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Madame Du B Big Piles

Two clips of bootyful Madame Du B dropping some huge sloppy chocolate piles in her toilet out of that big round booty of hers. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed. You will see more from this goddess

Today Princess Mia Was Very Upset

+BONUS VIDEO!As my Mistress used to say, a toilet slave should be trained thoroughly into doing an effective analingus job. She taught me how to spread her buttocks to expose her tiny and lovely rosebud anus and then how to first roll the tongue to make the tip pointed and touch the centre of her anus. Then slowly start rimming the anal ring to make her anus relax and sooth. After some minutes of this I had to seal my mouth around her anus and start probing inside her anus slowly with rimming motion thus allowing her to relax her anal muscle slowly such that she can release all built up tension up inside the hole. Then after every couple of lick I was taught to suck outside and so on. As I used to continue this service she would settle on my face and used to start moaning. She used to train me into this act after dinner and retiring to her bed. I had to continue this service untiringly for hours together. The same service I had to give her in the morning before she goes for her morning dump, but this time knelling behind her as she would brush her teeth. And when she felt her pressure she would settle on the toilet.But she knows how to cheer herself up. The obedient slave, as usual, sits on the chain all day and waits only for his Mistress. He can not help it. His destiny is submission and humiliation. Mistress decided to relax with her toy. She just came from a party and she had a lot of tasty food inside for a slave. And now she will treat him. Mia began to shit directly into the mouth of a slave, pressed him with a belt to her ass and did not allow to resist. The slave is completely naked and trembling, he is afraid and at the same time he loves his Mistress. Mia fed her slave with the best, sweetest, tasty shit, and the insignificant slave tolerated everything and tried to eat it. Then she began to goof on him, laugh, smear all over his face and spit into his face.

Bath Pee Hd1080

Sophia rushes into her bathroom to pee but doesn’t have time to get to the toilet. Instead, she unzips her skintight jeans, tugs them and her blue-and-white check thong down to her knees and then sits on the edge of the tub. Aaaah! Made it just in time! Due to being in such a hurry, she hasn’t been quite careful enough and quite a lot of pee streams over her bum. Oops! Just as the trickle ends, she accidentally makes an unladylike noise and is embarrassed by it. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the tissue is across the room. After some maneuvering, she retrieves the tissue, wipes herself dry, and redresses

Pee Encounter – Alina Long

Tall leggy blonde Alina has to pee. She walks down the street looking for a place out of sight to void her very full bladder. Finding a place, she hikes up her skirt, pushes aside the crotch of her panties and starts to piss. Suddenly a man steps out from behind a truck to watch! Alina can’t really stop so she has to let this guy watch. After she finishes, he offers to lick her clean. Without waiting for an answer, he kneels between her legs and thoroughly tongues her pussy as she stands there in disbelief that this encounter is happening

Fat Black Girl Pee

Earth Closet Scat Hd Long Version

Firstly Mistress Michelle sit down on the face oft he slave with her naked ass and use him for face sitting. Then Mistress Michelle spits several times and pee into his toilet mouth. Thereafter follows the turd. Then poops Mistress Michelle and tries to meet directly into the mouth of the slave. There is definitely a turd for the slave. Thereafter, the slave has the honor to work as a human toilet paper.

Diarheea In Mouth And Cock Cumming

Mistress in stockings use me as her toilet slave in her bath and fill my mouth with her HOT diarheea and after that she humiliate me and make me eat her shit. Meanwhile i strocking my huge cock till i cumm.

Hard Sausage For User

Would you like such a cool sausage? Then write me and I will also press one before the camera out 😉

Mom Son Sex Peek

Office Pervert!

There is a lesson to learn from all of you perverts in the office! Lady boss is not happy after looking at the cctv and seeing that one of her employee is a pathetic loser and a pervert who preys on office ladies and peeps at them when they go to the bathroom and spying at them while jerking off. Well, he is not getting away with some disciplinary action with this lady boss! She made eats her spit, drinks her piss and sharted some liquid shit all over his face on the office floor. Then she made him eat it all and cleaned up after!

Perverse Femdom Session! Shit, Facesitting, Snot And Piss For The Slave! Full Movie

Here was the next toiletsclave with me to visit. And of course I did not know any more grace for the slaves. First I gave the slaves a Facesitting and he had to lick my dirty asshole clean! While he licked my asshole, I just pooped him a big heap, into his mouth. And I also had to piss and simply pissed at the big shit in his mouth! I also spat in his mouth and he had to swallow my snot and then eat all my shit! I fed him with a spoon so he had to eat it all! He choked, but that did not help him, since he could not go until he had eaten everything. I`ve humble him all the time and it`s horny DirtyTalk, from me, to hear! The whole nasty session you see from 3 camera angles!

