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Golden Shower Compilation

Compilation of some of the best scenes of my golden shower videos! Pissing on his cock, chest, face…recieving his hot pee on my cunt, tits, belly, feet! Hard fuck and tons of pee! All the videos will be posted here SOON!

Milf Ellie – Rubbing Dildo Until Poo

She’s rubbing a large dildo until she push out a hot big steamy POO!

Public Sperm And Piss Swallowing Scandal At The Wachendorf-lake!

The 5th part of my public bathing lake action from the 23.07.16 on the Wachendorersee. Any man who wanted, could use me, with this extreme public action, dirty, and deep my mouth stuff and fill me with sperm and piss. Look at it and you know what I mean. A total of 30 guys used me on this day dirty and without mercy. And all this in front countless bathers!

African Village Women Pee

Messalina 4 Position 2

Messalina uses the slave as a full toilet. Messalina makes a slave to lick an ass pissing into her mouth fart and the slave continues to lick her ass to shit in her mouth and the slave cleans her tongue with her ass to mistress

Melissa’s Public Toilet Voyeur Action!!

Melissa is back with a great set of voyeur style clips!! She gives that essence of being spied on in these clips. Four great clips of voyeurism!! Enjoy in the first two as she goes unaware that a camera was placed in the bathroom as she pees and poops while at 5 Guys then at the gym. Enjoy her facial expressions as those nice loud logs go PLOOP PLOOP PLOOP!!! Then enjoy one more public toilet pee clip before she takes it to her office for another dump!! It must?ve been rush hour at the office bathroom, as each stall is full with women peeing and conversating. Melissa proped the camera so we can see the legs and feet of the other women in the adjacent stalls. She must?ve held it in untill the first two ladies came and went, because as soon as they left, she let rip some nice loud farts and plops!! She wasn?t in the clear however as another woman comes in and handles business as well! She was pooping with company!!

P – Mw – I Like To Piss In Your Mouth From A Height – Full – 01 – A – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 6:59. Weronika has new idea to pee from a height. Her liquids to start flying in different directions. Her toilet slave is not able to swallow all. He is all in her pee. She stands over him in high heels and laughing at him.

Hit Gangbang Poop

Mistress Gaia – Teasing Treat

My slave has been waiting for me to arrive, he’s exiced to be with me and I know he enjoys eating my delicious shit. I sit on the bed and tease him for a while as I’m not quite ready to give him his treat. As he licks my shoes, I tell him that today he is going to enjoy his snack and must be patient. I then remove my jeans and sit over his face allowing him to smell my pussy as I continue to tease and taunt him. It’s time for his treat and I remove my panties and once again let him smell my scented and beautiful ass. I tell him to open his mouth to be ready to receive my delicious shit. As I relieve my shit into his mouth, my bitch has to make sure he chews and swallows all of it. I then sit on his face to give him a extra thrill, as he desperately tries to breathe while chewing on my delicious shit. He’s such a fortunate slut to enjoy a delicious teasing treat while under the beautiful ass of Mistress Gaia…

Good Epiphany By Mistress Giorgia

Mistress Giorgia to wish her devotees toilet slave the good witch decides to make this beautiful video.In this video the slave has to keep a bowl with some chocolates inside.The Mistress makes a plentiful pisser completely submerging the chocolates, then one by one obliges the slave to eat the chocolates impregnated with the Divine nectar.Always wonderful Mistress Giorgia

Press Review During Bowel Movements!

I came across an interesting newspaper in their hands also the best place for me to look at as you probably know is privy !!

I’ll Eat My Scat And Suck Your Shitty Cock

I am YOUR slave. I will serve my scat. I will eat my own scat. I will spread my scat all over your cock before taking your shit covered cock into my mouth. I will suck your cock and clean your cock clear of my shit. Once I have cleaned your cock, you will add more scat onto your hard cock and I will suck you and clean you time and time again until you are ready to finish!

Lesabian Poop Scat

Sydnee Capri’s Pissy Fun!!

