Take Shit First

Explosive Farting And Pooping! – Part 2

Part 2 – The man continues placing salt rocks on the sweetheart’s abdomen! He would alternate this with compressions and massages! Eventually, the effects of his efforts start to manifest! The woman begins peeing and farting as she slowly approaches the desire to defecate! It doesn’t take long before the room is filled with bad air, but that doesn’t stop the massagist from continuing with his work! Shortly after, the sweetheart starts to release her poop and it doesn’t come out smoothly, but instead, in an explosive manner!

Toilet Slave On The Balcony#4

Everytime this stupid slave forgets to bring new stockings. So I came up with a small punishment for him. Look at what I did to him before I used him as a toilet.

Scat Party 2011 Part3

This time Princess Nikki shits our toilet slaves directly into his mouth. Then Princess Nikki gives strict instructions to the toilet slave to eat her shit. He needs to chew and swallow everything, because there is no escape this time. But the other slave gets another portion of shit in his mouth.