Farting Ass Games

Eat My Shit From The Floor

My slave was waiting for me in the toilet all day and he was very hungry. I took him out of his usual place and made him to kiss my dirty feet. He was very excited and pleased when I came home. He had to lick my shoes to shine before I feed him with my surprise that I prepared for him. I let him look at my ass, when I’m shitting on the floor. I know that he is very hungry and wants to eat my delicious shit. But first he must clean my shitty asshole. I use his tongue instead of toilet paper. When he finished his work, I allowed him to eating my feces. He took my smelly shit from the floor in his hand and begin to lick and swallow! He was very grateful to me and wants to serve me again!

Pee In Front Of School

The two students must pee very urgent. So they go outside the school, take their clothes of and piss on the meadow.

Schoolgirl Showers Urine & Shit All Over His Face! – Full Movie

As punishment for skipping gym class, he orders her to come to him after class, alone. She shows up, expecting the worst. He orders her to take off her shorts and sit on his face. The shocked girl could only obey and sits her bare bottom on teacher. She rubs her ass on him and showers him with warm pee, which he drinks greedily and her shits follows.

Melissa’s Pov Farts And Turds!!

Melissa returns in three gassy poop clips. Enjoy as Melissa takes it back to POV style clips. She brings the camera nice and up close on that juicy booty of hers as she squeezes out farts and more! Another nice mix of home and away games as she takes you up close like rarely ever seen before!! We are all spoiled to see sexy, phat bootiie ladies like Melissa willing to show out for the camera! And boy what she shows in these clips!! Some Mega Shartz from point blank range!!

Lesbian Pooping Poop Shit Scat Turd Dump Toilet

Framed By Friends! Non

She wants to fuck while being videotaped and her friends are ready to join in on the fun. Why don’t you go ahead and make a show while we record it for you, they say. Unknown to the girl, her friends are framing her and they plan to send the video to her dad! So they used their phones to record her fucking and shitting and they pressed send to send the video straight to her daddy’s phone!

Sitting On My Chair!

It’s early in the morning and I just woke up, time to poop! LOL I don’t have to go right away though…so I sit there and tease you for about a minute before sitting down to take a big shit and watch it fall right on the floor!

Extra-hard Chocolate

Hmmmm yummy chocolate balls squeeze out extra hard right in front of the camera for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fat Black Girl Pee

Earth Closet Scat Hd Long Version

Firstly Mistress Michelle sit down on the face oft he slave with her naked ass and use him for face sitting. Then Mistress Michelle spits several times and pee into his toilet mouth. Thereafter follows the turd. Then poops Mistress Michelle and tries to meet directly into the mouth of the slave. There is definitely a turd for the slave. Thereafter, the slave has the honor to work as a human toilet paper.

Diarheea In Mouth And Cock Cumming

Mistress in stockings use me as her toilet slave in her bath and fill my mouth with her HOT diarheea and after that she humiliate me and make me eat her shit. Meanwhile i strocking my huge cock till i cumm.

Hard Sausage For User

Would you like such a cool sausage? Then write me and I will also press one before the camera out ๐Ÿ˜‰

Scat Shit Dirty Sex Anal

The Swing Hd Version(short)

Mistress Michelle is fucking the toilet slave with a strap on, while the slave is watching that a big turd is falling off in front of his face. He has to start to lick the pile of shit while he is fucked at the same time. Then Mistress Michelle has to shit. The hole shit is sweared then over his face, it is a mask of shit.

Long Turd In Public Toilet

This time you will see Melissa in a public toilet, which invites you to clean the toilet. She likes to shit in shopping malls and its creamy sauce goes everywhere. Look at her creamy sauce in a huge amount, accompanied by pee and fart.

Real Toilet Slavery Part 4

Here Girls are having Lunch and just snip their Fingers to let the Slave know, he is up for Toilet duty and to get in the Position needed. With english Subtitles

Leat Her Men Pissing

Swallow My Shit From The Floor

When Mistress Anna arrived my heart started pounding. She looked amazing in Her dress and leather boots which She allowed me to worship. She took control of the situation immediately and gave me clear instructions ย“ I was there to serve as Her toilet but as it was my first time serving Her, I would only be allowed to eat Her gifts from the floorย”ย“The right to have Her sit on a throne above me had to be earned over time.ย”When Her gifts arrived it was a huge portion and i felt SO lucky and excited. She kindly allowed me to eat everything which I nursed inside my body with pride.This session was awesome. Mistress Anna has the most amazing ass in the whole world and Her toilet waste tastes beautiful. I really hope that I can serve Her again and would urge any slave to apply to serve Her.

Taste My Turd

hey, it tastes so dirty, so stinky, so good….

Horny Close-up View At The Poop In The Tub

Just ichs done, I got my ass over the edge of the tub kept ๐Ÿ™‚ That was pretty cold on my pussy! And then, then I just losgeschissen .. You see how slowly opens my asshole and my brown shit rappelling and then slide down the edge of the tub ๐Ÿ™‚ At the end I show you, of course, is how fat become the pile in via the slide the tub has landed ๐Ÿ™‚

Slut With Fat Ass Shitting In The Bath

Slut with fat ass shitting in the bath

Peeing Anal Prolapse


Do as me- poop- eat your turds- enjoy

Mistress Gaia – Feeds Her Slave

A video truly unique: without any fiction stage, I feed my slave with my warm shit. All true, authentic! And, finally, the slave will have to lick even the plate. For scenes of authentic coprophilia, the video is only recommended to lovers of the genre.

