Lesbian Farting Worship

Lisa Loves Shit Soups

Once again Kinky Lisa make an enema and push a shit soup directly in slaves mouth.

Mistress Roberta -fast Food As A Breakfast Today -pov

This morning i did prepared you food very fast as it came very fast out first the pee soaked in the paper on the floor and second the shit full with seeds inside, soft , smelly, and creamy .Bon Apetit!

Bathroom Fun 3

Now the male fucks me, and then I give him a deep and dirty blow job with some vomit.

Asian Pooping Pee

Shit Oozing In Panties, Smearing It Around

I’ve shit in these panties and it oozes out of the sides. I pick up the shit and shove it into the back of my panties to make sure they’re full. It smears around my ass and hands and I show you my dirty body and the filled, overflowing little piece of lingerie. I love these panties so much. They’re dark and sexy and the fabric is silky smooth and thin, with a really pretty lace border and two little tiny bows on the front of my hips. I sell lots of panties, either scented from my pussy and full of my creamy juices, or sometimes also with skidmarks of full of a hot load of shit. I love doing it because it makes me feel sexy and powerful and I get to go out and buy more sexy lingerie with the money I make and think about what dirty boys will be sniffing them in the future. This pair I’ve had the longest out of my collection. That means I liked them too much to part with them, but today they’ve earned their send off. Someone was very lucky to get to eat from and smell this sexy pair and they’ll have them forever. Will you be getting the next pair? How will you like them?

Maki Big Pile

Creating a big steamy pile on the floor!

Filthy, Sexy, Unimaginable. Part 2

in video there are no censorship. Hello Everybody. ok, let me be humble on this one. In my humble opinion this is the best video we have ever filmed, we have almost reached the perfection. ok, dry numbers. 72 minutes full of action. Any kind of perversions you can possibly imagine, and full scat sex, here is what expects you here. We begin from piss session, than we go to vomit, thant we shit like crazy, smear, having all kind of pervert fucking, shitting time to time, end our video with cumming and than have piss session again. And all this goes like instant 72 minutes action. This video is proudly presented in full HD and due to site size restrictions it is separated on several parts. Love and Peace. Matilda

Diarheea In Pink Pantyhose Then Godess Tryin’ To Painting On Carpet With Diarheea

Godess love to feel her shitty diarheea on her skin, and she does it again in her pink pantyhose. On the floor her diarheea will be perfect for paiting and writing messsages for her obedient slaves !!

Guy Vomits On Cock

White Pig Used As Toilet

White pig thought he was worthy I showed him how he wasn’t I laid him down and began to tease his cock by grinding my pink pussy on it. I then stood up and began to piss all over him to show how I am better than him! Black is superior he’s just a pathetic white toilet! I then made him finger my asshole till I began to moan and strain with shit on his finger as I fart on him I begin to shit and there’s a lot ! Then I jerked him off with my shit and smeared it all over him that nasty scat pig he’s beneath me !

Cumshot On Shit Smeared Lingerie Ass

My boyfriend made a bet on the worldcup game between russia and uruguay and sadly lost the bet.He was really dissapointed so i said i had a little suprise for him. I went to the toilett and put my sexy ass-open lingerie on and came back to the livingroom.I laid down on the couch and shouted him over. He saw me laying on my belly and i noticed his instant boner.He took the camera and sat down, thats where the video started.I hope i could make him a good evening and with this cumshot i am pretty sure about that.Have fun watching!Lots of Love,LucyScatWE ARE REALLY SORRY!The lighting isnt really good in this video!We are saving money at the moment for a good Softbox.Anyway, i hope you enjoy the video.

Shitting Into The Glass For F.

So, my dear! Here I ropes you a beautiful, brown, firm sausage in my now empty Nutella jar:-) And it’s you become fully enough ??? Your nose kannste as well as poke, so close I think it is you under the camera:-)

Piss Drink 5

Pissing-Queen Lucilla uses bobby as a living toilet for its pissing fun. Bobby must put itself in the ground just on the ground, Lucilla stands with the feet on its upper part of the body and then spreads the legs over its head. It is already bubbling from her twat on it down at the next moment, too. She changes directly over its face into the squatting position it and pisses into the mouth. Bobby swallows her piss like toilet. The piss runs down the face, burns for it in the eyes and it does not come to drink at all with this after. The yellowish waterfall infers from Lucilla’s pussy down on its face interminably. As a crowning end it rises with its own feet into the piss on the ground, body stands with both legs on bobbies it tear the piss still in the face and rubs. The best face care!