Ms D Is The Masster Blasster!!!

Ms D Returns just to show who is the most LOUD & EXPLOSIVE Funky Lady!! Enjoy as she returns with three FantASStic, FartASStic, ShartASStic, and gASSy clips!!! When you’re a 5’10” Amazon like Ms D, it’s hard to find rivals for explosion with this Amazon!! She couldn’t even get out of her tight jeans fast enough in these clips as she was Exploding before she could even sit down!! A nice mix of farting, plops, and even a lil Diarrhea!!! 3 of the FUNKIEST clips this year period!! Another Must Have Classic from MS D!! She is still the mASSter ASS blASSter!!!

Close-up, Shitting In The Toilet

Very horny close-up in HD. Look at me like I’m dropping a hard sausage in the dish. Keep the camcorder directly before my asshole, so you can see them up close. Do you like it? 😉

Sianpuke Boyfriend Vomit

Shit For Frank On The Yacht!

Shit for Frank again! He does not get his neck full! Now I’m doing something fresh, but something of FRESH! A huge bunch, so that Frank may then deal.

Mistress Mel-miley Pisses Me In My Mouth!

Here I met again with my sweet girlfriend Mel-Miley. In the process we invited a slave who wanted to swallow our delicious sparkling wine. But since I wanted to swallow the delicious piss of Mel,too, she pissed me in my sweet mouth and I then spit her piss, out of my mouth, into the mouth of the slave! In the sequel, from this meeting, you’ll see how I piss the slave in the mouth and he swallowed my piss. And he Mel and me, our pussies, good, clean licks!


Oxana is loading wide panties with hot stinky red shit for you!

Diva Staxxx’s Funky Road Trip!!

Diva Staxxx was on the road to visit family over the weekend. Enjoy a nice mix of public toilet, rest area, and a clip of her blowing up her cousins toilet!!!

Pissing In Deep Throat

The Smart Princess Mia Again Wants To Play With Her Slave-loser.

The smart Princess Mia again wants to play with her slave-loser. He is already ready, lies on the floor, bound and can not resist at all. He is very ashamed and feels unpleasant, but he suffers, otherwise. Princess first spits on his face, then feeds her insignificant pig with her shit, while smiling and laughing at him. Then she takes a close-up of a dirty face of this pig.

Blonde Haki Jeans Shit

Hot blonde is nasty pooping, peeing, cumming, fucking messy shit, slapping shit in sexy haki jeans and boots!

P – Mw – Drink My Pee And Lick My Dirty Feet – Full – 01 – A – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 22:27. Weronika is busy, she is working using a laptop. Her personal slave licking her dirty feet and drinking her liquids when she want pee.

Pissing Asian Girl

Shit On A Glass Table

Today pile of shit do it on a glass tableÂ…Slowly, IÂ’ll try my shit, then started my excitementÂ…I do not percieve the surrounding reality and devote only my excitementÂ…..

Constipated Farts With Accidental Shitting

I’m having my usual nightly gas but I’m terribly constipated making my gas some of the FOULEST it’s ever been. It’s as if the air has to squeeze it’s way around making it pick up extra sulphuric eggy fart smell on the way out making them feel hotter than ever. Laying next to my boyfriend in bed, he makes the mistake of being an asshole on the worst of nights. He literally asked me to sleep on the couch or go use the bathroom Incase I shat myself!! Who the fuck does he think he’s talking to? I immediately got up and walked to the closet and grabbed a few things, things that bring him nightmares. The very same items I use every time I’m about to sit on his face.. Bondage straps, and a black mask leaving only his nose exposed and helpless so he can’t do anything but smell. He knew he just fucked up.. No, don’t do this tonight! I’m sorry I was kidding!! But I wasn’t in a joking mood. I zipped the latex hood over his face and strapped his hands, knees and ankles rendering him helpless. Straddled his face and lowered my crack right over his nose, feeling it slide and settle right against my asshole I immediately let him have it. Pffffftttss.. The first hot one flew into his nostrils and he whimpers from the noxious air.. Haha.. Want to joke about my ass and it’s gas? Now it’s going down your lungs, how funny is it now? I rip and pump fart after fart, some are long and airy.. Then some make strange ploppy sounds as if they’re squeezing past something to get out.. So I take my panties off, if anything does come out I don’t want to ruin my new Victoria’s Secret panties.. I’ll just have to make my little slave hold the extras that come out in his mouth as to not interrupt his punishment, we wouldn’t want that right? Sure enough he’s in luck. Each time a large piece of shit comes out I place it between his lips and he holds two little accidents in his mouth while I continue to burn his nose hairs with more toxic blasts.. Until I play a little game.. I decided to see if my slave can cum.. But since he hasn’t swallowed his gifts yet, I remove them from his mouth and shove them up his nose and sit right back down. His nose is a little full, so I just released more filthy ass gas in his mouth instead. Let’s see if you can cum for me now.. He hasn’t gotten off in weeks, so I know he wants to be allowed to cum SOOO badly, but can he can cum like this? How pathetic can he be.. Masturbating and getting off to having a nose full with farts in his mouth. Will blow the load of shame like a pathetic little pig?

