Take A Huge Shit

Pissing It All In Her Mouth

Pissing it all in her mouth

White Thong Drop

White thongs get completely lost between my ass cheeks but, it doesn’t matter cuz they are coming off.

Domestic Slave Consumes Shit And Cleans Ass!

A well trained domestic slave is trained well and he is pushed onto the floor and positioned below the scatology chair. The slave is pissed on, shit on and the ordered to clean his mistresses ass. As thanks, his Mistress spits into his pathetic mouth.

Ebonyscatprincess Shits While Wearing Knee High Boots

You imagine yourself bowing before her perfectly round ass.. waiting patiently as her boots pierce your hands holding you still so that you may enjoy her steaming hot scat falling from her perfected tight asshole, it opens only to feed you…