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Peeing On Her Ass

Peeing on her ass (JJ000036)

Caged Slave Pissed And Shit On By Cruel Mistress

Enslaved slave is kept 24 hours per day in his cage. The only time he is given human contact is when his mistress allows him to consume her excrement. On this occasion, he is not allowed out of his cage but instead he is pissed on and shit on from the top of his cage. Like the good slave he has been trained to be he consumes all and he hopes his mistress will be happy. She shows no appreciation but instead leaves him to finish cleaning up in his own little septic tank of a cage.

Dildo And Shit

In this clip the Mistress plays with her dildo and shits at the same time. She also shakes and bounces her pretty black ass. This is a must see.