Tamil Village Girls Peeing Outdoor Videos On Peperonity

Adelina Frau Feeding Slave With Big Smelly Shit!

What I do with my toilets? I’m shitting into their mouth! I use my toilet every day. This means that every day he has to eat my shit and drink my piss. Since in this video! This is not a game but hard reality. This toilet slave is extremely humiliated. In the morning I have a lot of shit, because I have had a delicious picnic last night. Not only that he has to lick the dirt off my soles. As a matter, of course, I shit in his mouth! Chew and swallow more carefully, try harder, slave. So that the next time I can come back and feed you with my shit again.. You must serve for my satisfaction!

Mistress Roberta – You Have To See How Good Looks Your Breakfast-pov

Today slave i am preparing your breakfast very fast and you have to see how good is looking your breakfast first alot of pee as always and after a big pile of shit filling the toilet for you to have enough to eat .

Shit Dinner

Such a meal is liked by my slave. First I shit in his mouth, then he gets a whole load of Miss Jane also. With a little help this inexperienced pig swallows almost the whole portion. The rest he could lick off the floor next to our snot.In between we whip him, and his back I scratch with my sharp pointy fingernails. As a little souvenir from me. *smile*