Abducted Girl Needs Help In Shitting!

She’s been in this place for days now and she has no idea where she is and who she is with. All she can remembers is being taken away from her car by an unknown guy, her eyes put in blindfolds, and her nose stuffed with a scent that made her sleep. She badly needs to shit but she couldn’t muster the guts to do it in front of her captor. He notices her uneasiness and tells her he will help her shit the best way he knows how. He makes her go on all fours and places a basin under her ass. He pulls down her panties and starts rubbing her anus. After a while, he inserts a finger and then two in her hole, loosening the muscles to help her shit. After 10 minutes, shit starts to pour out of her ass and right down into the basin.

Piss On Couplebseen

Kinky Cat – Dildo – Anal Play And Toilet Play

The youngest member of our store is really kinky german girl : She play today with her favourite toys in pussy, asshole and then she going to bath and pissing -shitting. She will continue to make those bizarre movies as long as people will love her. In the next movie she will play and fuck her teddy bear toy ! in her bed !

Alina Pooping After University

Alina called me around four hours and said she wants to shit! I immediately called a taxi to her university and began to wait for the sweet and smelly ass of my beautiful mistress ..

Hotel Bath Room Scat

Roxy orderd a slave into her hote. She orderd him to lay down on the floor of the bath room and shits in mouth.

Day Of Poop

Omg I was constipated for 3 whole days with a sore until I pooped yesterday morning. It smelled so horrible you can tell by my reaction after I moaned and grunted releasing the huge turd. Last night I had some much needed fiber (my fav prune juice). After about 30 mins I was in the toilet again. It came out so wet and loose I seriously thought I had diarrhea at first. This load smelled worse than the first one. You will see me wipe my ass each time and flush with cell camera at an angle on the floor.Check out the images for vid quality. I had to use my front facing cam so vid quality s not as good as usual!

Shit Fter Anal

Cum Diet Challenge Day 1

Here is how the challenge worked; The cum diet challenge.If in any show I reach 10,000k total tokens the challenge starts and basically I can consume only liquids that come out of a human being and no other food. In short I have to live on cum and squirt etc. at 10k tokens in a show it starts at 1 day. And a day is added for every 5,000 additional tokens, I will vlog my struggle and do my best to get as much cum as I can from people on tinder etc.The videos created during the cum diet challenge will be uploaded to manyvids and yezz clips depending on how nasty they are.So if you want to see a real whore, try a cum diet challenge then tip in the Chaturbate show, every token gets us one step closer, I take what I do very seriously, and I will do this if the goals are met.I was intrigued about the idea of a cum diet after a number of tumblr blogs were talking about how amazing it is, I checked to see if it was safe, it is, but it is intense, I want to try it but I want your encouragement, so come join me and tip to set the challenge.For safety reasons the longest I will attempt this diet in one go is 14 days. The guys tipped during the live show enough for a two day challenge. This is day one from beginning to end. Pissing, piss drinking, cum shot, and my vlogs about my suffering.

Princess Nikki Shit On Wheels

Princess Nikki visits two wheelchair losers. They are hungry, so Nikki shits in the hands of one of them. This guy is very egoistic, he eat it all up allone, the other one can only watch so hungry!

Very Long Turd

nice bubble butt spreads her cheeks and releases a foot long

P – Drink My Pee – 04 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 6:01. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.

Fetish Couple Pissa

Mix Compilation Nr 19


Another Woman For Her Scat! – Part 1

First, she hikes up her skirt and sits on my face so I can lick and smell her pretty cunt. Then she puts on her heels then steps on my bare skin so I can feel the sharp spikes pierce my flesh.

Campus Clubhouse!

I am on campus and about to workout at our Clubhouse but I feel a big poo coming so I go to the public restroom at the Clubhouse! It’s quite busy with students coming in and out so I have to keep it quite as I drop a couple of nice deuces ๐Ÿ™‚ After my workout I wanted to poo some more so I go back but it’s so packed with students that I just quietly record another fat turd coming outta my butthole…

Backwards Poop

I decided to try something a little different and sit on the toilet backwards this time to give you a good close up view of my ass as I push out a nice soft load. Of course I pissed at the same time, so you get to see it running down my cheeks and my legs. Too bad you weren’t back there to clean me up!

Asturbation Over Girl Pooing

Girl Next Door 4

Girl next door turns around with a nice view of her ass and does a nice shit, she quick shows the end result, then wipes her asshole and shows her dirty asshole.

Sinnamon’s Making A Dent In The Bowl!!

I swear, Sinnamon must eat Meteors or something!!! The logs she was spewing out her ass in these Clips are a site to see!! Sinnamon returns with her longest and FUNKIEST clips ever!! Enjoy a Funky Dozen minutes worth of big turds both at home and at work as she goes front facing and reverse Kanga as she switches it up in each clip. But the Monster Loads coming out her ass are a sight to behold!! She was making a mess all over the toilet and the floor as well! Some serious Backsplashers!! Oh well itย’s not her bathroom anyways!!

Pissing In Her Mouth

Pissing in her mouth (JJ000664)

Tall Rachels First Time 1080p

6 foot tall Rachel comes over to drop some turds in the face of our pitiful pig boy. Watch her rosebud pucker as her turds come falling out. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats, and now Ipad 720p