Sianpuke Boyfriend Vomit

Shit For Frank On The Yacht!

Shit for Frank again! He does not get his neck full! Now I’m doing something fresh, but something of FRESH! A huge bunch, so that Frank may then deal.

Mistress Mel-miley Pisses Me In My Mouth!

Here I met again with my sweet girlfriend Mel-Miley. In the process we invited a slave who wanted to swallow our delicious sparkling wine. But since I wanted to swallow the delicious piss of Mel,too, she pissed me in my sweet mouth and I then spit her piss, out of my mouth, into the mouth of the slave! In the sequel, from this meeting, you’ll see how I piss the slave in the mouth and he swallowed my piss. And he Mel and me, our pussies, good, clean licks!


Oxana is loading wide panties with hot stinky red shit for you!

Diva Staxxx’s Funky Road Trip!!

Diva Staxxx was on the road to visit family over the weekend. Enjoy a nice mix of public toilet, rest area, and a clip of her blowing up her cousins toilet!!!

Asian Public Pissfuck

Mix Compilation Nr 37


New Meal For My Toilet Slaves

Godess prepare in this weekend a new meal for her toilets. She expulse a big shit into a bowl then she call her toilets for a nice meal. Check also our other stores for new full toilet movies : TOILETSLAVEANDDOMMES (A NEW MIX COMPILATION NR 15) and EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS (SOON HERE YOU CAN BUY MIX compilation nr 16,17 and 18 and a UNIQUE CLIP WITH GODESS EZADA FEEDING HER SLAVE !!!). new on 23 august 2016 !! NEW MOVIE IN OUR OTHER STORE EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS : GODESS EZADA AND HER FULL TOILET SLAVE EATING ALL HER SHIT !!! Check the store and buy the only one scat movie with Godess Ezada in action !!!

Shit, Piss And Pantyhose 25.2.2013

vomit, shit, piss pantyhose and that’s what leads me to orgasm

Piss Cat With Riana

Schoolgirls: Sip Our Piss

At school, we have every classmate under control. I sit with Jane in the classroom as a guy enters the room in front of us. A couple of instructions are enough and he does our will, the loser has to undress and put a sack over his ugly skull. His presence is nice for us, because we both need to pee urgently. Of course, he’ll drink it all, just because we enjoy it, and because we do not feel like going to the toilet.

Filthy, Sexy, Unimaginable. Part 3

Hello Everybody. ok, let me be humble on this one. In my humble opinion this is the best video we have ever filmed, we have almost reached the perfection. ok, dry numbers. 72 minutes full of action. Any kind of perversions you can possibly imagine, and full scat sex, here is what expects you here. We begin from piss session, than we go to vomit, thant we shit like crazy, smear, having all kind of pervert fucking, shitting time to time, end our video with cumming and than have piss session again. And all this goes like instant 72 minutes action. This video is proudly presented in full HD and due to site size restrictions it is separated on several parts. Love and Peace. Matilda

Human Toilet Bowl Locked Part 1 Diana

Here the Girls want to go to a Party and seem to argue over their Makeup. Maybe they don’t even see the Slave in the Toilet and just Poop into him, close the Led until somebody else uses it. Part 1 with Diana pushing her Diarrhea in his Mouth . English Subtitles

Mistress Gaia Bidet Scat

The object that is normally used to clean your ass after having defecated, is now being used by me for shit … no, do not worry, I’m not crazy! My butt of course will be cleaned by my slave, and this bidet, so specially prepared, it will be its own sink, where he will wash his face … with my shit!

Black Man Eatdatshit

Silicone Goddess Shitting Again In Public Places

Mistress Lilly continue her shitting stories. The silicone lady love to shit and piss EVERYWHERE and she also have a camera with her for recording that ! A true Scat Goddess who love to show off her passion for scat !! This time she playing with her pussy and using anal beads in her asshole. Then she shitting a large diarrhea.

