Taking A Shit In Her Shoes

Drink The King’s Urine

The queen took the king’s penis to the slave’s mouth began to pee

Two Blondes In Piss-swallowing Madness! Part 2

Here were my girlfriend Jacqueline and I used of a mans troupe as a living Pissoars! The guys pissed us one after the other in our mouths! We swallowed it all away and gave us yet horny piss-kisses and made piss-swapping! Besides, I also pissed at our dirty use, by the dominant men troop!

Body Covered With Shit

The woman is shitting in bath, and then cover all her sexy body with her Brown turds.

Pee, Many Farts And Poop

Start dreaming that you’re here with me, in the bathroom, with his mouth open ready to receive my divine nectar, excited to listen to the farts and waiting to taste my chocolate.