Sydnee Capri is back with one just for the Pee lovers!! Enjoy a half dozen scenes as Sydnee puts that big ass in the air and squats to take streaming piss all over the bathroom!! Enjoy as she pees in the toilet, the shower and on the floor as well!! This was a special request from her pee fans. Some real powerful streams in these clips!!

Full-service Toilet In The Classroom

A mobile toilet is helpful if the school toilet is blocked by construction work. My slave has to swallow plenties, I had eaten neatly pepperoni and garlic the day before and had not been since then. In the classroom now, all wanted to come out and my slave bravely put his mouth to disposal. Also Miss Jane had to shit, what my slave had also to eat. Of course, he has swallowed also our pee while we maltreated his balls.

Big Shit And Massage My Rosette

In my sexy Nylons i lying on the floor!! You want my shit? You Love my stinky and smeary asshole…..i massage my rosette,ahhh,then i shit two long soft sausages!! I massage the smeary asshole,is so good feeling!! Want you lick my clean? You became so dirty Fantasies!!The big shit you can see so near with my zoom…..

Jap Girl Shits Alote

Princess Mia Toilet Slavery Scat

Toilet Slavery Scat

My Husband Is A Pimp & I Punished Him! – Part 3

I worked him out so hard, disgustingly I even manage to pretend loving to suck his dirty little noodle dick.. He then passed out on the floor that’s when I made him taste some of my diarrhea scat!

Shit-smeared Threesome! – Part 2

They start getting down and dirty after making sure that their hair and bodies are completely covered with each other’s scats. They lick each other’s shit-smeared tits and eat each other’s foul-smelling cunts.

Eatshit Female Slave

A female slave pee in a cup full of condoms and then drinking all. Not satisfied the master defecate in a bowl and offer to her shit for complete swallow.from site

Hairy Carpet Piss

Lady Desperately Urinates And Defecates In A Compartment!

While walking and looking around this wooden house, this sweetheart feels the urge to piss and defecate! At first, it was bearable, but it didn’t take long before she really needs to relieve herself! Not knowing the place, she is left running around until she finds a wooden door on the floor! She no longer thinks twice and turns it into her toilet! She takes off her panties and proceeds to piss and poop inside it!

Hurry Up!

Oh my god… I’ve just come into the bathroom with my medical endoscope … I’m getting the dress … point the endoscope on my ass and … a huge asshole is coming out! Watch it! I sit on the water and push it out … a sea of soft shit … and for 7 minutes you will be near to the screen and my ass to look very close what comes out!

Full Of Shit On 2 Slaves Mouths

Mistress call both or her toilets today for a new movie. She have a perverse pleasure to humiliate them sametime and to oblige them to fuck each other and suck each other. All before she use them as their full toilets . ..as usually. They fuck, suck, lick her pussy and drink her piss. And more than that, she choke them in her shit and almost suffocate them presing her asshole directly on their full mouths !! They must chew -eat-swallow her precious shit before cumming.

Corn Poop In Pizza Box

After eating a pizza an two cans of corn, Erica has to shit badly!! She grabs the box and shits a huge pile full of corn!

Eating Shit Cat Girl

Peeing In A Bucket

Peeing in a bucket (JJ000556)

Saturday Shit 02

This second video shows my last Saturday evening scat session. I properly used my toilet seat with slave lying under. He was all the time with his mouth open ready for the toilet service. I love shitting in his stupid mouth! During this, he has the task to chew and swallow everything until the last piece of cake. It must be a great feeling for slave to be my toilet. The best thing he eats, smells and inhales is the fragrance of my shit!

Ebonyscatprincess Shits While Wearing Knee High Boots

You imagine yourself bowing before her perfectly round ass.. waiting patiently as her boots pierce your hands holding you still so that you may enjoy her steaming hot scat falling from her perfected tight asshole, it opens only to feed you…

Sianpuke Boyfriend Vomit

Shit For Frank On The Yacht!

Shit for Frank again! He does not get his neck full! Now I’m doing something fresh, but something of FRESH! A huge bunch, so that Frank may then deal.

Mistress Mel-miley Pisses Me In My Mouth!

