes. Of course, after having swallowed the shit in his mouth, this human toilet will also clean all the shit from under my shoes …

Dominatrixparty In Berlin Part 7 – Golden Showers For Living Toilets

Every horny party comes to an end and the ladies have to pee urgently! Quickly, the toilet slaves are ready as a live loo and get dominant champagne showers from Dominatrix Lady Vampira and Mistress Lady Raquel in the 7th part of the Dominatrixparty in the rental studio Das Versteck in Berlin! The slaves are intimate insights, as the audience gets, not allowed! Intimpiercings and tattoos, sexy legs in suspenders and stockings nylons, trampling with high heels and it rains warm piss on the slaves. For this evening, the mistresses have amused enough in the slave training. But the next day they meet again …

Cumming While Chewing And Eating Godess Diarrhea

Mistress use one of her human toilets today . . .she text message him to come as soon as possible at her dungeon and be ready for everything. This time she get a huge dildo and fuck his ass with it, fuck his mouth and finally relieve herself a huge diarrhea into his open wide mouth. As usually like a ritual, she allowed her toilet to jerk off, to stroke his pathetic cock and cumm as a gift before finished eating all Godess diarrhea.

Shitting On Little Men

Little men.. You are so weak, i can blow you away.. I could bite and swallow you. Or trample on you if i wanted.. But i want you alive..I want to put you in my smelly asshole and shit you out.. This is so humiliating.

No Panty Shitting

Stinky Feet And Shit Eating

Today I called again my slave for the domestic slavery training. Because he did again a good job, he got a foot licking with my delicate and beautiful tanned feet. Then toilet slave got the opportunity to satisfy his mistress with his tongue while I was sitting on a toilet chair. The slave has good skills and succeeded to make me reach climax. The next scene shows clear image with dirty ass while the slave lays on the back and trys to swallow all shit from his mistress. He does not succeed and he is drenched in shit. A load of shit on his face. The slave was very delighted by this gift. And I smeared the remnants of uneaten shit on his face.

Daddy Please No!

I’m late my daddy is in home alone… When I return he is he is so angry. He immediately tells me I will have to be punished for my behavior. It makes me to hold a hitachi vibrating in the legs. I’m so wet and start to moan. But I tell him, Dad must go to the bathroom! He does not let me go … I’m totally wet… more and more wet… I can’t resist! Let’s go to the floor. Daddy fucks me hard to make me squirt everywhere. A strong character video. For an extreme roleplay.


Ruslana is hot farting in sexy beige tights;)

P – Mw – Toilet Chair – Drink All My Pee – 05 – A – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 5:52. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all pee from VERONICA.

Women Pooping Outside

3 Mistresses Piss A Slave In The Mouth!

Here I pissed together with my girlfriends, mini hotcore and Dirty Priscilla, a slave, after each other AND EXTREME, in his mouth! That was so much, horny women piss, the guy did not manage to swallow everything! Our piss, but has tasted very good to him as he confirmed to us after bottling. Well, would you like to swallow our horny piss,too!?! Then get in touch with us!

Slave Training Fully Loaded! – Part 2

She smears the sticky shit all over his face and makes him eat it. He moans in protest, wanting her to stop for a while. Irritated by the interruption, she shoves her foot in his mouth and makes him eat more shit.

Horny Big Sausage For Scatboy

I must again push out a big sausage. Scatboy is lucky because he gets sent to this fine specimen immediately. Watch me as I push them out. But the rest just will not fall off, I shake it off and the last piece I’ll take off with the fingers;) Finally, of course, you learn how long it is. Gina kisses

Erica Lightspeed Anal

Extorted Women Slave Training! – Part 4

Part 4 – These women has been a victim of extortion by these mafia guys.. They manipulated them and made them do what they want against their will! They are training these girls to be an obedient slave!

Black Women Shitting

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Lesbian Hotties Frolic In Scat!

My pretty girl is not just a hot bitch who loves to go down on pussy, she also shares my fascination for scat. One night, she and I were really getting it on on the couch and she positioned her fine ass above me to eject bits and pieces of feces. She rubbed the scat all over our bodies, covering our skin with disgusting smell of day old scat.

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Detective Coleman – Toilet Rights

