Teach Me How To Eat Ur Shit

Yoga Poop 5

4 Clips in 1. 1st Clip – On her back legs in the air. 2nd Clip – Ass facing the camera stretching to the air. 3rd Clip – Doggy style. 4th Clip Close up of her ass shitting.

Directly In The Mouth

This time the slave was for a long and painful abstinence without food for a week. All he was allowed to do was eat my shit. He did not resist, because he knew that if this painful week did not last, he might starve to death. I like to make a slave to open his mouth and look into my eyes while I fill his mouth with smelly shit. Lick and swallow it all. And I will spit in your mug, my toilet. It’s delicious. Mmm…

Peeing On His Feet

Peeing on his feet (JJ000062)

Ms D’s Home Antics!

Enjoy as Ms D is back to playing home games!! What as she brings her usual fart destruction back to her own toilet!! Deciding to stop causing a ruckus at work, enjoy as Ms D turns up at home. Some nice Reverse Kanga action, followed by two great at home dumps