Eat All The Food I Prepared For You!

Domestic Goddess is preparing her slave’s lunch today, she ate, chew and spit food into the bowl getting it ready for her slave. Downstairs her slave is waiting for his daily ration of food. Mistress lets him out of the cage, ordered him to kneel before her and as a good slave he did. She did squatted on the bowl, it was a bit dry so she squirted on it. Then even better she lets out some of her brown soft shit into the bowl, she mixes it and orders her slave to eat it all.

**new Special Menu** Scatology Restaurant Vol.4

**Vol.4**Welcome into the world of the scatology eatery! Back by popular demand we have a BRAND NEW installment of ***SPECIAL MENU*** The waitresses here don’t only serve the menu, they MAKE the menu! The clients eat their insides and also eat food out of their asses. The drinks served are pee and the topping on rice is normally sweet shit served freshly out of the waitresses assholes. PEE, SCAT, FARTING. We have it all! You will NOT see anything like this anywhere else. With your request EVERYTHING we like is here! 🙂 **MUST SEE**

Bossy Delilah Video Scat

Shit, Piss And Snot For An Old Slave!

Here my girlfriend had prepared Lady Luciana, an old slave pig for me, who was lying under a toilet chair. These slaves pig, I have then extremely, shitting and pissing, in his mouth. After he ate my big shit sausage, Luciana and I spit the slave in his mouth. In addition, we poured the slave, the piss that had landed on the ground, in his mouth. The pierced slave cock was totally stiff by that, he seemed to have liked it. Finally, the slave had to slurp and lick the piss that had landed on the ground.

Lesbo Pee

Lesbian Business Pee Ladies Piss Fully Clothed Elegant Fantastih Fetish Ladies Lucky Pis Fully Clothed Piss Fetish Sex Hell Porno Pissing Erotic Lingerie Glamour French Heel Silk Satin Fashion Stockings Show


Hot messy stinky pooping of eating lot of cabbage,cumming and peeing for you!

Mistress Gaia – Stockings Shit

Look at your beautiful Mistress who is wearing these beautiful stockings, starts to masturbate but don’t cum until I tell you, I have a present for you, something much more precious than your life, I will poop in a plastic bag, this is for you, I recommend you, take care of my gifts.

Girl Poops Out Penis

Filthy Threesome Makes Some Scatbuns! – Part 2

She squats over the gourmet bread and ejects foul shit all over the plate! She picks up the buns and proceeds to take a bite, as if she’s just eating hotdog on bread. She truly loves this disgusting dish that they made!

I Piss In Your Mouth

Why is my toilet so dirty? You have to clean it but i can’t keep my pee any longer! Sit down and open your mouth! I want to sit on a clean toilet! I spit on my wet pussy because i have to pee! I piss on the floor and i spit on the floor, too! I put my feet in my pee and my spit! Lick my pussy but i have to pee more! Lick the floor clean and after that you have to clean my toilet!

Another Dinner Date With Meagan Ipod/iphone

Our toilet is back for another dinner date with bubble butt cutie Meagan for another big turd meal. As an added bonus we put the shit eating action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Playing With My Shit

This is a great video of me playing with my nice cake. I smear and rub it over my body, I lick it, taste it and eat it. Then I rub it all over my fuck buddies cock. It is so tasty and such a turn on. Let me share this with you 😀

