Teacher Stripped And Pissed

Mistress Gaia – Double Toilet Domination

Today is a special day for my toilet slave. In fact, in addition to being swamped by an avalanche of shit, I shit straight in the mouth, he will have the honor of receiving the piss in the face of my friend. A delicious mixture, kindly offered by two young women … but maybe because of the amount of shit really exaggerated, or for the humiliation inflicted by the presence of my young friend, the slave can not eat it all … and even to cum on command! But in order to get out of there, I’ll give him two choices: finish eating it, or cum with the whole mouth full of shit!

Training Her New Scat Partner!

Mistress has a new scat partner, today is her first day of training! She groomed her first and then she started licking and fingering the girl’s pussy. The new girl likes what her Mistress is doing. She goes along with her Mistress’s demand! Now she sniffs her Mistress fart, lick her Mistress’s ass and then has to eat her shit!

Shit Eating And Piss Drinking Through Yellow Panty

Mistress keep tryin’ to surprise me day after day. She says : You will beg me to taste my shit through my panties toilet . . . and she was right !!! She tease me in a yellow pair of new panties, facesiting me, smother me, asphixiate me with her gorgeous ass, then shitting in her panty, making me lick her shit through them, and piss in them. A mixed piss and diarrhea was exactly what a slave need from a godess !!!

Dirty Shoes Liking And Shit Torture

This time I had the feeling of want to make suffer for no reason this stupid piece of shit.I made him to lick clean my very dirty shoes after go for a walk. Then I took a soft and smelly shit in his mouth and with a rubber glove I put down the shit brutally in his throat while I trample him until he almost pukes.