Teen Age Shit Toilet

Woman Exploited! Culprit Loves Drinking Her Piss!

Being the last one to leave the classroom, a sweetheart is all alone when the janitor arrived. She doesn’t mind him, but the same cannot be said for him! He suddenly positions himself in front of her and performs a ritual that made her succumb to his control! Without further ado, the culprit has her stand and pulls out her tits! After a while of squeezing and playing with them, he directs his attention on the lower half of her body! He takes off her underwear and proceeds to play with her hairy bush and clit! Though, he doesn’t spend much time on it, instead, begins with licking and eating her vagina to his heart’s content! Shortly after, he orders her to pee, which he catches every single drop of it inside his mouth! For every mouthful he gets, he swallows! Only stopping when there is nothing left for her to urinate!

Potty Mouth

Enough shitting into a regular toilet for one day don’t you think? My human toilet slave have seen enough of my shit going to waste. Time to use control and make him taste it again. He wasn’t warned before it happened, why should he be? He is my toilet & property to do with as I please.What I did was much worse than just shitting into his mouth directly. Watch as I take a very big creamy shit into a plate. Felt so good you can see my vagina swelling from the arousal. Although I suspect most eyes will be on my anus stretching open slowly as the thick creamy turds slide out.The overpowering horrible smell almost made ME gag. Chicken burgers with unions and fries always make for a horrible smelling & tasting shit for human toilets. I could experience the fire of wetness immediately between my legs as I told him: “Use your mouth to get THAT into the toilet” Of course as usual he respectfully thank me for this opportunity. See how swollen and red my vagina gets without me touching it? THAT is how arousing it is knowing he is going to have to take that nasty pile of my shit I just pushed out into his mouth. As I sat behind the camera watching him take my shit into his mouth bite after bite, chewing it and then spitting it into the toilet I had to fight the urge to masturbate with every fiber in my body. He then takes the camera and focus on my entire bowel movement that was turned into a mushy brown shit soup by his mouth as he again thanks me for the huge honor.Do not miss out on this clip where my slave chewed my entire bowel movement to show me how grateful he is to be called MY property!

Owned By Four Mistress! – Full Movie

Four Mistresses slave is absolutely humiliated! Set in their private schoolroom, this slave is in for a great pain! He gets whip hard and Mistresses stomp on him with their sharp high heels. While one of them takes a BIG TURD on his mouth that he let fall off the floor so he gets punished for that! He needs to eat it and swallow it Mistresses are so strict that he is helplessly following their orders! While he eats the big turd he gets to water it down with his Mistresses fresh golden water!

Guy Trying To Get Some Shit From Girlfriends Asshole

Guy trying to get some shit from girlfriends asshole