Teen Accidental Pooping

Kiyomi Magic Trick

Transforming a big meal into a big poop! Self-filmed. Close-up ending.

Toilet Slave Swallows Alina’s Diarrhea

Toilet slave swallows Alina’s diarrhea. Today is a happy day in the life of a slave – today Alina smelly diarrhea! Alina punished the toilet slave with a porridge of smelly shit and makes her eat. Alina’s shit was so smelly that Alina restrained herself not to puke.

Mistress Roberta – Fat Breakfast -pov

Today my toilet slave you will be very happy and full with the breakfast i am making for you is very creamy and tasty the shit and a bit of pee to follow, enjoy!

Sexy Meal In High Heels And Panty

Godess again alone in her dungeon. Bad day because her toilets are very busy and cannot arrive in time for lunch !! She dress in a sexy seethrough red panty and a high heels and get her toilet chair to relaxing while preparing a huge meal. She pissing through panty in a bowl then shitting a slimmy dirrhea into bowl also. Then she wating for her slaves to get their daily meal. NEW MOVIE IN OUR OTHER STORE EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS : GODESS EZADA AND HER FULL TOILET SLAVE EATING ALL HER SHIT !!! Check the store and buy the only one scat movie with Godess Ezada in action !!!