Teen Blonde Fart


Extracurricular panty-pooping! (Teacher Version).

Big Sausage-please Come Out

So a very big portion Kaviar!! The sausage is so thick and big,i must too much press,ah i think the shit can i not press out of my ass,but then the sausage comes slowly on my asshole!! The rosette are very crass open!! Come and look the Monstershit near……

Crass Shit And Piss In Dog Bowl

This is the first Time when i shit and piss in a Bowl!! A very very thick and crass long shit sausage!! Then i Piss over the big portion of shit,the Dog Bowl is full of my caviar and my piss!! Come on slave on my leash,i command you must eat all my big Shit Menue!! I hope for you that you can all eat slave ,otherwise you will experience what!!!

Perversely Porridge

What a delicious breakfast at the little shit I Morgen.Erst droppings into the toilet and then I mix it with a banana and leave it to me personally because schmecken.Mir has it tasted delicious and I will make this very often now for breakfast.