Exclusive Shit! Princess Mia Again Came Up With Another Torture For Her Slave – Camera 2

She hung the slave by the legs, riveted his hands, placed his head under the toilet seat. Mia strangles the slave with her ass, pisses and shitsin his mouth and face, sits down on his shabby face. P.S. We shot an excellent video, we do not copy the videos of other studios, we make things up with no help, we try to do something new and unusual, and not just the ass of the lady and the mouth of the slave, it’s all old and not interesting for us! Also, the fans of our studio write us the script, and we are very grateful to them! The video was shot with 4 cameras, itturned out to be long, but cool. We selected the best shots from different cameras, I think the result turned out great! A little later we will make the full version, and two videos separately from each camera. You will like our new video, enjoy it! Write us.

Exclusive Shit! Princess Mia Again Came Up With Another Torture For Her Slave - Camera  2

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Boss Drenched In Piss And Pooped In Mouth! – Part 3

The man continues getting anally penetrated! As a matter of fact, he is even bent over, making the activity much easier for the ladies! When they get satisfied, they lay him back on the floor. Without warning, one of them suddenly defecates on his mouth! Before they leave him alone, they perform one last routine which is taking turns giving him a handjob, only stopping when they manage to make him reach orgasm and cum!

Boss Drenched In Piss And Pooped In Mouth! - Part  3

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Mistress Anita – Diarrhea In Face In Bathtub

Mistress Anita doing more diarrhea movies ! She abuse her slave with toys and at the end she go to bath and relieve a huge torrent of Diarrhea on his face, mouth and body, ordering him to stroke and cumming for her. Also strapon fucking, pussy eating, and many others….. The perfect kinky Gypsy Goddess with great body. Enjoy her movies into our shop !

Mistress Anita - Diarrhea In Face In Bathtub

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My Disgusting Smelly Toilet

I walk in on my slave sitting in my kitchen. He smells like a toilet, and I make it clear his place is outside! He smell up my place like a public toilet! So I make him follow me on all fours into the toilet.I tell him to open the plastic on the toilet, but he can’t even get this right!No need for more talk, I need to pee, so his mouth has one mission, be open and swallow every drop I allow him to receive.I have him gurgle with my pee as a mouth wash (he really needs it)Before I shove his head in the toilet bowl and flush it! Maybe it will clean him up a little bit!

My Disgusting Smelly Toilet

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Mistress Roberta – Easter With Purple Shitty Balls

ANOTHER PERFECT EPIC MOVIE WITH GODDESS ROBERTA ! Mistress Roberta become more and more bizarre !!! Today, on Easter, she love to have some purple balls at disposal. She tie her slave, CBT HARD to his balls and cock and play with them, teasing and destroying them. She allow her toilet to clean her asshole and order him to lick her dirty asshole before she will feed him. She shit in her hose socks and she push the full sock in his mouth. Mistress Roberta allowed her toilet to stroke his shitty cock, only on Easter, as a nice reward……being her toilet for many many months ! Slave was in a hurry to cumm until Mistress countdown was finished but….cannot ! Even if his cock remain hard, with shit on it, Mistress was not completelly satisfied….Slave will remain in chastity in this case another few months !

Mistress Roberta - Easter With Purple Shitty Balls

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Mistress Roberta – Socks Fetish And Huge Turd

Mistress Roberta was so happy today. Because yesterday her good friend Lady M was beating her toilet and he remain with signs…. Today Mistress wear a red-black seethrough panty and exciting her toilet boy with her body. She humiliate her slave mand explain him that she wear also her socks for 3 days and it’s time tfor washing them and sniff them. She oblige him to clean them and lick them and face sitting him a few times. At final, she put him on an inflatable armchair from a confortable position. She enjoy the delivering and enjoy the chewing and swallowing her precious kaviar.

Mistress Roberta - Socks Fetish And Huge Turd

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Lady M – Hard Beat The Cocoon Slave

Lady M just recording another movie, dressed in stockings and shirt. She order her toilet to stay on the wall and tied his hands on his back and begin to beat him, with foot, hands or crop. She also ballbusting him and humiliate him. She put him in a hose cocoon and oblige him to lick and sniff her perfect asshole. At the end she feeding him as usually, until she was satisfied by the amount of shit ingesting. Very kinky, hardcore and bizarre Lady ! Again another combined bdsm and toilet play from Lady M !

Lady M - Hard Beat The Cocoon Slave

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