Take Shit In The Toilet

Crazy Chick 3

2 Clips in 1. The Crazy Chick is back with more poop action. In the first scene, she squats over a toilet and pushes out a thick log. Nice plop sound as it hits the water. The second scene shows a nice close up of her shitting on a plate.

We’ll Cook You A Disgusting Dinner

Our slave can now enjoy the cooking of his mistresses. We cook his noodles in our piss and then give a fat load of shit. The kitchen stinks enormously, the more beautiful to watch as our victim eats his steaming dinner. It is hard, but he has no choice and must swallow the brown broth completely

Emergency Trashcan

I’m in the kitchen and I do not have time to go to the toilet and don’t want to pee in my pants. Trashcan is the best place to pee and turd. I lower pants and sit on the trashcan. I’ll show you my mess. I say you sniff my stink , lick my dirty ass and you eat my shit with trashcan.

Another Happy Meal Diarrhea Nr 2

Godess preparing your meal in her bedroom – part 2