Teacher Shiting

Feed And Shaved My Slave With Shit

As a punishment for escaping, I decided to shave my shitty-Ass Toilet. Not to hear his pleas and cries, I stuffed him with a mouth full of shit. He mooed and asked me not to, but I smeared my shit on his head and shaved it. Now he my and will fulfill the that I I’d say! Eat my shit, you loser! Every last bite, lick my feet. Eat everything I give you! Always and everywhere!

Enjoy My Shitty Enema

Princess Sabina feeds the slave with yummy shitty enema. Mistress is using his slave as a toilet for an enema pee directly from her ass! Slave sniffs smelly farts, swallows enema with some shit and wipes ass with his tongue.

Cathy Orders Her Slave To Eat From The Toilet (real Player, High Definition, 1280x720px)

The slave was ordered to prepare a tasty buffet. But this muck is uneatable! There will be no one who can eat this slop! Soon after Cathy tasted the buffet she has to run to the toilet to spit it out again. This tastes so disgusting ? the slave will have to pay for this! She calls him to the toilet and shows him the mess. Then she orders him to put his head into the toilet bowl. But that won’t be enough! She sits down on his back and pushes him further into the toilet bowl. He has to eat the whole mess before he will be allowed to leave again! That will be a lesson to him…!