Christmas Shitty Massacre. Part 5

This is Christmas Shitty Massacre – top filthy video which includesall what you want to see in pervert video. And we promise – you willsee it all.We have invited our friend for Christmas preparations and asked her –take the camera we want to make a home video, but she never expectedthat we will begin to shit during the process:) You will hear herreaction… We must say – someday we will make all our videos withsubtitles – it is worthy of efforts IMHO. (write in comments to thevideo what you think about subtitles idea.)And when we have got our hands free we have done everything what wewere not able to do in previous videos and you will see all the dirtyactions in proper lovely angles.So what else? What you are going to see here? Enema, Anal, Toy play.Vomit. Scat (lots of it), shitty bags and lots lots of other things.It is real Christmas present to all lovers.Enjoy.

After Sex Pee

Oozing cream pie while peeing. Watch as while peeing my after sex cream pie oozes ouet.HD

Girls Poop On The Snow

Toilet Slave Swallows Shit And Vomit Alina

From early morning Alina felt bad – she was a little nauseous. Yesterday she went to bed late, did not sleep well and woke up early. Her intestines behaved incomprehensibly. Alina often farted with a strong smell, but she did not want to poke. The toilet slave immediately arrived in the hope that Alina would want to shit. He had not eaten Alina’s shit for three days and was thirsty .. Alina hardly managed to shave into a bucket for washing the floor and suddenly, from the smell of shit, she vomited. In the morning she ate fried fish with garlic and bread and cherry tomatoes. Toilet slave with great pleasure ate a delicacy of shit and vomit Alina.

Unique: At The Same Time, Sperm And Piss In My Mouth!

During my visit to a pub in Bottrop 20 horny guys fell upon me and used me dirty. Here in the first video of my perverse mass usage you can see how one of the men licking me while 2 cram their cocks into my mouth. One of the guys has now injected into my mouth, while the second tail, pissed in my mouth at the same time. The hot sperm Piss Cocktail in my mouth, I naturally relish swallowed and previously gargled with it!

Feet Meets Shit!

Mistress Raw Desires is back at it again fulfilling special request. She just finished making a custom video for a slave and wanted to do a little foot play. The ending result was the mistress toes covered in shit. There is 3 installments, Tune in for all of them!

Blonde College Girl Barbie Shitting In The Toilet

Blonde college girl Barbie shitting in the toilet

Piss Peeing Indian American

Mistress Gaia – Dirty Feet And Ass

Today, both my feet and my sublime divine ass are really dirty. You know what that means, don’t you slave? You know perfectly well that you need to perfectly clean them … and woe to you if you mess up. Get to work, worm!

Diarrhea In Your Mouth

My toilet slave loves to swallow my diarrhea. Open your mouth wide, and is filled with liquid by my shit. Just quickly should swallow diarrhea and licking my dirty ass. Remember that you are my toilet and be ready to eat when I want to shit. Now lick it from the floor, and kiss shoes of Mistress Nikole, stupid dirty slut. Are you ready to swallow more shit? For me it does not matter. You’re just going to follow my whims. A lot of shit from big ass of Mistress Nikole. Ha-ha!

Dirty Suck

I am sucking a cock full of shit.

Filthy Scat Threesome. Part 4

Introducing: Matilda and Leona.Well while Matilda and Leona were maing their lesbian session – suddenly husband of Matilda returned home, and what he saw was highly unexpected for him, mSo he didn’t find anyting better that simply to join the party.As the result there happened very filthy scat threesome full of scat vomit, pee, shitty sex of all kinds and lesbian action.Well, this is the firts our video with threesome, new level of our videos and we hope you will have joy from watching it.Peace and Love.

Eating Vomit Girl

Truly Dirty Handjob “n’ Blowjob

Finally, there is a new season and opens its my new awesome premium video in which you will find really dirty handjob and dirty sucking Great Anonymous cock!) Plunge headlong into the vortex of a brown fetish, amazing quality and low prices) Ahead of you waiting for more crazy videos, and putting your most daring ideas!) Love you, stay in touch)

Captured Slave In Dungeon! – Part 1

They make him wear a mask and a collar on his neck. They use a stick to prod into the nooks and crannies of his body, including his asshole.

‘peeing On Myself In Red Top’

This clip was made directly after the clip ‘peeing in red jeans and on myself’. I was not satisfied with the amount of pee on my top so I wanted to pee some more on myself, which I do in this clip. You can see how I got horny from making those two clips as I rub the pee on myself and start breathing harder. After this video I had to masturbate. I was soooo wet and all of my clothes were soaked in pee. It was just really exciting 😉