Here I met again with my sweet girlfriend Mel-Miley. In the process we invited a slave who wanted to swallow our delicious sparkling wine. But since I wanted to swallow the delicious piss of Mel,too, she pissed me in my sweet mouth and I then spit her piss, out of my mouth, into the mouth of the slave! In the sequel, from this meeting, you’ll see how I piss the slave in the mouth and he swallowed my piss. And he Mel and me, our pussies, good, clean licks!


Oxana is loading wide panties with hot stinky red shit for you!

Diva Staxxx’s Funky Road Trip!!

Diva Staxxx was on the road to visit family over the weekend. Enjoy a nice mix of public toilet, rest area, and a clip of her blowing up her cousins toilet!!!

Brother Hav Scat With

Mouthfull Of Shit

Hey, stupid piece of shit. Crawl to me and lie down on the floor. Lick my big ass and enters your tongue in my ass. Lick it clean and sniff my ass. Now I’m going to shit in your mouth. Open it wider and swallow my shit, loser.

143 Milan Toilet Eat Shit

Another Slave from Milan that is my toilet in privet session. He sniffs my socks and feet, kiss and licks my bare feet first. After that, he drinks my pee and I shit in his mouth and make him swallow. He is lucky because my shit is very soft like diarrhoea. Enjoy!

Toilet Slave Applying

How wonderful to have a permanent toilet slave in the property, ready to eat my shit every time. I’m just using his mouth like a toilet. He clean my shoes and lick my ass. Look at this and enjoy.

Been Covered In Pee, On Birthday Party, Of A Man’s Horde!

I was at the birthday party of a Girlfriend when I was recognized by male birthday guests! She knew now that I am a horny bastard, they used me as a living toilet, in the party room! And have successively, pissed me there, in front of all party guests, into my bitch mouth and everyone pissed me full, in my clothes! In another video, you look like, the men use my mouth and fill this with sperm!

You Porn Piss Frauen

Used Like A Toilet

Even complete losers like you have a right to be in my life. Real shit eating and use like an ashtray! My human toilet eating everything I drop in his toilet mouth. I am shitting and smoking inside his mouth and make him swallow. He is just a facking toilet and nothing more! It’s cruel I know. But you like it, don’t you, loser? Just accept your fate and obey to your Mistress.

Broken Toilet 27 – Too Much For Mouth

It’s not often I’m willing to show the world my face up close and personal during an “Analgasm” (orgasm from only having your ass licked) but in this episode of Broken Toilet I decided to do just that.I am very upset indeed! I just came home from a intense workout at the gym. I’m sweaty and more importantly my asshole is reeking! I can feel the slipperiness and itching from it being very smelly and really need a bath. But guess what? Devoted Sub (my useless slave) didn’t pay the water bill.Well then, his tongue will simply have to do. Watch as he first have to smell my asshole to determine how bad it smells and how much he will have to lick in order to get the smell gone.As he start to lick my ass you can enjoy it from three angles (far so you can see us both, close so you can see his tongue licking my asshole and see how my vagina is swelling up from the arousal without any other stimulation and the third angle shows my face up close and personal so you can see my pleasure) I was never able to hide my facial expressions when I’m getting pleasure from having my ass licked hard and deep with a full rectum. It’s on this angle you’ll see my face during my “analgasm” (orgasm from having only my asshole licked without touching my vagina)As an added bonus there’s short little scenes of me in the bathroom where I tell you about my “analgasm” and you can see the embarrassment on my face from showing such a vulnerable side of myself to the WORLD!But the fun doesn’t stop there, my slave actually tasted I’m close to having to visit the bathroom because he could taste the nasty anal secretions.Watch as I take him to the livingroom for his feeding. Despite his efforts my shit was just too nasty and massive and he couldn’t swallow it fast enough to keep up with my shitting. See how I overfill his mouth and my shit overflowing his face.There simply is nor will there ever be a better fetish lifestyle that human toilet slavery xoxo

Kinky Amateur Teen Piss And Shits In The Toilet

Kinky amateur teen piss and shits in the toilet