Tanlia Poop Floor

Shit In The Nylon

On me nylon. I really want to shit. I do it directly in nylon. this can be seen close-up. now my pantyhose is full of crap. my nylon is very stinky. I take off my nylon. I smear shit on my body.

Mistress Isabella Scat With The Toilet Man

067.3 This video have very beautifull dialogues, i hope you understand italian. I’m reading an old book abouth slaves in antique Rome’s Empire and i shitting on my slave. Very intresting……! Mp4

Piss And Shit Factory!

This movie feature the story of 3 slave girls at the piss and shit factory. Human foie gras at it’s very best! See scatology cuisine freshly prepared and ready for serving. A mixtures of both solid and liquid foods with mixed flavors from multiple sources! This is a MUST SEE for anybody that is interested in scatology dining! ***Special Discount ***