Takr Turns Shit Slave

Mistress Annabelle – Big Shit Dinner From My Ass – Hd Ver.

Here I have a toilet slave that lick my beautiful ass and kisses my pretty legs. Slave diligently lick my ass hole with his tongue and, as an encouragement, gets a spit in his mouth. Then I’m peeing in his mouth. This is a full dinner for the toilet slave. Now open your mouth and get big shit from my ass. Enjoy the taste and aroma of my diarrhea. Now the slave’s face is completely in my shit. You will always be my toilet, dumb slut.

Smothered Pee Mummy

HD – Bound and Wrapped. Facesitting, Smothering and Pissing directly up into his nose while his mouth is covered!! Very Extreme Smothering! Light Ballbusting

Pee Above Toilet

Beautiful clip of me peeing above my toilet. Also taste my yummy pee after I finish.