Teen Accidental Poop Pics

Shit In Vacation P5

Now housework is announced. The toilet slave of the Scatqueens has to do the dishes while Mistress Michelle and Lady Angie are sitting right behind them eating something. In order for the slave to have a harder time working, Mistress Michelle binds him one leg up. So he has to stand on one leg. The Scatqueens laugh and watch the slave. Then Mistress Michelle has to poop. So the slave laying on the ground, mouth open. Then the shit swells out of the asshole directly into the mouth of the toilet slaves. Enjoy your meal.

Blowjob From Scat Queen

Another excellent video.Blow job. Shit. A ton of shit. and my playful tongueAll as you like)PS: +EXTRA BONUS in the end))I hope you will like it) Love!

Mistress Roberta – Watch Me In Bath -full

This video is an compilation of few days in a row going at toilet any time of the day no matter what wearing the normal view of me seen from my toilet !

Pee Above Toilet

Beautiful clip of me peeing above my toilet. Also taste my yummy pee after I finish.