Takes Shit While Riding

Toilet Slave Swallows Shit And Vomit Alina

From early morning Alina felt bad – she was a little nauseous. Yesterday she went to bed late, did not sleep well and woke up early. Her intestines behaved incomprehensibly. Alina often farted with a strong smell, but she did not want to poke. The toilet slave immediately arrived in the hope that Alina would want to shit. He had not eaten Alina’s shit for three days and was thirsty .. Alina hardly managed to shave into a bucket for washing the floor and suddenly, from the smell of shit, she vomited. In the morning she ate fried fish with garlic and bread and cherry tomatoes. Toilet slave with great pleasure ate a delicacy of shit and vomit Alina.

Mistress Roberta – Scat Bitch Breakfast

In this morning i am in the mood to humiliate my toilet bitch and start to shit in his mouth filling his mouth with dhiareea and shit on his body too to make him all full in shit taking my gloves on i shit some more and start to fill his body with shit starting with the cock and balls, chest legs, i even spit on him and make his face full with shit

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Part 3

They set the glass bowl before me and command me to eat the shit like a dog. I lapped up the urine and feces in the bowl like the obedient loser that I am.

Dirty Daddy Eats Off Her Stuffed Ass! – Hd Only

Her generous sugar daddy is begging for it…he wants to have a go at her beautiful ass! Now this bitch knows what he wants but she’s not going to give it to him unless he promises to buy that pretty sports car she saw earlier! She teases him by rubbing her hands on her pretty cunt while he watches and drools. She makes him lick the juices off her fingers! Then she bends over and allows him to take the stuffing out her asshole!