Exclusive Shit! Princess Mia Again Came Up With Another Torture For Her Slave – Camera 2

She hung the slave by the legs, riveted his hands, placed his head under the toilet seat. Mia strangles the slave with her ass, pisses and shitsin his mouth and face, sits down on his shabby face. P.S. We shot an excellent video, we do not copy the videos of other studios, we make things up with no help, we try to do something new and unusual, and not just the ass of the lady and the mouth of the slave, it’s all old and not interesting for us! Also, the fans of our studio write us the script, and we are very grateful to them! The video was shot with 4 cameras, itturned out to be long, but cool. We selected the best shots from different cameras, I think the result turned out great! A little later we will make the full version, and two videos separately from each camera. You will like our new video, enjoy it! Write us.

Exclusive Shit! Princess Mia Again Came Up With Another Torture For Her Slave - Camera  2

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Boss Drenched In Piss And Pooped In Mouth! – Part 3

The man continues getting anally penetrated! As a matter of fact, he is even bent over, making the activity much easier for the ladies! When they get satisfied, they lay him back on the floor. Without warning, one of them suddenly defecates on his mouth! Before they leave him alone, they perform one last routine which is taking turns giving him a handjob, only stopping when they manage to make him reach orgasm and cum!

Boss Drenched In Piss And Pooped In Mouth! - Part  3

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New Wc Chair

Mistress Giorgia wants to present her new WC chair to you today.Hand-built by her slave toilet who took measurements of her Mistress’s ass to make a chair as perfect and comfortable as possible.The Mistress loves to sit up there and see the toilet slave to receive all its fruits. Today Mistress Giorgia has the menstrual cycle and regardless of what she plays with the face of the slave, sits on the chair and pisses in his face. The Mistress is still not happy and obliges the slave toilet to masturbate until it reaches a huge orgasm, the slave is full of piss and sperm and the sadistic Mistress takes the opportunity to collect the sperm with his finger to put it inside the mouth of the toilet….

New Wc Chair

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Comfortable Live Toilet For 3 Princesses

Comfortable live toilet for 3 princesses. After this meeting, I realized that a good toilet slave should easily serve a minimum of 3 girls! The princesses drank coca-cola, laughed and joked while their girlfriend devastated her intestines into my mouth. The first was Jana – she did not finish the feeding and gave me to Christina. I had in my mouth the remains of Yana’s shit and on top a big pile of fresh shit from Christina – it was cool! The last was Amina – her shit was well-long-lasting, sweet and thick, but very tasty! Amina was the last, but I ate a lot of her shit. To girls did not see someone else’s shit, I built a comfortable bed with a partition – so that the girls could only see their shit. The girls filled me with their shit and left.

Comfortable Live Toilet For  3 Princesses

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Banquet For A 3-Course Toilet Slave

Banquet for a 3-course toilet slave. Yesterday my princesses used me again. Yana was the most smelly and sweet – she cooked for me a huge sticky and very sweet pile! The first treat I took from Christina – with a powerful fart she dumped my face to her shit, which I very quickly ate, because I love the taste of her shit! The second treat I received from Yana – her shit was thick and sticky, swallowing it was the most difficult since there was a lot of it, every time I swallowed a new portion my mouth immediately filled with a new one. Last meal I took from Amina – a small piece of hard shit and a large portion of urine, I did not want to drink so much urine, especially at the end, when I was filled with shit, but Amina wanted me to drink all of her urine. At the beginning of the video, the girls used my mouth to brush their feet – it was very pleasant to spend time with them – they laughed and talked about their women’s affairs! I knew that at this moment they strongly want to shit and wait. After talking to the girls decided who will go to the toilet first, second and last.

Banquet For A  3-Course Toilet Slave

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