Black Mistress Toilet Slave 6

Sexy & Perverted Black Mistress Onyx uses her depraved tranny toilet slave as a toilet once again !!Clip starts with the sexy Black Mistress rubbing her black arse into her slaves face, farting and making her pig sniff her farts and lick her arsehole !!The perverted Black Mistress laughing and really enjoying herself, degrading her sissy tranny slave, gets ready to use the pig as a toilet, pissing over the slut and shitting in it’s whore toilet bowl mouth.The sexy Black Mistress is totally nude in front of the camera, showing off her big tits and beautiful black arse, as she smears piles of her shit over the sluts face and watches her slave suck and eat her turds, while it masturbates itself in excitement !!An extra extended clip shows the Black Mistress totally nude again, first pissing into a glass, then shitting out a huge turd, ready for another lucky toilet slave to consume !!

Black Mistress Toilet Slave  6

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Mega Diarrhea

I stand over my slave face, shitting in his mouth and smiling at its discomfort. My legs and ass are shown to best effect in my new stockings. This is a extremally raunchy session. There is shit he has to eat. This is diarrhea and in my new position, there is no escape for the slave.I am standing facing opposite my slave so My Pussy looms in even greater detail right above the pig’s eyes, reinstating the fact that it is not a man and can never be with a woman like me. Finally, the shit comes out and it is almost totally liquid as it streams into the slave’s mouth. I show a closeup of my shit on his face. Be sure to wait until you are staring at my shit before you let your cum spew from your little dick!

Mega Diarrhea

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Black Mistress Toilet Slave 3

Sexy & Perverted Black Mistress Onyx in some very extreme and bizarre scenes degrading her sissy tranny toilet slave.The sexy Black Mistress is nude apart from her panties, sits down on her tranny slaves face to worship her beautiful black arse, with extended scenes of smothering, rimming, and farting, as the lucky toilet slut is allowed to clean out her asshole and sniff her farts, the slut masturbating itself with excitement. With some verbal abuse the sexy and perverted Black Mistress totally nude proceeds to piss all over her toilet slut, then squats over her toilet and shits into the sluts mouth who then sucks and eats the turds !! The Mistress gets piles of her shit, smearing it over her sissy sluts face and body, and also rubbing shit over her trannies hard cock, the last part of this clip is even more depraved as her tranny toilet slave is covered in piles of shit and manure !!

Black Mistress Toilet Slave  3

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Mistress Roberta – Golden Shower And Scat

Today i pee directing the pee on the slave face but he misses the golden shower and after i punish him for missing it with a wooden spoon on the palms and body and after i shit directly in his mouth filling his face with shit and make him spread all over his body the poop and after i order him to stroke his cock untill he cum but he doesnt so he is not cumming for 6 month .

Mistress Roberta - Golden Shower And Scat

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