Teen Babe Ttaking Shit

Please Stop 2!

Please stop 2! He suffered long and hard – but it was his choice. This is one of my most cruel videos. Before shooting, the slave asked the girls to be very cruel, did not stop and made him eat everything! The girls did not stop until the end! The girls were upset that it all lasted a long time, it was stress for them, another toilet slave with whom they had to face difficulties. He broke loose from Lisa’s hands and spit out the shit, but Lisa picked up shit from the ground and again shoved his mouth, saying I will not stop!.

Mistress Annabelle – Piss And Shit In The Mouth

Again I was training my toilet slave. I like to punish slave if he does not obey me. Lick my shoes and suck my heels stupid pig. Swallow my spit. Drink my pee, my toilet. You just a useless thing and must eat all my shit. I will sit comfortably on the chair, and you lie down and catch pieces of my shit, my toilet. Do you like being my toilet? You want even more of my fresh shit. I will use you all the time as I want to go in the toilet.

Wellness Femdom P3

Now the legs are shaved and the hair must be wiped off somewhere. Of course, the tongue of the slave is also used for this. Then Lady Marie pees in a glass and the slave enjoy this refreshing break. But then there are the feet of Mistress Michelle, who need a bit of care, cut toenails, shave off the cornea and nail filing. Everything ends up in the mouth of the slave, hahahaHere you will find the scat parts: