Tee Girl Shitting And Masterbating

Best Toilet Service For Girls. Part 0 (4 Parts)

The best toilet service for girls (4 parts)Part 0: Before using my mouth, the girls allowed me to lick their anus, but watched me lick only the anus and not touch the pussy!Part 1: I took the first load from Amina – she really loaded me very well. She had several thick, well-seasoned pieces of hard shit. The taste was amazing!Part 2: The second was Yana – she also loaded me hard. Yesterday she came from her parents and ate a lot of delicious food there!Part 3: The third was Christina – this time the taste of her shit was a bit different – bitter and with an incomprehensible taste. Later I asked what she ate yesterday, she answered: buckwheat, pasta with sausage, a curry, a little beet, a kiwi and a hamburger.After that, every girl awarded my mouth spitting, as a gratitude for what she used me as her toilet!-It was a magical encounter with the ass girls! I was a real toilet. Girls enjoyed getting rid of cargo. When a girl dumps a huge piece of shit into your mouth, you have two senses at once: pleasure and fear (you have to swallow it – the girl should get the best service) – to serve several girls at once – it’s always very cool!

Mistress Gaia – Bootlickers Scat Caviar

CUSTOM REQUEST – You lead your male slave on all fours and a leash into the room. First he must kiss and lick your boots and he gets some face slaps and you spit in his face/mouth. You then tie his wrists and ankles with duct tape and make him lie down on his back on the floor. Next you put a hook mouth spreader gag into his mouth to keep his mouth wide open. Once the gag is in place you squat over his face and urinate and defecate into the open mouth of the slave. You watch him having the caviar in his mouth and over his face and humiliate him verbally before you remove the spreader gag and tell him to eat your caviar. To help him you push the caviar further into his mouth with your heel which the slave has to lick clean of course. Please be very strict with the feeding and emphasize on swallowing. At the end you stuff all the remaining caviar – including the caviar which lies on floor – into the slave’s mouth with your gloved hands. Next you wrap his mouth very tight with plastic wrap and you spit on him a couple of times and then leave the room…ITALIANrichiesta personalizzata – Lei porta il suo schiavo nella stanza tenendolo al guinzaglio e facendolo camminare a quatto zampe. Innanzitutto lui deve baciare e leccare i suoi stivali; lei lo schiaffeggia e gli sputa in faccia e in bocca. Poi gli lega i polsi e le caviglie con del nastro adesivo e lo fa stendere con la schiena sul pavimento. Poi gli applica in bocca un divaricatore a uncino in modo da tenerla ben aperta. Quando il divaricatore e’ fissato, lei gli si accovaccia sopra e gli piscia e defeca nella bocca aperta. Lei lo osserva mentre lui e’ li, con il suo caviar in bocca e sulla faccia; poi gli toglie lo spreader e gli ordina di mangiare il caviar. Per aiutarlo gli spinge il caviar in bocca col suo tacco che poi lui deve ripulire con lingua. Per favore, sia molto decisa nel farglielo mangiare e sottolinei che lo deve ingoiare. Alla fine spinge tutto il caviar rimasto, compreso quello caduto in terra, nella bocca dello schiavo con la sua mano guantata. Poi gli avvolge strettamente la bocca con un foglio di plastica, gli sputa addosso un paio di volte ed esce dalla stanza…

Mistress Roberta -spoon Feeding After Serving – Full

Today my slave will be used and abused for my fun first i trample him a bit after i tease and deny him with the chastity key and i play with his nipple trample him facesitting him and after i take the bowl i want to feed him from .I take the plastic bowl pee in it give him a bit to drink and the rest spill it on his body and after i shit in the bowl and spoon feed him after i play a bit with him and tease him, enjoy.