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Sparkle’s Mayday!!

Incoming!!! Sparkle had a bit of health issues last month, but she is back and unleashing her FUNKY loads again!!! If I had to pick a Favorite Child, she might be it!!! Sparkle is that girl that was my initial “I can’t believe I got this girl to do it”!! Even more than the girls I met before and after her!! She has that girl next door sex appeal that drives me crazy!! Enjoy a nice mix of angles and locations in this 15 minute collection! All are pooping clips except the very first scene! Enjoy a few quick and clean dumps, along with the more painfull straining dumps she has been suffering with over the past month. She shares her pain for our pleasure!! She sounds so damn sexy grunting and straining out these fat logs!!! Another 15 minutes of fame for the sexy Sparkle!!!

Mistress Roberta – Kiss My Ass While I Fart And Leather Pants Smearing-pov

Toady slave you will have a nice task before your breakfast you will have to kiss my ass while i fart , altho you wont hear all the farts after i pee and poop i smear the ecological leather pants with the shit and pee mixed and i let you eat from my pants the shit and the leftovers from the table .


asty peeing all jeans, cumming naughty and pooping nice huge shit for you and smashing it in jeans!

The Piss Dirt Sow!

Here I’ll bottled by 4 guys with extremely salty piss and used as a living urinal! Have again swallowed greedily all the guys piss. So it should be as a dirty pig!