Taking A Shitt

The Goddess To The Slave Shit In The Toilet Yd1

The goddess in the toilet on the slave’s mouth began to defecate and urinate, let the slave lick the goddess of the clitoris

Mistress Gaia – Scat For Breakfast – Hd Version

Today I want you to be my scat slut. Your going to behave, and open that mouth of yours nice and wide for me. Your completely encased, and can’t escape. So I’m going to have great fun using you as my toilet slave. When I’m finished feeding you my shit. Your going to wash it down with a bowl full of my necter piss. Then your going to lick my beautiful ass until its spotlessly clean. Your such a lucky slut, being allowed so close to to your mistress. I’m considering making this a regular breakfast treat for you. Your going to eat, and enjoy, my shit and piss every day. Yummy…

Jillian’s Farty, Nasty, Funky Struggle!!

Jillian really was lighting it up in this tiny bathroom!! I can only imagine how horrible it smells in there after these two clips!! Armed with her GREAT new camera, enjoy as the BBW goddess really takes two massive shits! Enjoy her diarrhea struggles in the first clip as you can see her gurgling gut up close as she lets loose the bubbleguts. In the second enjoy the nice rearview and frontview as she takes another massive shit. Her facial expressions are priceless!! These were two wall grabbing, grunting, plopping and straining adventures!!