Asian Shit Slut

Poo In Bed

poo in bed

The Best Video With Miranda! Collection Of Old And New Clips 2016-2017 Year

The best video with Miranda!Collection of old and new clips 2016-2017 year 1. Scat Toilet Slave Feet Smearing Spitting 2. Ass,Facesitting,Humiliation,Scat,Shit,Smearing 3. Mrs. Grace Scat smearing facesitting 4.Sitting scat piss facesitting 5.Exclusive Shit! Mia and Grace have fun with the dirty slave Сompulsion Shitting Scat Piss Chain Mia and Grace have fun with the dirty slave. Chained and helpless the slave lies, his head is balanced and chained, like arms. The slave looks up at his Mistresses. He sees their holes from below and opens his mouth. All sweets fall directly into his mouth. He suffocates with urine and tasty shit while two sexy girls are laughing at him. They consider him just a toilet, he is not a man for them, just an every day toilet. 6. Princess Grace.Scat Farting Ass Licking Scat. Farting. Ass Licking Grace feeds the slave with her chocolate. 7. Princess Grace Toilet-Slave Scat Smearing Lick Ass Face sitting This slave has proven to be a very good toilet. Hard facesitting and breakfast in the end. Grace strangles the slave with ass and Mia takes everything on camera. Grace and Mia have fun with the slave. They have immobilized him, laid on the bed. Now the hour of torture for the slave has come, Grace sits down on his face, strangles the slave with ass, making him inhale the fragrance of her crotch. Well now it’s lunch time. The slave submissively opens his mouth, and Grace fills it with warm shit. The cameras are set very close, so you can see how GraceÂ’s shit comes out of the ass and right into the mouth of the slave. Grace poured a lot of chocolate into his mouth, the slave chokes, Grace pushes the remaining shit into the slave’s mouth and immediately sits on his mouth so that he cannot spit out. And a lot of shit gets to his stomach, Grace continues to sit on the slave’s face. Mia shoots, the girls are having fun and the slave is licking the remaining from the big ass of his Mistress.The best!Mia Grace and Toilet SlaveryPlayful Mia misses her slave so much!!! She is very cheerful today and wants to play with her slave. Mia specially ate a lot to fill the mouth of the poor slave with the best, delicious ‘chocolateÂ’! To start, Mia teases the guy. She strangles his booty, order him to sniff her juicy holes, and laughs. And he loves it! She loves when someone swallows her shit! Mistress Mia finally takes off her pink panties and reveals her young ass. She is only 19 years old and she already plays such games with the slave. Mia has completely filled the mouth of the slave, and the guy starts choking and coughing! He begins to twitch, but Mia has not finished yet. She also sits down on his face so that the slave can fully enjoy the smell and taste of her chocolate! ______ Next, Mia also pulls out a tampon from the pussy and shows it on the camera. And then puts it on the slave’s mouth, laughing at him.

7 Times Toilet – Closeup

I shit 7 times, the camera is close to my beautiful ass and sweet asshole.There has no face. It is only my ass, asshole and my shit.

Pervert Chick Shits On The Floor

Pervert chick shits on the floor

Voyeur Cam Female Piss And Shit

Lesbian Poop Smearing And Eating! – Full Movie

Full Movie – Being a lesbian has prevented a sweetheart from quenching her urges! To make things harder, her fetishes include playing with feces! Luckily for her, she finally finds a suitable partner and they now intend to pleasure each other! At first, one of them bends over on top a chair while the other spreads her butt cheeks apart and orally pleasures her asshole! Shortly after, the one doing the eating lies down and gets pooped on her face and body! When the sweetheart could no longer release anymore, the two would face each other and smear the feces all over their bodies and even get some into their mouths! It doesnÂ’t end there! The other lady later gets her turn of being the one bent over and doing the pooping on the other woman! After which, they would spread the filth all over them again! They would then follow it with intense and sloppy kissing, consequently getting feces into their mouths! However, that isnÂ’t the end of it, the two would later take turns eating each otherÂ’s pussy which they then follow with more poop fun by giving one another an enema!

Slave Facesitting, With Mouth Shitting, Peeing As Well As Spitting And Licking Boots!

Once again a user had advertised as toilet slave at me. The new slave had to lie down on the floor and I did it first time my spit in in his mouth spat. After he had swallowed my spit I have a nice big load of piss piss him in his mouth. That was so much that he choked. Then I set my asshole on his face and mouth. And I had to poop suddenly and I pooped him in his mouth. Before he was allowed my delicious shit to swallow I thrust deep with the heel of my boots my shit down in his throat. Then he had the heels to suck and lick clean. Now he was allowed to eat my shit and thereby to jerk his cock untill spraying. Finally he had the pee, that had landed on the floor, to surp. Brave slave!

Narumi Couch Poop

A nice creamy poop into a bowl.