Detective Coleman is on the case! And she always gets true justice! She even has her own set of rights she reads you while arresting you! Since this particular state falls under “Tempest Law” she reads you your “Toilet Rights” instead of “Miranda Rights” “You are under arrest. You have the right to kiss ass. You have the right to have your face sat on. You have the right to be a toilet, if you don’t have someone to use you as a toilet you can be mine and eat my shit!”Watch as detective Coleman visit Mr. Ericson with a warrant for his arrest, reading him his “Toilet Rights” Watch as she interrogate him by sitting nude on his face, making him desperately gasp for air while he has to tongue her ass. She whips him with her own leather paddle she made herself, make him lick her ass and even suffocate him with her ass to help him understand he is now under HER control. His desperate struggle against the restraints & his wails of agony for air only intensified her pleasure as she experienced multiple silent orgasms on his face, her girl cum pumping out of her vagina into his nasal cavities. Eventually he breaks (all criminals are losers and break easy during interrogation with this beautiful detective) He wants to cut a deal. Detective Coleman can make sure he avoids prosecution but then he has to be a toilet for her and eat her shit. You don’t want to miss how this hot detective always gets what she wants from loser criminals like Mr. Ericson. In this case he was arrested for not kneeling in front of women. You see, in the state of “Tempest-Ville” whenever a man see any woman he must kneel in front of them. Mr. Ericson violated this law by not kneeling in front of all women he might see. A VERY serious offense in the state of “Tempest-Ville”After a long day of interrogation with the male suspect Detective Coleman can finally have a seat on her toilet chair with the suspect underneath. She tells him to exercise his right to open his mouth for her to shit into. Watch the intense pleasure she experience from the relieve of taking such a big shit of several long, thick & creamy turds into his mouth. Then see how she verbally humiliates him, telling him how she likes to make scumbags like him eat her shit as she films him up close chewing and swallowing her bowel movement. This hot female detective has definitely shown this male suspect that women are in power and FULL CONTROL! FULL DISCLOSURE: Please take note this video contains an EXTREME smothering / suffocation scene between me and my slave Devoted Sub. He was already over a minute without air by the time we started to film that particular scene. His panic, wailing and desperate pleading struggle for air caused me to have more than one orgasm. I let my multiple orgasm finish right on his face and didn’t let him breathe, his agony only enhancing the intensity of my orgasm (you’ll see my girl cum leaking out of my vagina in the scene right after.) NEVER try to do what I do as I have extensive experience and training in extreme smothering. I have a spotter on set to intervene if things get out of hand, I have medically trained personal less than two minutes away. My slave consent to this kind of extreme treatment regularly and WILLINGLY with full consent. His vitals are monitored no less than 12 times in the 4 hours prior to such a scene and monitored a full 48 hours afterwards. These are just a handful of all precautions we take to ensure his well-being. Please do NOT try this as it can be extremely dangerous. ALWAYS play with someone and be safe! xoxo

Kinky Cat – Dildo – Anal Play And Toilet Play

The youngest member of our store is really kinky german girl : She play today with her favourite toys in pussy, asshole and then she going to bath and pissing -shitting. She will continue to make those bizarre movies as long as people will love her. In the next movie she will play and fuck her teddy bear toy ! in her bed !

2 Mistress & A New Slave! – Part 3

They pick up the shit nuggets using a metal thong and feeds him with it. He has to be able to eat all the shit and drink all the piss in order to pass the slave training.

A Lot Of Creamy Shit

Wow I can’t believe that all this shit was in my ass! You have to watch it to believe it.

Lesbian Eating Shits Poop

Big Lump Of Sticky Shit

Must have video!Mouth sealed to my asshole and huge shit directly in my slave mouth!

Mistress Roberta – Big Shit In The Red Bowl-pov

This morning i shit first in the red plastic bowl to serve your food creamy and flavoured just with few drops of pee and pussy juice the pee followed after and you can drink it from the floor and the poop you can eat it from the bowl so you have an total feast today licking clean my ass hole and eating all that shit and pee .

Going Through Scat Slave Training – Part 2

The mistress stands up and crushes some food on the floor, pees on it, and rubs the disgusting mixture on the girl’s face. She stands up and pees some more on the poor girl, who’s still smothered with the food. She fingers the girl’s pussy and anus to bring out bodily fluids. Shit comes out of the girl’s asshole a few moments later.

One Exhausting Shit

Erica, begins with a huge couple of farts; very loud! Them comes her exhausting shit…takes everything out of her along with some cum wads and pee!

Scat Cum Compilation Gay

Going Through Scat Slave Training – Part 4

She sits on the girl’s face and unloads her own shit for her to eat. They finish the disgusting session by rolling around the floor and covering themselves with the slimy food remains.

Bbw Hidden Bathroom Cam (3 Shits!)

Bathroom Voyeur Spy Cam Video – Watch As I Go About My Business On The Toilet. A Toilet Which I Haven’t Cleaned In Quite A Bit. I’ve Been Letting My Juicy Turds & Piss Stain The Bowl So You Could Lick It Up Later 😉 I Had No Idea That You Were Secretly Spying On Me! Listen To The Plops Of My Turds….Sound Of My Piss & Watch The Long Chocolate Snakes Ooze Out Of My Ass. 3 Shitting Clips In All!!

Pee Slave Scene 1

I really love my new throne! Today I get to test it out on my slave for the first time … I had to pee so bad and it was perfect because I already had him camped out right under the seat. I told him to open his mouth wide so he could drink all my nectar, but before I tried to drown him, I decided to make him sniff a nice fart! After he gets done sniffing up all my gas, I pull off my panties and let him drink me in! You get an up close view of him doing his best to catch every drop, but he fails, so I promise him a nice beating … which will be caught on cam soon!

Granny Gangbang Scate

Slave Training Femdom & Scatology Introduction! – Part 3

She goes to the next guy, sits on his face, and takes a dump right on it. She scatters the sticky shit all over him. She moves to the next slave and does the same to him.

Girl Much Shit And Pissing On The Meadow.

Girl much shit and pissing on the meadow.

Drink It All 1

Divine Mistress Isabella makes sissy slave carlotta drink a huge amount (more than 0.5 litres) of Her golden nectar from a big cup. Italian language